2012 Success Plan

Forget 2011 for a laundry list of reasons that do not bare repeating here, but heres a road map for 2012, more after the jump:

GM: Pioli's contract leaves him only 2 yrs to get it right. I doubt Clark fires him but resigning/giving him an extension now would be a sign we all need to abandon hope. That being said the Broncos have a gm (Xanders) and a VP of whatever he does (Elway). The Dolphins have Jeff Ireland but also had Bill Parcells as "VP OF Football Operations", the Falcons have their old GM John McKay lurking while Thomas Dimitroff is the actual GM running the show. Clearly Pioli needs adult supervision (Bill Belicheck). So our new "Vice President of Football Operations" is Marty Schottenheimer. Yep he sucked as a HC in post season play but his teams almost always got there, let someone else handle the hc duties......

HC: Haley has 2012 as his final year. I am ok canning him, hell I widh it to be so. If he is retained only on the condition he hire an OC and leave him the hell alone, otherwise hit the bricks and enjoy being a putt putt golf coach in Branson Mo.   Replacement candidates are:

Brian Billick, has ties to Ozzie Newsome who played for Marty and Newsome was also an early mentor to Pioli. Not everyones favorite (Cowher) but his record and accomplishments his 9 yrs as hc of the Ravens are nearly identical to Cowher's last 9 years with the Steelers, except Cowher had a real qb for 3 of those years. If Billick had Bathroom Ben he would still be HC of the Ravens. Yes he burned out his players, so did Vermeil, how did Vermeil do in his 2nd act as HC, in the state of Missouri at that. He's tanned he's rested he's ready.

Other candidates would be Chargers DC Greg Manusky, Cowboys DC Ryan (was a Patriots asst from 2003-2004), no more Pats/Parcells assistants please (no to current Pats oc).

OC: Notice Haley loves asst coaches over the age of 60?  Were getting young here with Joe Lombardi, currently Saints qb coach and a 1994 graduate of the Air Force Academy (that makes him under 40, someone Haley would never trust). Could be groomed to be eventual hc, and yes he is Vince's grandson. He has exposure to Sean Payton's system and Payton and Haley did coach together, eliminating some lag time, heck at this point why have any continuity with anyhting Haley?   

DC: Clarence Brooks, current Ravens d-line coach, noticve their d-line getting their butts kicked? Right.

2012 draft, safe to assume we will be top ten if not top 5

1st rd Andrew Luck/Landry Jones/Matt Barkley

2nd rd best available OT

3rd rd best available safety/ilb

4th rd see above

5th rd see bove

6th/7th rd find a power rb with a some speed, best available player.

In summary:

VP Of Football Operations: Marty Schottenheimer
GM-Scott Pioli with a very very short leash
HC-Billick/Manusky/Ryan, Haley only on a  very very short leash

Get Eric Berry and Tony Moekai back healthy and were ready to roll.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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