AFC East Breakdown 2011

Alright, time for another one of my breakdowns.  If you missed them the AFC West and AFC South then check them out!  Now I am moving to the AFC East.  There might be a few changes but for the most part each team are pretty set in what they have.  I will look at each teams free agency and schedule.


New England Patriots


Key Losses:  Alge Crumpler, Nick Kaczur, Ty Warren, Marcus Stroud, Tully Banta-Cain, Jarrad Page

Key Signings:  Chad Ochocinco, Shaun Ellis, Mark Anderson, Albert Haynesworth

Key Rookies:  Nate Solder, Ras-I Dowling, Shane Vereen, Ryan Mallett

The Patriots lost some older guys on the line and some part time players elsewhere.  They however addressed their losses pretty well with picking up some vets and drafting really well.  The Patriots build through the draft and got quite a bit of talent this year.  Mallett is probably the next franchise QB if he is mentored well.  Solder could be an anchor for the line for a very long time.

Offseason Grade:  A -


At Dolphins:  Win -Early in the season the Dolphins won't be anywhere close to their peak.  They need to be at thier peak to even compete with the Patriots.

ChargersWin -Early in the season the Chargers just won't win this one.  It will be a good game though.

At Bills:  Win -The Bills at home might put up a little fight but it won't be enough.

At RaidersWin -The Patriots will destroy the Raiders here.

Jets:  Win -The Patriots will start out 5-0.

CowboysWin -The Patriots keep on keepin' on.


At SteelersLoss -The Patriots have a bye week and take the Steelers for granted.

GiantsWin -Eli Manning will  put up a fight.  Will be a good game.

At Jets:  Loss -Will be a split with the Jets.

ChiefsWin -The big stage at home.  The Patriots will be better prepared.

At EaglesLoss -Will be a great game but the Patriots are being worn down but a pretty tough schedule.

ColtsWin -At home the Pats take this one.

At RedskinsWin -An easy win here.

At BroncosWin -Patriots are on cruise control into the playoffs.

Dolphins:  Win -Will be a better game but the Dolphins still aren't that great.

Bills:  Win -Even if the backups play I still think they can take the Bills.

Record:  13-3


New York Jets


Key Losses:  Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith, Damien Woody, Shaun Ellis, Kris Jenkins

Key Signings:  Plaxico Burress, Derrick Mason, Aaron Maybin, Donald Strickland

Key Rookies:  Muhammed Wilkerson, Kendrick Ellis, Bilal Powell, Jeremy Kerley

I think the Jets lost quite a bit of playmakers on both sides of the ball.  Woody and Smith being the biggest losses in my opinion.  I like the signing of Burress and Maybin an awful lot--they are both looking decent in preseason.  The jets are always looking big each year.  This year they will Probably get a wildcard though.

Offseason Grade:  B -


Cowboys:  Win -This will be a really good game but this early at home the edge goes to the Jets.

JaguarsWin:  -The Jets are at home and are better.

At Raiders:  Win -The Jets defense wins this battle.

At RavensLoss -This will be a great game but edge to Ravens at home.

At Patriots:  Loss -Two tough road games for the Jets.

Dolphins:  Win  -The Jets take their anger out on the 'Phins.

Chargers:  Win -This is going to be a great game.  Jets at home goes my bet.


At Bills:  Win -Another bye week for the Jets.

Patriots:  Win -Split.

At Broncos:  Win -The Broncos don't stand a chance.

Bills:  Win -The Bills hate being in this division.

At Redskins:Win -I really don't see the Skins winning this or many games this season.

Chiefs:  Win -This game could go either way but at home the Jets get the edge.

At Eagles:  Loss -The Jets lose one.

Giants:  Loss -I have a feeling the Giants edge this one out.

At Dolphins:  Loss -The Jets take the 'Phins for granted this time.

Record:  11 - 5


Buffalo Bills


Key Losses:  Lee Evans, Marcus Stroud, Aaron Maybin, Paul Posluszny, Donte Whitner, Akin Ayodele

Key Signings:  Brad Smith, Tyler Thigpen, Nick Barnett

Key Rookies:  Marcell Dareus, Aaron Williams, Kelvin Sheppard, Da'Norris Searcy

The Bills lost a lot of key vets for thier team.  Instead they are building through the draft which I think is smart.  I think once the Patriots and Jets are on the decline the Bills will start to take over.  I just think the next couple of years the Bills are going to be in the basement of the NFL.  I love how they got Brad Smith and my boy Thiggy.  The million draft picks they got saved their offseason from being horrible.

Offseason Grade:  C -


At Chiefs:  Loss -The Bills are going to fight but just aren't there yet.  Good luck on that dance Stevie.

Raiders:  Loss -The Bills start the season against last years number 1 and 2 rushing attack.  What a cruel joke NFL.

Patriots:  Loss -This isn't a joke NFL.  This is a nightmare.

At BengalsWin -A team that will fight the Bills for the first pick overall.

Eagles:  Loss -Just when the Bills start to get something going...

At Giants:  Loss -Good god this is a brutal schedule.


Redskins:  Win -The Bills after a bye week at home against another bad team gives them the edge.

Jets:  Loss -Just when the Bills start to get something going again...

At Cowboys:  Loss -I don't think this game will be close.

At Dolphins:  Loss -On the road the Bills lose.

At Jets:  Loss -The Bills really do hate this division.

Titans:  Loss -This point in the season CJ will probably be playing.

At Chargers:  Loss -This game won't be close.

Dolphins:  Win -I smell a split.

Broncos:  Loss -This game will be close.

At Patriots:  Loss -Even with if backups playing the Patriots will win this one.

Record:  3 - 13


Miami Dolphins


Key Losses:  Dan Henning, Ronnie Brown, Tyler Thigpen, Ricky Williams, Channing Crowder, Tim Dobbins

Key Signings:  Brian Daboll, Reggie Bush, Ray Willis, Jason Taylor, Kevin Burnett, Marc Colombo

Key Rookies:  Mike Pouncey, Daniel Thomas, Edmong Gates, Charles Clay

The Dolphins offense will be hard up to find some points this year.  Their defense however will at least make the games from being complete blowouts.  I like their signings and rookies.  Their losses really aren't that huge for the team.

Offseason Grade:  B -


Patriots:  Loss -The Dolphins won't stand a chance early in the season.

TexansLoss -Another tough game for the Dolphins.

At BrownsWin -This will be a close game but I think the 'Phins pull this one off.

At Chargers:  Loss -On the road against a good team equals loss.


At Jets:  Loss -The Jets are going to unleash on the Dolphins here.

Broncos:  Loss -A close game but Broncos edge this one.

At Giants:  Loss -Defense will eat Henne for breakfast.

At Chiefs:  Loss -Hali wants seconds.

Redkins:  Win -Redkins are just a joke.

Bills:  Win -The Dolphins win this one.

At Cowboys:  Loss -The Cowboys at home win my bet.

Raiders:  Loss -This game won't be close.  Write that down.

Eagles:  Loss -Wow that bye week was early.

At Bills:  Loss -Split time!

At Patriots:  Loss -Wow, this is a nightmare.

Jets:  Win -The Dolphins win here and end the season on a high note.

Record:  4 - 12



Patriots 13 - 3

Jets 11 - 5

Dolphins 4 - 12

Bills 3 - 13


Final Thoughts

The Jets are still the class of this division while the Jets are nipping at thier heels.  The Dolphins are just a mess while the Bills are heading in the right direction.  The Jets will get a wildcard this year but they still have to get through the Patriots.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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