A Scott Pioli Team Taking Shape

From the FanPosts. -Joel

Scott Pioli doesn't want to build a team that is capable of winning a championship. He wants something more than that. He wants to build a team that consistently competes for championships and wins. That's the reason Clark Hunt paid big to bring Pioli in. Hunt has the same vision of a team that is always in the mix. In 2009, the Chiefs under Pioli and Todd Haley experienced a lot of necessary growing pains. Things didn't always make sense. Why is this player starting over this player? Why are they playing this way, etc?

Now, during the 2011 training camp, it seems that some flesh is being added to the personnel skeleton that Pioli and company have been assembling. During water cooler type discussions with people over the last few weeks, I have found myself saying the word "stacked" and"talent" a lot when describing certain positions with the Chiefs. 

There seems to be a philosophy in place in the Chiefs organization that could lead to a lot of success, and depth is the key. Pioli has said a few times since arriving in KC that he wants 53 of the right players. He has not been building his roster around 22 or 33 people. He's truly building a team that consists of what Haley would describe as 53 guys "chomping at the bit" to be a part of it.  A lot of other teams probably claim that they are concerned with depth, but don't put as much emphasis on it as Pioli. Every year, the Chiefs will be better because more talent will be added to every level of the roster, and the guys behind the first string will be pushing and chomping at the bit to get more playing time. Pioli will get them there and Haley and his staff will put the players on the field that give the Chiefs "the best chance to win."

This is a simple concept, but other Chiefs squads have not always subscribed to it. I'm not convinced that Carl Peterson was as concerned with depth anda full 53 man roster packed with talent as he may claim to be. I have no problem with Dick Vermeil whatsoever, but one thing I see looking back was that he was possibly too loyal to players. I remember him saying "no player should lose their starting job because of an injury." He never wanted to fire coaches - even after the 2003 season he said that his defensive coordinator walked into his office after the Colts playoff loss to resign - and Vermeil at first refused his resignation. Now, one could argue that Haley is the other extreme, but the 2011 coaching staff seems to gel well and Jim Zorn and Todd Haley seem to have good communication and be on the same page. In summary, not every NFL team is as concerned with depth and putting the right players on the field as the Chiefs regime is, and that will over the years make the Chiefs a force in the division and in the league.

I have been encouraged throughout this training camp as there seems to be a lot of talent at several different positions. There are many places where a lot of rotating can happen and if one person goes down, it won't be the end of the world:

Center: Casey Wiegmann, 2nd round pick Rodney Hudson who Clark Hunt described as possibly the best o line player in the history of Florida State.

OLB: It's nice having Andy Studebaker, Justin Houston, and Cameron Sheffield all capable of playing the OLB position opposite of Tamba Hali.

WR: The KC Star just released a story about Jerheme Urban and Nick Wright has been talking about how he could start on Sept. 11th. He fits the Haley mold, andwhether it's he or Baldwin who starts most of the season - it's nice to have the other available. With Breaston there, and other guys that look good like Chandler Williams - the WR position is going to be a tough one to make final decisions about, which is a great problem.

DE: Tyson Jackson seems to stepping up and taking his efforts seriously. At training camp, he looks good and is putting in the extra effort. Wallace Gilberry is pushing for more playing time. Allen Bailey has turned some heads. Glenn Dorsey is still there. Pioli likes it.

NT: Many people thought Powe would be drafted a lot higher, but it's good to have him playing behind Kelly Gregg in a learning role.

RT: I'm glad to hear the Chiefs signed Jared Gaither to add depthon the o-line, especially withthe RT position if he's competing with Barry Richardson and Ryan O'Callaghan.
By the way, I wonder how much input Zorn has been able to provide on the three former Ravens players the Chiefs have signed this year.

Overall, each year the Chiefs talent in their depth will keep growing. If the Hunt/Pioli/Haley philosophy plays out as is it should, that will add up to playoff wins. Hopefully that comes sooner than later.

The Chiefs want players that won't let the coaching staff ignore them because of their consistent play. That's what they'll get as more players buy into the philosophy.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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