Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Update: Draft Edition (Part 2)

From the FanPosts. Don't worry. We won't overload you with Fantasy Football posts. -Chris

As mentioned on Monday, during the season, along with other topics I hope to cover, I will be giving you fantasy football analysis for our Kansas City Chiefs position players as well as some fantasy tidbits to help your team gain a slight edge. I come to you with vast experience in several types of leagues (as a victor, not just a participant), and the fantasy articles will mainly be geared to the player who does not have the time to subscribe to a fancy site, buy a (useless) magazine, or set up an Excel chart for their draft.

In part 1, we analyzed at the Chiefs at the QB, RB, and WR positions and in part 2 today we will look at the Chiefs at TE, K, Team Defense, IDP, and I will provide some notes on guys to stay away from and some players that could pay dividends for you down the road..

Let's take another look (And for those not interested in the billion-dollar industry of fantasy football, I do apologize in advance):

Having already dissected the QB, RB, and WR positions, we will move on to the Tight Ends first today.

Tight Ends (once again, the number in parentheses is what I would advise you to stay close to in Auction Leagues-$100 max)

Tony Moeaki ($10 and below): In auction leagues, Moeaki is currently going for, on average, $1. If you can get him at that price, you are playing with fools. I would go as high as $10 on him. Besides Charles, the biggest bang for your buck on the Chiefs roster fantasy-wise is Moeaki. He is getting drafted in the 15th round on average, but we here at AP know what the so-called experts don't: that Moeaki is the real deal and is a favorite target of Matt Cassel. Yes, guys like Jason Witten, Antonio Gates, Jermichael Finley and others are also very good tight ends, but if you can beef up at other positions while the TE onslaught comes in your draft, you can sneak out of there with a potentially great fantasy TE later on. I am very high on Moeaki even though the guys at the big sites have him ranked in the lower third of tight ends. Pull the trigger on this one for sure if you can.

Fun Fact: Leonard Pope not only saves lives, he is the number 51 ranked TE by my rankings. That means unless you are in a 45 team league, you probably want to pass on him.



Ryan Succop: ($1) I, along with many, advocate you don't even think about getting a kicker until the final rounds. If you only need one on your roster, then select only one. Yes, guys like Sebastian Janikowski can blast it, and in leagues with bonus points for long field goals he may be worth a look. But year after year, the top 20 kickers are not seperated by more than about 30-40 points. Divide that by 13 guaranteed weeks and we are talking 2-3 point differences per week in kickers. Succop is reliable and has the leg for long distance. He more than likely will be available late in your draft and certainly would not hurt your team. I hate to sound nonchalant about this position, but rarely does the week come down to your kicker. With that said though, I am very partial to the teams that play indoors when selecting a kicker. They are guaranteed 8 games indoors and in some cases even more (Matt Bryant of the Falcons will be kicking indoors in 12 of their 16 games this year) in a climate-controlled environment. Before you go jump and grab Succop, check and see if any of those domed kickers are available.

Fun Fact: I have nothing. If you wish to enter a fun fact for kickers in the comment section, go for it. Succop would be a top 3 kicker in the NFL if he played in a dome. That's my fun opinion.


Team Defense

Kansas City Chiefs($1)Team defense is another crapshoot come draft day. This department often defies the odds. How else could Oakland be classified as a good fantasy defense last season? See what I mean? Craziness. With that said, if your league values team defense and rewards shutouts or gives good amounts of points for giving up very few points, then I would try to snatch one of the better defenses that are out there. Fantasy-wise, that would translate into the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, and Green Bay Packers. These teams figure to have the best points against average this season, with some other quality defense like the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles close behind. If your league does NOT reward points given up, then it puts the Chiefs on an even keel with everyone else. You can select them with confidence because we know they WILL get a good amount of sacks, they WILL play well in the secondary, and they do have better than average potential for the pick 6. Otherwise, trying to guess who will run back interceptions the most is a game I don't wish to play. Give each team a look, but don't be afraid to pull the trigger on the Chiefs Defense.

Fun Fact: I draft the Chiefs Defense every year in leagues that do not reward shutouts and they are always a decent option, with the exception of a couple seasons ago when nobody could get to the QB. The Chiefs D is worth a pick.


IDP (Individual Defensive Player)

Some leagues now include an IDP, that can score points individually (as the name suggests) for takles, sacks, interceptions, and TDs. I am not going to analyze every defensive player, rather I will rank in order who I think will be the most productive IDPs on the Chiefs this season, based on past performance and projected stats for this season.

1. Derrick Johnson

2. Eric Berry

3. Tamba Hali

4. Glenn Dorsey

5. Brandon Flowers

With that said, the Chiefs do not have a strong corps of IDP fantasy-wise. If you only have to draft one player, I'd steer clear of them all to be honest and try to get yourself a Patrick Willis or a Jerod Mayo. Guys like that will be the leaders in IDP points this season.


Well that's the Chiefs, but let's take a quick second to look at some guys who you should steer clear of and some you should grab from other teams:

Stay Away!- Guys I am projecting to have below average seasons

QB- Donovan McNabb, Tarvaris Jackson, Andy Dalton, Matthew Stafford (brutal schedule against pass defenses)

RB- Beanie Wells, Marshawn Lynch, Jonathan Stewart

WR- Percy Harvin, Johnny Knox, Michael Crabtree

TE- Benjamin Watson, Jermaine Gresham, Kevin Boss

Welcome Aboard! - guys beyond the obvious (Brady, etc.) who could be value picks in your draft

QB- Ryan Fitzpatrick, Colt McCoy, John BeckTony Romo  (I am projecting a huge season for Romo)

RB- Danny Woodhead, Knowshon Moreno (yuck), Roy Helu (great last round pick), Shonn Greene

WR- Mike Wallace, Danny Amendola, Kenny Britt

TE- Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez, Greg Olsen


Well, there you have my draft edition of the Kansas City Chiefs, with some fun sprinkled in as well. I hope this benefits some of you out there, and for the last group of players feel free to ask questions, make comments, fake-throw medicine balls at me, etc.

Thanks for reading, have a great draft, and go Chiefs


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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