Just My Observations From the Game

[From the fanposts. Really nice observations from 808NaNz808! -Matt]

Sorry Blind Tiger I realize you have a post exactly like this below mine now I guess, I started to write this out as a comment on that post but it started getting long so I put it here. Anyway, I sat up late last night after work and watched the game on NFL Preseason live, pretty good deal. Just some things I remember noticing in no particular order. 

- Powe looked pretty good for it being his first game. But Toribio looked better, it's his third year in the league so if he is going to break out, now would be the proper time to do so

- Bailey was getting man handled on one on one.

- Gales should have been cut on the field. For someone as big as he is, he was in the secondary almost the whole night getting drilled by second string linemen.

- Andy Studebaker got stood up a lot. He's pretty money in pass coverage but his pass rush could use some work, still excited to see him this season

- Erik Bahktari or however you spell his name, really impressed me last night. He's a good option as a backup OLB, his first step off the line is crazy, and he uses a wide range of moves to get to the QB, I saw him just throw the LT to the ground on one play and the LT was like "WTF just happened!!????"

- Thomas Jones looks like he want to ball this year. He was going all out like he was playing for a roster spot. Side note: I didn't know the Chiefs had the fourth all time rushing game last season.. Pretty cool stuff when you consider we're getting that back plus Steve Breaston and Jon Baldwin.

- Baldwin looked like he could become special. He reminded me of Andre Johnson a bit on that almost catch. He used his superior size to make a catch almost as though the CB wasn't even guarding him, just out muscled him and made him look like an idiot. Too bad he was out of bounds

- whoever number 9 was. Dude really wants to make the team. He was trying to take out punts and kicks that any sane human being ould have let go. Let's just say I'm glad Arenas and McCluster will be returning kicks and not 9 and Lawrence.

- Speaking of Lawrence. Is he PS eligible? Because he's not going to make the team, but his upside is intriguing. He was getting picked on all night, but the speed and size he brings to the CB position would really help against the Chargers.

- Justin Houston is a smart football player. He took the most correct angle presented him in every instance he was on the field. I saw a play where Houston got into the backfield and the play got away from him. Instead of chasing the player from behind, he side stepped back across to the other side of the line of scrimmage, ran at a perfect angle, and stopped the play 5 yards down the field. Beauty

- Sabby Piscetelli sucks. He was in for a large portion of the game and he is just as advertised, athletic as hell, but just a stupid football player. Terrible angles and he would break on routes waaay too early.

- Amon Gordon actually looked pretty good. Given, he was going against third string linemen. Still, he got rid of his man (mostly power moves) effectively and did just what was expected of him

- Dexter McCluster showed us what we all know, if you give him space the dude is going to eat your lunch. He didn't get much playing time. McCluster showed a pretty good ability to throw around his weight to stay upright on that draw. Still, if it was Charles that spin move would have been executed a lot better.

- Micah Johnson impressed me. Of all the ILB's last night Johnson showed the most ability to get rid of a blocker and make a play on the second level, or behind the line. I remember a play where a guard got to him, he rode the guard until the runner chose a lane, then just tossed the guard aside and stuffed the runner and the 2nd level. Pretty awesome play.

- Brandon Siler was (presumably) where he was meant to be in pass coverage. I didn't get to notice him too much against the run and rushing the passer, seeing as TB decided they want to fight like they were in the superbowl.

- Cory Greenwood, my goodness, he has so much potential it hurts. His ability to wrap up the ball carrier and take him down is exciting, he's going to be at the very least, a special teams rockstar for us for a very long time.

- Justin Cole stepped his game up, at least for the time he was on the field. He was pretty decent in coverage and showed good reaction on that sack. Sat and waited for Powe to open up a lane then bursted through it. Gary Gibbs was probably happy to see that.

- Tyson Jackson was getting some pretty good push, whenever Toribio took on a double team, Jackson dominated the RT. almost pushed him into the QB a few times

- It kind of irritated me that Tampa was blitzing the QB almost every play, pretty low class if you ask me, coaches generally lay off of blitzes in the pre-season just to give that QB a chance to make it to the regular season.

