Panic Button.. Should we press it?


Okay AP; I’m tired of watching our boys look like the little Giants JV team so I decided to type this little post as a mere comparison or whether or not we press the panic button. Are we supposed to be like Chicken Little and scream "THE SKY IS FALLING!!"  in reference to our inept play on offense and inability to look anything like the resemblance or our team last year..






 .... maybe we are like the Boy that called wolf. We are screaming its Preseason Its PRESEASON ITS PRESEASON!!! Haley & Co have a plan. WE have that mantra down to the letter memorized and rehearsed.




They always say hindsight is 20/20, in the case of the 20111 Preseason and 2011 NFL Season those words are truer than saying KC BBQ is like Tasting Heaven ( should heaven have  a taste…) This is the  Weirdest offseason   Most Gawd Aweful Preseason we have experienced due to the lockout and zero prep time. I am not using this as an excuse but a reminder that some teams in the NFL are the "Johnny on the spot" types and some are the "we need a running start first" types.  When it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs we need a running start.. A really good running start.

So in this Post I will provide a situation we have seen on/off practice fields and the games thus far. You can decided if it’s the right time to push/press/bang on the little red button; THE PANIC BUTTON.

 (I personally think we are not looking good due to the lockout, no OTA's, Mini Camp, and rookie Orientation. But thats only part of the reason of suckatuge')


Offensive Line: Beyond the horrendous play of B Rich on the last game Vs STL ( 3 holding penalties which is fresh in my mind) We have the loss of Brian Waters; yes he needed to go and maybe retire. We have the return of Wiegmann; we needed him to come back and teach Hudson. The Offensive line as a core unit has imploded letting not only opposing 1st string but 2nd and 3rd string defensives penetrate and let our QB get sacked and or rushed. Oh and since its fresh in my mind, Hudson Holding 5 yard penalty negating JC‘s 5 yard Touchdown… (rookie mistake). Basically from what I have watched from the 3 games is that the Offensive line is not as air tight as we want it and not as sharp as it needs to be. Basically its bleeding holes like a red pair of panties in a washer machine full of whites.




Panic Button OR No Panic Button?



Matt Cassell: Wow, just wow. I am not a MC basher. I think he is serviceable but he’s not the long term answer. He is not the immediate impact player like a Sam Brafford or a Matt Ryan, in which you build your team around for many years.  This is his team and I accept that and support him but I’m not going to be totally happy with it.  Walterfootball keeps calling him " a limp noodle arm" and says the chiefs will struggle without Charlie Wies. I don’t think that’s the truth but I don’t think it’s that far off. Matt Cassell

has not looked in command at all out there. He shown emotion and a lot of cursing on the field thus far but He didn’t even attempt a pass in the first game.. Is it a new play book and offensive theme that has them looking lost in the sauce?  Maybe instead of hanging out with New CEO of K-Swiss Kenny Powers he SHOULD have been throwing balls in a net somewhere or maybe watching some film at home.. I don’t know.. Now I’m sounding like a Cassel Basher.. I expect more from him and his play ad thus far Ricky Stanzi  has looked like than man.



Panic Button OR No Panic Button?



Jonathan Baldwin:  He came; He Fought and he got injured. The rest of the" who started the fight", pointing fingers, twitter explanations/inside info/ speculation is garbage. Point of the matter is a Rookie got his ass thumb handed to him and its broke.  A Vet RB did it with his "son of a Coal miner" Iron Clad muscles.  He made a rookie mistake and now has lost the only time to practice before it counts. Without ‘Baldwinning" or the third leg or the "3 Killa B’s" tripod our receiving corps had been thrown into a Hefty remix of possibilities.  




 Panic Button OR No Panic Button?


Steve BreastonSimple Question; where are you? I think I remember seeing you on the field and I think "footsteps" Paulko threw the ball to you once. Is anyone else concern that he has not been targeted by Matt Cassel at all? They do need to build a report  learn each other’s habits. Just throwing that out there AP doesn’t mean you guys have to catch it.



Panic Button OR No Panic Button?



Dexter McCluster: Run DMC or DexMex or Offensive Weapon or any other cute names you have for the guy is cool. Seeing him play a lot and in a specific role makes me happy. He is getting his label placed on him. You are going to be this guy for us in the offensive scheme of things.  I personally like he is getting a lot of reps and it get him comfortable and usable with our offense. If not then he is a waste of a 2nd round pick. Does it concern any of you that he is or may take snaps/carries away from JC?




Panic Button OR No Panic Button?


Defensive Secondary : We have been fortunate to have Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr out there for a while together now. They have great support from tackling machine/game change Eric Berry or known as in these parts and the F&%#$% MAN! Now that we have the praise together and out of the way; why has this secondary look lost? Why have they looked lost with its 1st, 2nd and 3rd string out there? And apparently we forgot how to tackle.




Panic Button OR No Panic Button?



Lastly and I know this is a big one for most out here that are Free Agent sharks.


Free Agency:  We won some battles and we lost some battles. But there is conversation on an additional thread that made me think of this article. " Should we sign Randy Moss?" I posted on there, and it did in fact happen, that I had a dream we signed T.O. to a 1 year deal.

WE picked up some old veteran players to aid our young guys to continue to grow, mature and reach it s full potential.

Wide Receiver Steve Breaston,

DT: Kelly Gregg

FB LeRon Mclain

OT Jared Gaither

LB Brandon Siler (he is out for season with a torn Achilles).

Key losses: Defensive linemen Ron Edwards and Shaun "Ball Master Blaster "Smith and Brian waters at Guard.

There is still money to be spent for the cap (which doesn’t have to be get until 2013)  So there are people banging the drums asking why people like Anthony Becht; whom of which didn’t play a snap all year last year and was about to pursue a broadcasting career. Or there is FA signing Keary Colbert whom of which didn’t play a snap last year and was teaching TE’s and his college (USC).  I believe we have money left over to resign our own guys and I am totally on board with that. However when we pick up random guys from random parts of the unknown to create competition instead of overall improvement does that cause you guys concern?




Panic Button OR No Panic Button?





And for the record and the Win; Lack of any type of information from Haley, Pioli & Co on anything other than "we have a plan" or "I’m only going to talk about payers that are here" concern you?





7897966-a-3d-business-man-with-a-problem-pushes-a-last-resort-panic-button_medium    Panic Button OR No Panic Button?














This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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