AFC West Breakdown 2011

Alright, I'm going to breakdown every team in each division.  There should be some more moves this season but for the most part each team is pretty set in what they have.  It only seems right that I start out with our division.  I'll take a look at each gain and loss.  Then I'll look at the schedule.  There will be a lot of reading.  You have been warned!  When I do division games on the schedule and put *SEE ABOVE* that simply means look above to the first time I posted the game.  I just was lazy to write out the same explanation in each division game.  So if you see at Chargers vs Chiefs week 8 on the Chargers schedule refer to when I posted it ABOVE on the Chiefs schedule and not directly above to Chargers week 7.  I know it's confusing.


Kansas City Chiefs


Key Losses: Chris Chambers, Brian Waters, Shaun Smith, Ron Edwards, Mike Vrabel, Charlie Weis

Key Signings: La'Ron McClain, Steve Breaston, Brandon Siler, Kelly Gregg

Key Rookies: Jon Baldwin, Jerrell Powe, Rodney Hudson 

I think that we lost some good depth in Smith and Edwards.  Vrabel and Waters were getting old so I'm sure we won't miss them that much outside of the veteran presence.  Weis was good but Meir should keep our rushing game going.  Chambers isn't a big loss in my eyes.  McClain is a big signing and I'm happy that we got him.  Breason will be a beast taking coverage away from Bowe.  Siler should see a lot of playing time for us.  Gregg is probably my favorite signing even though he is old.  We needed a true nose tackle to mentor Powe.  We have a good rookie class but will take longer to get going since the lockout took so long.

Offseason Grade:  A -


BillsWin -The Bills are going to be better than their record will indicate this year as well.  It will be a good game but the bills aren't there yet.

At LionsWin -We need to win our early games because we have so many tough games later in the season.  The lions are going to be better but early in the season they will need time to adjust.

At Chargers:  Loss -The Chargers at home will be tough to beat even with their horrible starts to seasons.

VikingsWin -At home the Vikings stand no chance even with AP.

At ColtsLoss -Another nail biter but we just can't beat the Colts --ever.


At Raiders:  Loss -We will split so I'll give them their home game.

Chargers:  Win -The Chargers will regret coming back to Arrowhead after last year.

DolphinsWin -This team is just a mess right now and we will win this by a good amount.

Broncos:  Win -Make this three in a row at Arrowhead!

At PatriotsLoss -We aren't as good as the Patriots plain and simple.  I don't think we are ready for the big stage away from home either.

SteelersWin -I think after our last meeting we just have their number no matter how good they are.

At BearsWin -Cutler won't miss playing us.

At JetsLoss -This game could go either way but we are on the road after some tough battles.

PackersLoss -Packers will be fighting for a playoff spot like us.  They win but it will be close.

Raiders:  Win -We win at home.  Enough said.

At Broncos:  Win -We sweet the basement dwellers this year.

Record: 10 - 6


San Diego Chargers


Key Losses: Darren Sproles, Legedue Naanee, Antwan Applewhite, Stephen Cooper, Brandon Siler, Kevin Burnett, Ron Rivera

Key Signings: Takeo Spikes, Bob Sanders, Greg Manusky, Travis LaBoy

Key Rookies: Corey Liuget, Vincent Brown, Marcus Gilchrist

I think the Chargers lost a lot of good depth especially in their linebacker core.  They did however add some good vets that can bring some leadership on the defense.  I also like some of their draft picks.  There is a lot of subtraction with little addition.

Offseason Grade:  C -


Vikings:  Win -Vikings will need a lot of help this year.  The Chargers are going to start off good this season.

At Patriots:  Loss -Will be a very nice game but the Chargers aren't on the same level as the Pats.

Chiefs:  Win -See Above.

Dolphins:  Win -Wow, Chargers starting the season strong for once.

At Broncos:  Loss -The Broncos at home will win but it will be close.


At Jets:  Loss -The Jets will prove that playoff win wasn't a fluke.

At Chiefs:  Loss -See Above.

Packers:  Loss -Chargers are on tilt at this point.

Raiders:  Win -Rivers is tired of losing and takes it out on the Raiders at home.

At Bears:  Win -Cutler vs Rivers?  I'll take Rivers everytime.