- Josh Freeman looked legit. Still, we weren't blitzing 8 men like the bucs and he was throwing against third stringers the whole game, but he looked sharp!

- Tyler Palko better have a good game next week or dude is going to be out of the NFL. He makes a lot of proper reads, he just isn't accurate at all. Which is probably why he lasted so long. He's smart, but his accuracy, and feel for the pocket just stinks. Even though their stats were identical, Stanzi outplayed Palko by a mile.

- Stanzi might one day net us some draft picks if he keeps developing. His pocket presence was almost like Romo (100 orders of giants silver exercise balls please). Slippery with his eyes down the field, he was an excellent improviser, with all the pressure Tampa Bay was sending. Stanzi had a very Favresque flip to the running back as he went down. Stanzi might be the guy to put Palko out of the league... I'll never understand why we got rid of Guitierez(sp?) in favor of Palko.

- Jackie Battle just ran out of time. He just about dropped to the floor on two plays before anyone touched him. He gave up a lot on plays and his blocking was horrendous. I think rolling with Charles, Jones, and McCluster, with McClain as an emergency #3 makes sense. If anything, Battle's performance probably put Bannon on the roster. 

- Who else thought "Game" Gabe Miller looked pretty good last night. His strength is just incredible. How many players his size, do you see successfully bull rushing RT's? His range of moves and abillity really impressed me last night. Here I was thinking he was going to play ILB, glad I'm not running this team, Pioli knows what he's doing.

- Kendrick Lewis balled out, as usual. Pretty sure we have a FS of the future. Lewis was around every ball that got into the third level, and attacked downhill very effectively.

- Anyone else think Colquitt looked a little sloppy last night? He was very slow to get the ball out and almost always didn't get very impressive distance, I'm probably wrong, just what I thought.

- Ingersoll is another player that needed to be cut on the field, he was just awful in every aspect of the game.

- Not much to say about Mims, when I noticed he was in he looked like a D3 linemen going up against NFL talent. His technique is still very far from desireable.

- A guy not getting enough credit for last night is Ryan O'Callaghan. He played pretty good football playing LT, meanwhile Barry Richardson looks like he might have taken a vacation that lasted the whole off season. He has a lot of catching up to do... Making it very hard for the front office to decide who's going or whose staying. 

- Jeremy Horne may have just made the decision easy, the way I see it, he and Verran Tucker are battling for a spot right now. Horne dropped two catches he should have made. He got rocked pretty hard on his first one, but the ball was already in the basket, you gotta hold on to that. Tucker had a pass thrown his way if I'm not mistaken, he didn't really get a chance to come up with it, it was a Palko ground ball behind the back.

- Jake O'Connell blocked pretty well, came up with a nice reception on a well run route too. I think he can become a very solid #2 TE for us for a very long time.

- Noticed that Jim Zorn was in Cassel's ear the whole game, Cassel looked like he was pissed every time a QB made a mistake. Like we don't already know it, Cassel is a solid leader for this squad. Of all the free agents we took from Baltimore, Zorn might be the best one for us.

- How did I get this far without mentioning Jalil Brown? Brown played a lot of man and did a good job at it. It seems like he's been getting schooled by Brandon Flowers. He was putting his hands where it needed to be, and covered lost ground very well. He and Miller were considered ginormous reaches, as they both should have gone undrafted. If last night was any indication, we may have gotten two steals. Still though it's only been ONE week, so don't get your hopes up.

Haley didn't seem very upset about the loss. My take? He was just trying to evaluate his depth to make the roster cuts easier. A lot of guys that have been floating around the third string for a few seasons got exposed last night. Ultimately I think what was most important was that we walked out of this game with no injuries. Our defense is young and if last night is any indication, pretty stacked. Our young depth along the linebackers and secondary just balled out last night, against first stringers.

But after all, like I said earlier. It really is just one pre season game

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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