Confessions Of An Out Of Market Chiefs Fan

From the FanPosts. We feel for you, out-of-town Chiefs fans. -Joel

The 2011 NFL season is racing full throttle to the September 11 debut and as visions of smoking brisket slathered in sauce dance in the heads of you fans lucky enough to live in the greater K.C. Metro area, please take this opportunity to shed a tear for your brethren living the hard life in these exiled years.

It's a tough road to travel when you live outside K.C., especially so in the last few years because the relative lack of success our beloved Chiefs endured all but eliminated any national exposure.  Still, we with the misfortune of living in excess of 250 miles away from the nearest Arthur Bryant's, OK Joe's, or Gates survived. 

I live in Southern California.  It's a wretched stretch of the planet, known for good weather, bad traffic, and worse people.  

In 2007, I purchased NFL Sunday Ticket while living in Studio City.  It cost me $350, which equated to $87.50 for every Chiefs win that season.  Incidentally, I wouldn't have needed it for one of those wins (@ SD televised as the "local" game in L.A.)  so it really added up to over $100 per win viewed via Sunday Ticket. 

In 2008, I lived close enough to a bar where it simply made sense to just go there every sunday, clad in my Derrick Johnson jersey.  I made some good friends during that campaign.  Everyone seemed to admire the loyalty.  Two wins were had that season, and needless to say I spent many a Sunday three sheets to the wind as Tyler Thigpen actually gave me a reason to happily order the next round, and hope that, even if we didn't win, we'd compete. 

The last two seasons, I've combined a mix of heading to the bar at times, and finding the games broadcast online via the copyright violation feeds -- but the feeds are no more.  The Department of Homeland Security (wait, how is this a matter of homeland security?!) has shut down the two most dependable sites for live NFL games.  To add insult to injury, I now live in an apartment where I cannot get DirecTV.  I had heard that DirecTV was planning on offering an online only service for people unable to get DirecTV at their home last year, but it appears this never materialized. 

So now, I am reduced to either spending 4 hours on Sunday mornings suffering at a bar, begging for a TV to be reserved for my boys in red, or listening only to the broadcast of Mitch and Lenny online. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is an injustice.  Yes, it is a problem of privileged people.  I don't mean to claim that this is tantamount to unlawful detention without due process or denial of basic liberties but for a fan, for a fanatic, this is the equivalent of being told you'll shoot your eye out when you ask Santa for the Red Rider B.B. gun. 

Those of you with the good fortune of living in the KC metro area have no idea the suffering.  Having to endure games at bars populated largely by Raiders and Chargers fans (the most detestable mixture of humanity ever witnessed) is a fate I wouldn't wish on the most obnoxious Broncos fan.  The inability to simply travel to Arrowhead on some random Sunday, to witness the splendor in person of 80,000 red clad maniacs chanting, no matter the elements, and filling the enemies' hearts with fear, is akin to the worst punishment a man can endure. 

So I ask, I beg of you, those who live within the reach of that Valhalla that is Arrowhead, appreciate what you have in front of you.  Those of us stranded a world away in the belly of the beast envy you so much during these coming months. 

You walk around on Friday and see red around, we confront a stranger with a Chiefs shirt on a random Tuesday and feel like we have met our best friend without having ever spoken. 

I will do what is needed to see my Chiefs play, and I would only hope that the NFL would find a way to facilitate me doing it legally and respecting their copyrights, but no matter what, Chiefs fan Will. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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