Planning A Dream Trip to Arrowhead

I've been using AP as my primary source of Chiefs info for a couple years now, but I just took the leap and got myself an ID. Now I can comment, post, and feel like I've finally "gone all in" in support of our team!

I grew up in Wisconsin, but have been a Chiefs fan my whole life. For years I endured as the only person I knew who was a Chiefs fan. My older brother chose the Steelers, and everyone else I knew had it bad for Brett Favre. On top of that, whenever anyone found out I was a Chiefs fan, they expected me to have a good reason why... The truth is, I received a hat when I was seven and have been loyal ever since. A random piece of merch that helped shape my life! I had so many people push me to switch to the Packers, especially considering I would only get to see maybe one Chiefs game on tv a year. Eventually people started to accept my decision, and I even had a relative give me the opportunity to go to training camp in River Falls back in '99. That trip solidified my fandom forever, but it still wasn't easy standing alone.

Everything changed two years ago when I found AP. I had never heard people say things about the Chiefs that I also felt in my heart. About that time I also discovered how to watch games online (although even online other games are a lot easier to find and watch). Being able to see and understand what people here were talking about really made me feel like a true fan. I understand there are a lot of "other market" Chiefs fans on this site, and I salute you for standing tall (and often alone) as I have over the years. That's why I'm so thankful for AP! A place where we can come together and not only support the greatest team in the land, but also each other.

Just when it became easiest to be a Chiefs fan though, I moved to Swaziland (Southern Africa) to be a missionary. As if missing Chiefs games was bad enough, now I can't even watch ANY football on Sundays! Unless you count Manchester United or Barcelona... On top of that, I pay for internet by the Megabyte, so watching video (much less streaming live) is NOT an option. If it wasn't for the detailed analysis so many of you provide on this site, I'm afraid I'd fall back into the black hole (not a Raider reference!) of trying to follow National news on the Chiefs...

In case you thought the title of this post was misleading, I'm done introducing myself so let me get to the main reason I want to hear from you all. Despite the fact that I live on a third-world budget (with no salary), and I can only come home and visit family once a year, my brother (the Steelers fan) and I have decided make a dream come true and travel to KC for the game against Pittsburgh Thanksgiving weekend!

The things is, we're trying to save as much money as possible... My bro got our tickets, we know that gas is going to be a killer, and can't skimp on the tailgaiting/beer, but I've got some friends of a friend I'm trying to contact that might let us crash on their floor... So far no such luck, considering we'll be coming "home" well after midnight Sat and Sun night... Anybody on here connected with IHOP (the church) and a big fan of the Chiefs!? Otherwise, we need a cheap motel...

Apart from that, I'm hoping you all can help me make the most of our "once in a lifetime" trip! Do you have advice for tailgaiting? Where's the best place to buy supplies? Could you recommend some great places/bars where we won't get assaulted by some hairy fat dude, but can still "live it up" and celebrate both nights!? And what about merch? Where does a Chiefs fan on a tight budget find great deals on gear in KC? Is WalMart the best option?

Finally, I'm curious about our seats for the game. I've been to Lambeau Field where the cheapest seat is still amazing, and I've been to the Metrodome (pre-collapse) where they have seats BEHIND giant support beams... Anyway, having never been to Arrowhead, what should I expect stadium-wise? Our tickets are for section 320 row 26, anyone know what the view is like from there?


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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