Your Move, Chiefs Fans: Who Should Scott Pioli Target?

I know free agency has not been very exciting for us Kansas City Chiefs fans, but keep your head up. We have many key players who are playing on the last year of their contract this year and I would value re-signing those specific players more than some overrated free agent.

Pat Kirwan recently updated a list of his top 40 free agents remaining. Keep in mind that some of these players have recently signed with a team. Perhaps I should also add Bryant McKinnie for him, in case anyone wants to make an argument for him. Here's the link.

So if you're Pioli, who is your primary target? Pick one and explain why. I'll make sure to tally up the votes and have the information sent to Pioli immediately for consideration.....haha

1. Zach Miller, Raiders, TE (Agreed to deal with Seattle)
2. Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants, RB (Re-signed with New York)
3. Braylon Edwards, Jets, WR
4. Kevin Boss, Giants, TE
5. Roman Harper, Saints, S (Re-signed with New Orleans)
6. Aubrayo Franklin, 49ers, NT
7. Carlos Rogers, Redskins, CB
8. Dashon Goldson, 49ers, S
9. Shaun Ellis, Jets, DE
10. Jason Snelling, Falcons, RB
11. Le'Ron McClain, Ravens, FB
12. Cadillac Williams, Bucs, RB
13. Manny Lawson, 49ers, OLB (Agreed to deal with Cincinnati)
14. Derrick Mason, Ravens, WR
15. Shaun O'Hara, Giants, C
16. Leonard Davis, Cowboys, G
17. Brian Waters, Chiefs, G
18. Marc Bulger, Ravens, QB
19. Brodney Pool, Jets, S
20. Tully Banta-Cain, Patriots, OLB
21. Madison Hedgecock, Giants, FB
22. Ronnie Brown, Dolphins, RB
23. Matt Roth, Browns, OLB/DE
24. Max Starks, Steelers, OT
25. Brady Poppinga, Packers, OLB
26. Ty Warren, Patriots, DE
27. Lofa Tatupu, Seahawks, MLB
28. Malcom Floyd, Chargers, WR
29. Olin Kreutz, Bears, C
30. Donte Whitner, Bills, S
31. Terrell Owens, Bengals, WR
32. Charlie Johnson, Colts, OT (Signed with Minnesota)
33. Ben Leber, Vikings, LB
34. Pat Williams, Vikings, NT
35. Steve Smith, Giants, WR
36. Stylez G. White, Bucs, DE
37. Bo Scaife, Titans, TE
38. Rocky McIntosh, Redskins, LB
39. Dhani Jones, Bengals, MLB
40. Gerald Sensabaugh, Cowboys, S

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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