AFC South Breakdown 2011

Ok, I'm jumping to the AFC South now that I have the AFC West Breakdown behind me.  There will probably be a few moves but for the most part each team is pretty set in what they have.  I'll take a look at each teams free agency and schedule.  There will be quite a bit of reading so you have been warned.


Indianapolis Colts


Key Losses: Mike Hart, Daniel Muir, Clint Session, Bob Sanders

Key Signings: Jamaal Anderson, Tommie Harris, Ernie Sims

Key Rookies: Anthony Castonzo, Drake Nevis, Delone Carter

The only think that I would be worried about if I were a Colts fan is Peyton Manning.  Who knows if he is going to be the same after his surgery.  He also isn't going to play the preseason.  I have a feeling he isn't going to be as good but they will still take the division.  The Colts really haven't done that much this offseason.  That could be a good or bad thing.

Offseason Grade: D +


At Texans:  Loss -The Colts aren't going to look good coming out of the gate especially with Manning trying to find his grove.

BrownsWin -This will be a nice boost for the Colts.

SteelersLoss -The Steelers will be a better team at this point in the season.

At BuccaneersWin -Will be a close game and fun to watch.

ChiefsWin -Colts always beat Chiefs at home.

At BengalsWin -I could put together a team of posters here at AP and we could beat the Bengals.

At SaintsLoss -I give the edge to the Saints at home.

At Titans:  Win -The Titans are in a tough spot especially if CJ doesn't play.

FalconsWin -At home Colts win this one. 

Jaguars:  Win -At home the Colts win this one too.


PanthersWin -This will be like another bye week for the Colts.

At PatriotsLoss -On the road the Colts don't stand a chance this week.

At RavensLoss -Wow, another crazy hard road game for the Colts.

Titans:  Win -Colts are still the class of this division.

Texans:  Win -This is the revenge game!

At Jaguars:  Loss -The Colts are in the playoffs and might not play their starters here.

Record:  10-6


Tennessee Titans


Key Losses: Jeff Fisher, Chuck Cecil, Vince Young, Kerry Collins, Randy Moss, Jason Babin, Stephen Tulloch

Key Signings: Chris Palmer, Jerry Gray, Matt Hasselbeck, Daniel Graham, Shaun Smith, Barrett Rudd,  Jordan Babineaux

Key Rookies: Jake Locker, Akeem Ayers, Jurrell Casey 

The Titans start and end with Chris Johnson.  If I were a Titans fan I would be worried.  CJ maybe has 3 years at the most with his current pace of carries.  In this short amount of time the Titans are slowly going to rebuild.  This offseason they have a nice veteran QB with a future franchise QB.  Their defense is also patched up a bit with some key signings.  However, the Titans are starting from scratch basically with a new coach and coordinators.  I'm not so sure I would bet on the Titans getting to the playoffs anytime soon.

Offseason Grade: D+


At Jaguars:  Loss -The Titans will need some time to get on pace.

Ravens:  Loss -The Ravens can stop the run and who knows if CJ will even be playing at this point.

BroncosWin -I like the Titans at home here.  Will be a close game.

At Browns:  Win -Will be a close game but the Titans have a little confidence after the last game.

At Steelers:  Loss -The Titans are brought down to reality.


Texans:  Loss -Will be a good game but Texans win.

Colts:  Loss -The Titans are in a tough spot.

Bengals:  Win -Bengals will get the first draft pick next year.

At Panthers:  Win -The Panthers will be fighting the Bengals for that pick.

At Falcons:  Loss -The Falcons are just too good at home.

Buccaneers:  Loss -Will be a close game but I like the younger team here.

At BillsWin -The Bills will be in the mix for that first pick.

Saints:  Loss -The Saints are the better team by far.

At Colts:  Loss -The Colts are still the class of the division.

Jaguars:  Win -I like the split at home for the Titans.

At Texans:  Loss -I like the Texans at home here.

Record:  6-10


Houston Texans


Key Losses: Frank Bush, Vonta Leach, Amobi Okoye, Eugene Wilson, Bernard Pollard

Key Signings: Wade Phillips, Lawrence Vickers, Tim Dobbins, Johnathan Joseph, Danieal Manning, Brad Maynard

Key Rookies: J.J Watt, Brooks Reed, Brandon Harris

I really like how the Texans addressed their biggest weakness--their defense.  Wade Phillips will be good for this team.  Joseph and Manning will be a huge upgrade over Pollard and company.  They also drafted super heavy on defense.  Will it be enough to get over the hump this year? 

Offseason Grade:  A-


Colts:  Win -The Colts will start out slow especially with Manning try to find his groove.

At DolphinsWin -The Dolphins are another slow starting team.

At Saints:  Loss -I like the Saints at home here.

Steelers:  Loss -The Steelers are one tough team to beat.

RaidersWin -It will be a good matchup but at home I'll give the Texans the edge.

At Ravens:  Loss -At home the Ravens win this one.

At Titans:  Win -I like the Texans here against a worse team.

Jaguars:  Win -At home the Texans win.

Browns:  Win -Second at home against a weaker team.

At Buccaneers:  Loss -This will be a very close game I'll give the edge to the Bucs at home.


At Jaguars:  Loss -The Jags get the split at home.

Falcons:  Loss -Will be another good game but Falcons are just too good.

At Bengals:  Win -I have said enough about the Bengals at this point.

Panthers:  Win -The Panthers aren't going to be good this year.

At Colts:  Loss -The Colts want revenge here!

Titans:  Win -The Texans need this win here.

Record:  9-7


Jacksonville Jaguars


Key Losses: Trent Edwards, Mike Sims-Walker, Jordan Black, Justin Smiley, Justin Durant, Kirke Morrison, Tyron Brackenridge

Key Signings: Matt Roth, Jason Spitz, Clint Session, Paul Posluszny, Dawan Landry, Matt Turk

Key Rookies: Blaine Gabbert, Will Rackley, Cecil Shorts

The Jaguars have some nice pieces but they lost a lot of guys this offseason.  I do like a few of their pickups and a future franchise QB.  The Colts and Texans will always put up a fight in this division.  Luckily, MJD will always give the Jags a fighting chance.  I think with the short offseason the Jags will be on an equal playing field starting out.  The less Manning has to prepare the better.

Offseason Grade:  C


Titans:  Win  -The Titans might not have CJ at this time.

At JetsLoss  -The Jets are at home and are better.

At Panthers:  Win  -The Panthers need some time with Newton to find their groove.

Saints:  Loss  -Will be a good game but Saints come out ahead in a close one.

Bengals:  Win  -Bengals will get owned.

At Steelers:  Loss  -If you are a betting man pick the Steelers with the over on this one.

Ravens:  Loss  -I would bet this week too.

At Texans:  Loss  -At home the Texans win.


At Colts:  Loss  -Another hard division road game.

At Browns:  Win  -Snapped the losing streak!  WooHoo!

Texans:  Win  -The Jags split this year.

ChargersLoss  -Chargers/warm climate/late season/no problem

Buccaneers:  Loss  -The Bucs are looking to have a decent year again.

At Falcons:  Loss  -The Falcons at home are close to flawless.

At Titans:  Loss  -The Split at home for the Titans.

Colts:  Win  -The Colts are in the playoffs and might not field their starters.

Record:  6-10



Colts  10 - 6

Texans  9 - 7

Jaguars  6 - 10

Titans  6 - 10


Final Thoughts

The Colts will go to the playoffs once again but is Manning's time running out to get more rings?  The Texans get over that hump but in the AFC wildcard winners usually have more than 9 wins.  The Jags and Titans still need some pieces to compete in the division.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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