Chiefs 2011-2012 Schedule and Predictions

Now that free agency is winding down and all the daft picks are in camp, the question is: How many games are the Chiefs going you win this year?  I've read many fans on here thinking this might just be the year for the Chiefs to make a deep playoff run and maybe, just maybe reach the Super Bowl.  It has also been said that the Chiefs will struggle this year due to a tough schedule and lack of depth on the DL (NT) and OL (RT).  Taking in to account these things and who the Chiefs have added this off season, lets take a look at the schedule and try to start answering that question of: How many games are the Chiefs going to win this year?

Week 1:  Buffalo

The Chiefs get to open up the season at Arrowhead and it will be electric, as always.  The Bills have struggled for many years and I haven't seen them do anything this offseason that will change that in the near future.  Chiefs start the season off right with win at home.

Week 2:  @Detroit

I see the Lions as a team that is similar to the Chiefs but a year or two behind.  They are going through a big youth movement and made a big stride forward last year but they are still missing a few key components.  Detriot has the ability to cause some trouble for the Chiefs upfront tho.  Suh and Fairley should become one of the most dominant DT pairs in the NFL but I don't see them clicking on all cylinders by week 2. Chiefs win.

Week 3: @ SD

Going to SD and playing in one of the loudest stadiums, Qualcomm, infront of all those die hard Charger fans... oops... I got Qualcomm and Arrowhead mixed up. None the less this is still going to be tough game.  Our defense will get its first real test of the year and if we can pull this win off then there is reason to believe that we are going to do big things this year. That said, I don't see the Chiefs winning this one.

Week 4: Minnesota

Whenever you pick up one of the winning-est quarterbacks of the past decade that is still young enough to play at a high level and hasn't retired 4 times already, you just made your team better.  While McNabb will help the Vikes I think the loss of Rice will hurt just as much if not more.  Peterson will give our run D the biggest test in this game and I think we shut them down. Chiefs Win.

Week 5:  @ Indy

At Indy, against Peyton, not good for the Chiefs. Chiefs lose.

Week 6: Bye

Week 7: @ Oakland

Oakland swept us last year, that will not happen again.  Just like last year their D-line will give us fits but the loss of Asomugha will prove deadly for the Raiders.  Chiefs win.

Week 8:  SD

Monday Night Football comes back to Arrowhead and we will give them a show once again.  By now all teams should be clicking on all cylinders and I see us and SD being real even this year.  I think the Arrowhead advantage will play a huge part in this game.  I can already see Rivers stomping around and pouting around because his teammates can't hear him.  Chiefs win a close one at home.

Week 9:  Miami

Miami will struggle this year.  This should be one of the easiest games of the year. Chiefs win.

Week 10:  Denver

Orton starts the year and goes 3-5.  Donkey fans are begging for Tebow.  Fox makes Tebow the starter and everyone thinks a new era has began in Denver.  They make the trip to Arrowhead where Tebow throws 2 int, one returned for a TD by DJ.  Chiefs win in a blowout and Arrowhead Pride laughs for weeks about Denver benching the only QB they have that gives them a decent shot at winning some games.

Through 9 games the Chiefs record is 7-2.  Arrowhead Pride is blowing up with talk of the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl but don't fool yourself.  These first 9 games are by far they easy part of our schedule, the next 5 games will make or break our year.  So lets get to it...

Week 11:  @ NE

The Chiefs play their second Monday Night Football game of the year which at the time, might be considered an AFC championship preview game.  There will be a lot of story lines in this game since many of our players/coaches/front office people have been connected with NE at some point in time.  I think we hold our own but still come up short to one of the best franchises in the past decade. Chiefs lose.

Week 12: Pittsburg

We follow up our MNF loss with a home game on Sunday Night Football against the Steelers.  When I said that NE was oneof the best franchises in the past decade, well the Steelers are the other one.  This will be another game were the Chiefs hold their own but come up a little bit short. Chiefs lose.

Week 13: @ Chicago

Chicago was one of the best teams in the NFC last year so the will present some problems for the Chiefs.  They have Jay Cutler who we all know as a QB that will make or break you every single play.  He seems to think that he can always make the throw no matter the coverage.  The Bears also had one of the worst O-lines at protecting the QB so I expect Tamba to have a huge game and maybe Houston will also put up a highnumber in the sacks column.  This will be a close game but I see the Chiefs D causing too many problems for Cutler. Chiefs win.

Week 14:  @ Jets

I have never been impressed with Sanchez and I don't think that will change this year.  We will shut their offense down but the problem with playing the jets is their defense.  This will be a huge test for our offense.  Right now I think we have done a great job in adding weapons to the offense but you never know how it will all come together.  This is the game that we will have to use every weapon and hope some of them work out.  Another close game, Chiefs win.

Week 15:  Green Bay

Defending world champs come to town and remind us Chiefs what we are buildingfor.  Green Bay is at the top of its game and will be for some time to come.  This is the one game I don't see the Chiefs having a chance in. Chiefs lose.

The Chiefs are 9-5 and in the hunt for another Division title but they have to win out to do so.

Week 16:  Oak

Oakland comes to town and the Chiefs are looking for revenge after the Green Bay loss and trying to stay in the lead for the division.  Raiders walk into a buzzsaw. Chiefs win.

Week 17:  @ Den

Chiefs are playing for their second straight division title and Haley has the boys pumped up and ready for a playoff run.  Chiefs come back from Denver with the division title.

Chiefs go 11-5 and win the West.  They have to play a wildcard game and get their first playoff win since 1994 but have a rematch with the Steelers.  We get that first win but that is as far as we make it.  I know we all want a Super Bowl but we're just not there yet but we are building in the right direction in leaps and bounds. 

This is my first post so go easy on me for any grammar errors because I'm not an English teacher, just a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Please share your thoughts and predictions.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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