Looking At Video Clips Against Buffalo Bills

It goes without saying that the news of Eric Berry's season-ending injury makes this loss tougher to swallow. Well, a LOT tougher to swallow. But here is the first installment of this series in the regular season of breaking down some video clips from the Chiefs game against the Buffalo Bills.

Each week I'll take a few plays from the game and discuss them a little more in-depth. Thanks to the help of Bfett81, I'll be able to provide links to those certain plays so we can all see what we're discussing. 

These won't always be highlight reel plays and many times they won't be (especially this week). They also won't be things that are necessarily happening around the ball all of the time, but they are affecting what's happening out on the field. It's hard to know exactly what the roles and responsibilities are for these players on these particular plays, so I am just trying to do my best to explain what I'm seeing out there on the field. I'm by no means a X's and O's guy, I'll leave that to Kalo and Bewsaf.

When I was watching the clips late last night I found the two plays that Eric Berry was injured and I knew things didn't look good. The second replay you can see his knee give out and it was because of that play that I wrote this story that posted early this morning. 

The original injury you can see here if you haven't already. The second play can be seen right here. I know that most of these clips have already been circulating around AP, but I had sent them to Bfett last night and I figured I would throw them in here as well.

After going back and watching the game again last night I was surprised at how well the offensive line really did play. That was confirmed by the offensive line guru, Bewsaf, who wrote a post this morning that showed that the pass-blocking was actually pretty damn good from the Chiefs on Sunday. You can find a lot of great things on the offensive line breakdowns for the entire division by visiting his site at

The first play that I found that was a little disconcerting was Matt Cassel taking a sack early in the first quarter. While I'm not exactly comfortable with Cassel's ability to move around the pocket and make a throw, I do understand that the majority of pass-plays that we call are crossing routes and timing routes that would be thrown off if the rhythm was broken. But on this particular play it's Jon Asamoah that made the wrong call and it COULD have changed what Cassel did, and quite possibly would have given Cassel an opportunity to manipulate the pocket and make a play.

The play can be seen right here.

Asamoah did not need to leave his wing man and help out Barry Richardson. Although it makes you wonder if Asamoah felt as if he needed to help BRich because of past struggles. If Asamoah had waited just a half-second longer he would have realized where his help was needed.

The next play is a standard run play that most wouldn't notice a whole lot with. There are two things that I noticed about this play that affected the outcome, because it's not set up so bad. Barry Richardson misses his cut block and his defender shoots into the backfield. While Jamaal Charles doesn't have any trouble dodging him, it does IMO, change the direction in which the play was headed. 

The play can be viewed right here.

You'll notice Ryan Lilja doesn't get the block on his man and it's his guy that makes the tackle. I think the play was set up to seal a lane off-tackle on the left side, you'll see Lilja trying to take his man the other direction, but his guy already saw JC coming through the other (wrong) hole. You see Lilja trying to get outside on his man and push him back inside, that tells me where I think the lane was supposed to form. It's the missed block by Richardson that had the guy shoot into the backfield that ultimately sent JC in the wrong spot where the blockers weren't setting up the lane.

The next play is one that I hope we aren't seeing a lot of for the rest of the season. Maybe it's just me but I don't see an aggressive player when I watch Sabby Piscitelli. He often looks reactionary to whatever the offense, or ball carrier is doing and got trucked quite often on run-plays when he wasn't giving up receptions in the pass game.

You can view the play right here.

Taking out the horrible angle and the fact that he didn't maintain inside position on a runner heading straight down the LOS, he just didn't look like he wanted to make a play. Maybe we've been spoiled watching Berry, but "Jersey Shore" needs to be more aggressive and not be afraid to make a mistake. He looks either lost, scared or un-aggressive, can't figure out which one, if not all, yet.

The next play is one that has been talked about quite often over the past 24 hours and is not something that should happen. Matt Cassel taking a 12-yard sack and pushing a 37-yard field goal attempt, to a 49-yard attempt. Asamoah got blown back into the backfield and Cassel wasn't able to keep his feet long enough to see Urban wide open in the endzone. 

The play can be seen right here.

Kyle Williams is a Pro Bowl defensive lineman for a reason, but this play did not make Cassel look very athletic and really hurt us at this point.

This next play is what infuriated me as I re-watched the game, but it's also what made me realize that as bad as we played, a lot of it as Tyson Jackson would say, is fixable. 

The play is right here.

The display of tackling on this play should be shown over and over and over to the guys in film study. It's not as bad as the Saints on Marshawn Lynch, but it was pretty bad. Kelly Gregg, Jon McGraw and Kendrick Lews (who was awful in this game by the way) all had a shot at Jackson and couldn't bring him down. This is just the example I used, but there were literally dozens of plays that missed tackles were all over the place. It's something that the team can fix, and they'll need to or it'll be a very long season.

The next play is on the linebackers. You'll see before the play that Derrick Johnson and Jovan Belcher are attempting to communicate something. I think it may have had something to do with what gap was who's responsibility.

The play can be seen right here.

You'll see DJ hit a hole and Belcher follow him to that same spot. That gave Jackson a nice cutback hole to get a big gain. Belcher overran the play and it led to a nice run by Jackson. You'll also see another missed tackle by Lewis. 

The last clip is something positive. It shows Matt Cassel completing a pass in which he isn't staring at the WR. Some say he's never done it and I thought I'd provide proof that it has happened at least once before.

You can see this gem right here.

There it is folks. Hopefully we play better next week because watching all of that, again, wasn't a lot of fun. The good news is that the tackling problems are very fixable and made a huge difference in the game. The loss of Berry isn't as fixable though. For the sake of not depressing everyone I stayed away from some of the other Sabby plays that he ended up on his back attempting to help with run support.

Have at it AP, do you see something different on these plays that I missed? 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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