Free Agency - Tweets - and No News; Mas Cervezas point of view



I have wanted to contribute my 2 cents worth since the announcement of the end of the Lockout. Today seems like a great day to post being its Sunday and the only news we will hear is about training camp, the condition of player’s health and rumors/ speculations.

For a lack of better words this week has been hectic. The ideas of Free Agency and undrafted Free Agents, the Nnamdi watch, the rumors and the Tweets have been driving me and probably most of you crazy. The truth of the matter is this:

We know that The Chiefs historically don’t spend a lot of money on Free Agency. We don’t go after the big fish, flash in the Pan, Sexy players that other Big Market Teams do. I’ll admit the following:

Starting Wednesday I was glued to my Iphone, NFL Network and AP for news, refreshing like a giddy 15 year old whose about to get to second base for the first time. I was caught up/disappointed in no news on Franklin. I was Shocked with the release of Brian Waters.




HIV2Elway said it best when the whole " In Pioli we trust bit came up" Have your own idea …ect… Though I may not like HIV’s thoughts sometimes I thought I’d take a Sunday morning to put it down on paper so to speak to share.

I do trust in Pioli, he’s an upgrade to the "King" Carl Peterson, we all remember that guy/era.  IMHO we have become so wrapped up in his success with the patriots we think it’s a given that we will be Super Bowl Champs in 3 years of him running the show.  The truth of the matter is it’s not going to happen overnight. And it probably won’t happen this season or the next.

BUT – the possibility of building a Dynasty and solid core of players is in the works. It’s happening as we sit here and complain about no news, another player gone off the free Agency Market.. so on and so forth.

Yes. We have money to spend. The numbers are in the 40 Million range. Yes we have to spend that money by 2013. That’s what I have read on what little info we have on this new CBA, which by the way is strange we haven’t read on any article or seen on any news network the whole list, details or key points of the deal. (That is piss poor reporting on the Major Networks behalf IMHO)






So from what I have seen over the past 3-4 day Free agency is a circus show of Tweets (starting to get really annoying). WE have become so engulfed in tweets that I even said this morning that news and twitter is like crack to AP. We will take any garbage the pusher-man is slinging to get our fix.





The News affiliates assuming which player is going where off of "reliable sources"  and the ever famous splurge of overspending of the typical teams is just as bad.

Didn’t the NFL network say they were going to be live during the weekend going over Free Agency?

 All I have seen is replays of Bill the Hoodi and Chad Ocho, Andy Reed talking about VY, and the Nnamdi watch. Really disappointed.

Michael Irving is annoying as all holy hell since I am ranting.. Id rather listen to Mike Mayock blabber about impacts of rookie offensive tackles than Michael "cocaine" Irving.

To save you the trouble of trying to see any news on what they are brainwashing us with below is a subtle recap of the big spenders;


Eagles sign CB Nnamdi Asomugha (5 years, $60 million; $25 million guaranteed)

Cowboys re-sign DE/DT Marcus Spears (5 years, $19.2 million)

Falcons sign DE Ray Edwards (5 years, $30 million)

Giants sign C/G David Baas (5 years, $26 million)

Seahawks sign WR Sidney Rice (5 years, $41 million; $18 million guaranteed)

Panthers re-sign RB DeAngelo Williams (5 years, $43 million; $21 million guaranteed)

Chargers re-sign S Eric Weddle (5 years, $40 million; $19 million guaranteed)

Jets re-sign WR Santonio Holmes (5 years, $50 million; $24 million guaranteed)

Cowboys re-sign OT Doug Free (4 years, $32 million; $17 million guaranteed)

Jaguars sign LB Paul Posluszny (6 years, $42 million)

Panthers re-sign DE Charles Johnson (6 years, $76 million; $30 million guaranteed)

Redskins sign FS O.J. Atogwe: 5 years, $26 million)

Packers re-sign ILB A.J. Hawk: 5 years, $30-$35 million; $10 million guaranteed

Broncos re-sign CB Champ Bailey: 4 years, $43 million ($15 million guaranteed)

Raiders re-sign DE/DT Richard Seymour: 2 years, $30 million ($22.5 million guaranteed)

Colts re-sign QB Peyton Manning: 5 years, $90 million


Now this isn’t all of the news, nor the trades the Patriots have made, Jets and WR Plaxico Burress or other headline news we will receive about the Big Market teams. One thing to keep in mind as we get knee deep into Free Agency as we think of how we have only made 2 QTY acquisitions this offseason (excluding UDFA) is this:

The Kansas City Chiefs are built to be a home grown talent team. We do not spend big on outside talent. Only in recent times have we spent the money to keep our talented players.

Remember my brothers and sisters in all things Chiefs is this:

WE have to resign:

Tamba Hali

Brandon Flowers

Brandon Carr

Barry Richardson

Wallace Gilberry

And still have money for Dwayne Bowe

So are we going to be like the Jets, Eagles, Seahawks, Cowboys, Raiders, Giants or the Redskins and try to buy a championship? Are we really going to do the -

"buy in now put it all in right now to win the super bowl this season and sell out the future" type of team?

Or are we going to do it the smart way and pass up on a few upgrades but be in a better position to compete year in and year out on a consistent basis because we have great solid homegrown players with the right attitude?

Free Agency has just started and we will hear news and who knows we might make a big fish type splash signing. But until then, as hard as it is, we all just have to sit back, look at what other teams are doing, the dollar amount they are spending and smile.

Remember this my friends:




 "Its a game of Chess not checkers"





This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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