Come All Ye Takers....

Step up fellow Chiefs fans...and raise your glass for one more round of fantastically delicious preseason Chiefs Kool-aid!!! Sit back, relax, kick back your heels and chug away as I lay down my case for why you should absolutely be PUMPED UP, and crawling the walls in excitement for the upcoming Chiefs football season. Yeah....I got the memo. We have a much more difficult season this next year. Yes I know about the shortened offseason and also about a certain young first round rookie who decided to challenge Thomas Jones' tree trunk arms. There are some other things as well but you should STILL be chomping at the bit. Why? Good question. Let's take a look....

Remember that high powered offense in Arizona that almost took the Cardinals to a Super Bowl victory over the Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII? Haley is rebuilding that receiving corps right here!!! Observe:

Bowe = Fitzgerald (Okay, well not quite, but he isn't far off and he is getting closer).
Baldwin = Boldin (Yeah. I know he still has to get on the field and prove it but his potential is enormous. He has sick athletic ability and good skills. If he listens to Haley he could even be Fitz-caliber and Bowe could be Boldin)
Breaston = Breaston
Urban = Urban
Pope = Pope

That was the core of their group with the exception of Fitz and Boldin. We have a couple of really good receivers though to fill those roles. Yeah, I know, I know. They had an elite QB. We don't have an elite QB but we do have a good QB and although our passing game is a little less high powered than theirs, we make up for it with our elite run game. Our run game is FAR better than the ground game that Haley had at Arizona. Boasting a line-up of Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones, and Dexter McCluster with the addition of the bruising Le'Ron McClain, our running game appears poised and ready to stay atop the NFL and appears as though it may be even better than last year's running game.

But what about the defense you say? Let's take a look at the defense as well! I am certain this defense will be a top 10 unit this year and could possibly be a fringe top 5 unit (Jets, Chargers, Ravens, Steelers, and Packers will all place high so we may be sitting just outside around maybe 5 to 8). Crennel is rebuilding the Patriots defense right here. It won't be an exact replica (nothing ever is). The D-line is notably different. Instead of a pass-rushing D-Line ala Seymour and Wilfork we have a run-stuffing gap control defense anchored by Gregg, Dorsey and Jackson. Our playmakers come from our LB corps and also our secondary. Hali is an elite, relentless pass-rushing machine. DJ is a playmaker that has Pro-Bowl potential. Berry is a beast and Flowers is a fringe top Corner. Now that we have Houston and Sheffield and with Gilberry continuing to improve, I feel we finally have the pass rush to match the production of the Patriots defense.

Are you exited yet? Do you think the Cardinals offense and the Patriots defense will be enough to win the Super Bowl? I do. We also have a really good Special Teams unit as well. This could be our year to enshrine ourselves in the history books and finally shake off those many, long, empty years in which our beloved franchise has had to suffer and watch from afar as others took home the grand prize. So raise your glasses one more time my fellow Chiefs fans because we have this moment in time before regular season begins to dream of glory....Enjoy and cheers!!!

Disclaimer - Author will not be held responsible for mental breakdowns and other episodes or conditions that may occur once the Kool-aid world inevitably meets reality. These episodes or conditions include but are not limited to: Depression, nervous breakdowns, crying fits, Hives, STDs, or running down the streets of Oakland or Denver naked painted in Chiefs colors screaming "Come at me bro!".

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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