A Few Things That Concern Me and My Predictions

Ok for those of you that don't know me (which is all of you!), I'm not a guy that likes to focus on the things that are going well or on things that I think will go well.  I'm paid to be paranoid at work; the only way to ensure that things get done on my timeline is to identify potential roadblocks.  To me there's no reason to spend significant time discussing the positives because that behavior leads to complacency.  For better or worse, that's also the approach that I take as a lifelong Chiefs fanatic.  I do not want to address our perceived shortcomings, because we do that all the time, and frankly it's getting stale.  Instead, I'd like to discuss some of the positives for the other teams in our division, and why I think those positives have the potential to cause us problems.  In identifying some of the potential match-up problems, I'm going to assume that our roster at game time will be as it is now (ie- Albert is the LT, B Rich is the RT, etc.).  Finally, just to get it out there for everyone to see, I'm going to post my prediction for our win-loss record.  I'm sure that I didn't cover it all, so please discuss!

Denver-  Von Miller and Elvis D are legit.  There's no way we can leave B Rich on an island with Von's outstanding speed rush, and I'd be surprised if we leave Albert singled up on Elvis.  B Rich's glaring weakness is his ability to deal with a quick first step and the speed rush.  In order to pass block effectively against those two, we are going to have to keep extra bodies in to help which means we are only sending two receivers out.  Otherwise we'll be running a bunch of draws, quick slants, and screens.  I'd really like to see Dexter used more in the screen game, but the dude is just so freaking short, it's tough to get him the ball over rushing d-linemen.  Von Miller is going to wreak havoc on right tackles this year, and he's clearly someone that I'm concerned about.  Prediction: We go 2-0 against Denver.

Oakland- They might be a lot of things, but slow and unathletic aren't two of them.  Every coach wants a tough and fast team; Pioli's biggest initiative when he took over was our lack of team speed.  Although Oakland lost some key pieces during the off season, and their QB play can be suspect, speed is the great equalizer.  Is our secondary fast enough to hang with Oakland's track squad wide receiving corps?  We had issues dealing with it last year, and I just don't see how we increased our secondary speed this year.  Additionally, Oakland has a strong defensive line, and our tackles in particular had problems with Oakland.  Prediction: We split with Oakland

San Diego- P Rivers is by far and away the best QB in our division, and a healthy/focused wide receiving corps of Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd, and Antonio Gates is damn near indefensible.  That being said, I'm not a huge fan of what they've done on the defensive side of the ball- the linebacking corps lacks depth and I think Takeo Spikes is going to show his age/mileage.  However, their secondary is still solid, and good God that offense is going to put up some points this year.  Their top three receivers are all big, fast, and have hands.  Hopefully there's another monsoon when we play them, because that weather slowed down that passing game way more effectively than our defense did when we played in decent weather.  Prediction: I hate it, but I think we drop both games to SD.

My prediction for the Chiefs this year is 9-7 and a possible wildcard.  Although, if we can snag another win from SD, I think 10-6 wins the division this year because no one has an easy schedule:

Bills: W

@ Lions: L

@ Chargers: L

Vikings: W

@ Colts: W

@ Raiders: L

 Chargers: L

Dolphins: W

Broncos: W

@ Patriots: L

Steelers: W

@ Bears: W

@ Jets: L

Packers: L

Raiders: W

@ Broncos: W

What do you guys think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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