Broncos:  Win -Broncos will be too easy this year.

At JaguarsWin -This late in the season in a warmer climate.  No problem.

Bills:  Win -This game won't even be close.

RavensLoss -Ravens are fighting hard for a playoff berth.  Close game here.

Lions:  Loss -The Chargers will get cocky in this trap game.

At Raiders:  Loss -Raiders will do their part to keep the Chargers out of the playoffs.

Record:  8 - 8


Oakland Raiders


Key Losses: Johnnie Lee Higgins, Zach Miller, Robert Gallery, Thomas Howard, Nnamdi Asomugha, Tom Cable, John Marshall

Key Signings: Trent Edwards, Kevin Boss, Stephon Heyer, Hue Jackson, Al Saunders

Key Rookies: Taiwan Jones, DeMarcus Van Dyke, Joseph Barksdale

I'm not sure how I feel about the Raiders offseason.  I like Jackson over Cable.  However, I think losing Marshall will hurt them.  Saunders isn't bad on offense though.  Boss isn't as good as Millers.  Asomugha not being on the team will be so horrible for this team.  I think the Raiders fans are in denial.  Edwards is a good pick up though.

Offseason Grade:  D +


At Broncos:  Win -Broncos are going to be upset again.

At Bills:  Win -Will be a close game but Bills will lose against a rushing game.

Jets:  Loss -I just think the defense will eat up the Raiders offense.

Patriots:  Loss -Patriots will destroy the Raiders here.

At TexansLoss -On the road but it will be a good matchup.

BrownsWin -Raiders are just a better team.

Chiefs:  Win -See Above.


Broncos:  Win -lol at the Broncos.

At Chargers:  Loss -See Above.

At Vikings:  Loss -AP vs McFadden.  I'll take AP especially at home.

Bears:  Win -A close game but the Bears get thrown into the black hole.

At Dolphins:  Win -I have a feeling the Raiders win this and it won't be close.

At Packers:  Loss -Raiders aren't there yet.

Lions:  Loss -Two beast D lines but Lions come out in OT.

Chiefs:  Loss -See Above.

Chargers:  Win -See Above.

Record:  8 - 8


Denver Broncos


Key Losses: Jabar Gaffney, Daniel Graham, Ryan Harris, Justin Bannan, Jamal Williams, Ronald Fields, Renaldo Hill, Josh McDaniels

Key Signings: Willis McGahee, Daniel Fells, Ty Warren, Brodrick Bunkley, John Fox

Key Rookies: Von Miller, Rahim Moore, Orlando Franklin, Nate Irving

Wow, it seemed like the Broncos lost quite a bit but I really like some of their additions to offset that.  I also like their rookie class.  In a few years the Broncos might be back to competing but for now they have to rebuild what McDaniels destroyed.

Offseason Grade: B -


Raiders:  Loss -See Above.

BengalsWin -Bengals are going to fight for the number 1 draft pick this year.

At TitansLoss -Will be a close game but Broncos lose on the road.

At Packers:  Loss -Packers are just too good.

Chargers:  Win -See Above.


At Dolphins:  Win -Broncos win on the road here.

Lions:  Loss -If Stafford is still playing this far in the season the Broncos lose.

At Raiders:  Loss -See Above.

At Chiefs:  Loss -See Above.

Jets:  Loss -Jets are just too tough at this point.

At Chargers:  Loss -The Broncos have a tough clump of division rival road games.

At Vikings:  Loss -AP will dismantle this defense.

Bears:  Win -Cutler comes back to Denver on a loss.

Patriots:  Loss -Patriots are wanting their last couple of games so bad.

At Bills:  Win -Bills are going to put up a fight but lose this one at home.

Chiefs:  Loss -See Above.

Record:  5 - 11



Chiefs  10 - 6

Raiders 8 - 8

Chargers 8 - 8

Broncos 5 - 11


Final Thoughts

The Chiefs will win the division again but who knows if we will make any noise in the playoffs.  The Raiders are just about there while the Chargers are blessed to be carried by Rivers.  The Broncos need a lot but have a nice draft class to work with.  You might find my breakdown biased that you have good reason to think that.  You can come back here after the season and find this will be pretty accurate.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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