2011 AFC Preview


AFC East

New England Patriots

Let’s just start with the easy one. This team came out in their pre season games and looked so much better than any other team in the league (until Detroit). I think that the first couple of games might be decided by who has the best chemistry and worked together the best, and the Patriots win that award. They are also hungry. They bring in a lot of talent from free agency and trades on both sides of the ball. How is it that the loudest, and most headline grabbing people in the league (Ochocinco and Haynesworth) somehow are model citizens when joining the Patriots? Maybe Spygate was the least of everyone’s concerns and the NFL should look into if Belichick knows witchcraft instead.

N.Y. Jets

Here’s the problem with a team that is run by a guy who is more or less fit for the circus or the Jerry Springer show, the team follows your lead. At some point, this team is going to implode. Sanchez has already admitted that he is half retarded by thinking he was going to fight Rex Ryan. Has he taken a good look at him lately? Is there a donut that this man hasn’t declined? Just say no, to food that is Rex, just say no.

Buffalo Bills

I personally think that Chan Gailey might be a genius. That is on the offensive side of the ball that is. He takes very average QBs and gives them jobs for the next 5 years. Do you think that Tyler Thigpen would even get an invite from a CFL team if it weren’t for the 2008 season when he was one of the top fantasy football players the last 6 weeks of the year? I’m going to answer that question, heck no and now he is doing it again with Ryan Fitzpatrick. With the first four picks of their draft going defense, they are giving themselves a chance to win some games this year.

Miami Dolphins

Let give you a little glimpse of a Sunday for a Dolphins fan. They wake up, put on their Dolphins jersey, sit on their couch and pray to the Dan Marino gods that this is the week that Chad Henne puts it all together and he starts out with an interception and they want to throw him under the bus that the team came on. Then he comes back and has a drive that looks something of a pro bowler and there is a speck of hope. Then they lose the game and for an entire week, they wonder if now Matt Moore is in fact a better QB and a simple answer to that is, well probably not. And that is what the week is life for a Dolphins fan. Sigh, well at least the weather can take some of the pain away, oh wait.


AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers

Can someone tell me the last time that the Steelers made a big time acquisition in free agency or trade? Do they get everyone from the draft? It’s amazing how great they do in the draft to get play makers time and time again. This defense is still so good and Big Ben will have an entire season to be a part of the offense. This biggest question will be, can the offensive line give Ben enough time to find someone. I know they like to pound it down your throats, but they need Ben to as always lead this team.

Baltimore Ravens

After a year of people picking the Ravens to win the Super Bowl (myself included) not many people are talking about this team and rightfully so. The defense is getting old and besides Suggs, they don’t have a consistent pass rusher. Flacco will have to step up and be a top 10 QB this year for this team to be in the Super Bowl hunt. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but he has to make use of every weapon that he has. Maybe the most important thing is Lee Evens who was acquired in a trade. If he can give them a couple of big plays, this could be a different offense.

Cleveland Browns

I’m not sure if there was a team that I wasn’t emotionally invested in that I wanted to get a WR as bad as the Browns. Was there no one that they liked? Sims-Walker? Sidney Rice? Steve Smith? Some guy that looks like he might be able to catch a ball? I mean, it’s kind of sad to think that Colt McCoy might have to throw to the same group as last year whose best WR caught 36 passes last year. This team is a couple of players away from actually being competitive, but I don’t think this is the year.

Cincinnati Bengals

This might be the easiest division to predict. Mostly because you have the great (Steelers) the good (Ravens) the average (Browns) and the ugly (Bengals). This team really is miles away from being good. So bad that you have a QB that still might be in his prime that would rather retire than stay on this miserable team. They have a very average defense, a RB that is probably done after this year and every other position is young and so you give them the benefit of the doubt that they can actually stay on the football field and learn from pervious Bengals and stay out of jail.  

AFC South

Houston Texans

Offense isn’t a problem with this team. Especially with the finding of Arian Foster that finally gives this team a consistent running game. The problem is finding someone, anyone, who can guard a WR or get to the QB or even tackle. The Texans probably couldn’t get any worse, so they changed to a 3-4 defense led by Wade Phillips. They aren’t really built for a 3-4 defense yet, but with the talent they already have, they will create some opportunities to at the very least force some turnovers. This could be the year that they finally reach the playoffs for the first time maybe not because they are so much better but that the division is much weaker than usual. And that is because….

Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning might not be ready and every game that he misses, could very easily be a lose. I think that this could very well be a 10-6 team, but if Manning misses the first two games, this could be an 8-8 team and even if he does come back, we can’t guarantee that he will be ready to play. This might be the first time that Colts fans can see what life might be life without Manning. Plus even if Manning is 100%, the defense is especially bad and with Bob Sanders gone, he can’t give them his token one game a year. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

I’m not sure how this team went 8-8 last year and I don’t think the team got any better this year. I think that Blaine Gabbert will be a good QB. The problem though is that he and Colt McCoy might have to get group therapy session going since their best targets are TEs and their RBs might be a better option to throw to, rather than the people they actually pay to catch the ball. If the defense can get to the QB more often (they only had 26 sacks last year) they might be able to keep games close and win a few games they otherwise wouldn’t before.

Tennessee Titans

This team is so far away from being relevant, it’s not even funny. They cut their starting QB, their top WR is in trouble with the law and might be missing some games, and their star RB wants to get paid like he is going to be playing forever. Yes, he’s a good RB but if the Titans were smart, they would get what they could out of him and just start over. There just isn’t that much to get excited about unless you are really itching to see Jake Locker get rocked week after week, but hey, to each their own.

AFC West

San Diego Chargers

Norv Turner can’t screw up this much talent two years in a row can he? How this man could not get the number one offense and number one defense into the playoffs is amazing. Really, the Chargers have to put it all together soon, because these stars aren’t getting any younger. They might be flying a little under the radar, but this is still a good team, the biggest question is the coaching. A guarantee, if this team doesn’t make the playoffs, it’s a mass firing or leaving from this team.

Kansas City Chiefs

Watching them in the preseason, I almost bumped them down, but I thought about who was in the rest of the division and thought otherwise. Yes, this team somehow got younger, by drafting 4 potential week 1 starters. A couple of things that means is that this team had a lot of holes to fill, but also they drafted well, which is exactly what Pioli is known for. To think that the Chiefs will improve their record from last year is wishful thinking, but I think an 8-8 or 9-7 record actually would mean this team improved because they had to win against some talented teams. Watch out for the defense, because they could be crazy scary.

Oakland Raiders

Let’s play a game. Who was the last QB to throw 15 TDs for the Raiders in one season? If you guessed Kerry Collins in 2005 you would be correct. Yes, it has been 5 years since someone threw just 15 TDs and I’m not even going to pretend like the streak is most definitely over this year. It also doesn’t help that Louis Murphy is your number one WR. The Raiders better hope that the defense is still the rock that they have grown accustomed to or it could be back to the cellar.

Denver Broncos

Is anyone else just so tired of hearing that Tim Tebow might not be backup quarterback this year, that he is the 4th best QB on the team, and that he might not make the team. Are they just doing this to make sure people don’t forget them as an NFL team? This team lacks so much talent, they should put Tebow out there at any position just to make sure that people know that Josh McDaniels didn’t suck the entire team dry of talent. Has there ever been a coach in the history of football that has done so much damage in such little time?


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