Vengeance, thy name is Piscitelli

Now that I've gotten the bad taste out of my mouth from last night by imbibing massive amounts of beer, I thought I'd point out my favorite play of last night. No it was not Baldwin flipping the ball in the air and making an incredible grab, though it should have been out of bounds. No it was not McCluster showing the burst we all know he has. It was actually unnoticed and received no mention on this site or in the main stream press.


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My favorite play of last night's debacle was when Sabby Piscitelli fell back to the basics of baseball. Namely, "If you hit one of mine, somebody on your team is going to pay."

Stay with me here. Since it was preseason there aren't a lot of images from the game. For those of you who DVR'd the game please play along.

Arguably the best KC offensive play last night came at the 9:52 mark of the 1st quarter when Thomas Jones ripped off a beautiful 17 yard run. Jones started to take it inside. When it wasn't there Thomas bounced it outside and scampered down the field for a nice pickup. The play ended when the Tampa Bay 2nd year safety, Cody Grimm #35, pushed Jones out of bounds into the Gatorade coolers. Thomas was PISSED. And rightfully so. I know you're trying to make the team bro, but it's preseason.

Fast forward to the 9:13 1st quarter mark. At that point Thomas is still on the sidelines fuming. Sabby Piscitelli comes into the shot and says something to Thomas Jones.

Moving right along, Tampa recovers the Jackie Battle fumble and begins to drive down the field behind their own version of 2.7 (honestly, doesn't Blount remind you of LJ in his prime? He looks for people to hit whenever he gets the ball. If he doesn't find anyone he's off to the races with deceptive speed. But I digress)

At the 7:38 mark, it's 3rd and 1 Tampa. Blount is still in the game. Sabby Piscitelli lines up deep at saftey. Blount runs up the middle and picks up 3 yards. He's gang tackled. You can see Blount down on the ground at the 7:34 mark with a bunch of guys with a holding him down. From 5 yards down field Piscitelli #45 lays a shoulder into the back of a Blount while he's down in the pile.

From there the game got seemed to get nastier and nastier. And though I don't neccessarily condone retaliation shots, especially in the preseason, it's nice to see the D taking care of one of our offensive cogs.

I don't know if Piscitelli makes this team. Credit where credit is due though. Sabby was a Buccaneer for 3+ years.  Last night he was my favorite Chief.

I ask I crazy?

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