Shades of the past now in our future?

Take a glance into the past with me circa 2001-2002 NFL season. Remember those days? The Elvis Grbac era had just ended (/shudder) and Trent Green reign was just beginning (/smile). But the main focus of this smattering of thoughts, which has come to me in the wee hours of the morning mind you, isn't to draw a QB comparison of the then and now but rather the O-Line.


Everyone whose anyone should remember the Chiefs O-line in the early part of the 2000s, but for those too young or those uneducated in Chief-dom fandom I'll give you the rundown of names of what may have been the greatest O-Line of the decade.

LT: Willie Roaf

LG: Will Shields

C: Casey Weigmann

RG: Brian Waters

RT John Tait

Now that was a line. No...that was THE LINE. That was Madden-esque type of line and the wet dream of RBs that included Priest Holmes and LJ (ugh). IT was borderline ridiculous how good our offense was during those years, and with sub par talent at WR (Johnnie  Morton? Eddie Kennison? Marc Boerigter?) but what more then made up for it was those hogs gettin down and durty in the trenches!

Fast Forward to 2011...Everyone is gone but maybe not?

I'm going to dare and reach for the Kool-aid..and not just any Kool-aid mind you but top shelf premium Kool-aid for this comparison...

Remember how we got Willie Roaf? After a prolific career in New Orleans he suffered a season ending injury and was subsequently released the following year...he then came to KC to prove his doubters he was still the man...and boy was he still the man! Guess who I'm daring to draw a comparison too...I'll explain later...

Remember how we got Will Shields? A third round prospect from Nebraska Will was thrust into the line up and never looked back...guess who I'm daring to draw a remote comparison too here...more later...

Casey Weigmann is Casey weigmann so that doesn't count but let me just say I have high hopes for Hudson in the future. Learning behind a wily stout vet like Casey can only do wonders for Hudson who the valued enough to draft in the 2D round.

Brian waters and Ryan Lilja are close to the same guy for me. I'm not knocking Waters at all! He was outstanding in KC but I think he garnered more from association from a more prolific tandem then his own merits. Don't burn me at the stake just take it as a personal interpretation.

Remember how John Tait got to KC? 1st Round draft choice! And how Carl P. f'd up (as usual) in paying the man his due?  Yea I think we have a young tait waiting in the wings...

Now bear with my hypothesis here... 

LT: I'm doing it ladies and gentleman; I'm making the call and I'm saying Jared Gaither moves into the starting LT spot in time. If Jared Gaither is the largest man in football and can turn his injury and his snubbing by Baltimore into motivation, I think he has the potential to be a solid, SOLID LT for long while for KC. If this giant of a man can even turn out to be half as productive as Willie Roaf was the Chiefs may have scored the biggest steal in FA this year...

LG:  I'm not doing it...but I am sort of. I think Jon Asamoah will be good...great even. I think we have a good young talented LG that has the potential too make multiple pro bowls and a cornerstone duo with Jared for a long while. But I don't even dream for a second that he'll be anywhere near as good as Will Shields. It just doesnt happen that way. Jon will be good maybe spectacular but Will will always be better.

C:  Casey's mentorship will pay big dividends. I think Hudson turns out to be as good as advertised. I mean he's learning from a guy who named one of his son's STONE. How hardcore is that?

RG: Read above Lilja is good but his time will be short here in KC compared to the rest of the O-line. The time to start looking for Lilja's replacement is quickly approaching. 4 more years I say and in that time span I think Lilja goes to at least 1 pro bowl. I want to say 2 but 1 for sure...

RT: Branden Albert... I know what someone is thinking when they read this...cue that argument and I won't beseech you to understand my thought process but all signs in my mind point to Gaither > Albert on the LT side of the ball and Albert > Gaither in terms of just utilization. Don't get me wrong I dont mind having Albert at LT that much I just think that with the recent addition of Gaither if he proves to be as good as advertised that his ability is just that much better and that much more suited to be playing the blind side. Book end tackles: thats what I'm envisioning right now and the potential is just so much greater with Gaither at LT and Albert at RT in my mind.

And thats where I about you?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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