The Quote I Was Asked For Yesterday

Greetings, Arrowheadpriders, your boy Big Matt from Arrowheadaddict here. I don't often hang around the AP, but I did stop by yesterday and engage some of you on my favorite topic, our heroic owner Mr. C. Montgomery Hunt.

I referenced the time a few years back when he threatened to move the team, and was surprised to find that not only had everyone apparently forgotten that, most of you seemed to think I was confused. I was asked to provide proof (a reasonable request), but the article I was referencing from the Star had been taken down. The best I could do, at the time, was link to this discussion about said article, on a soccer site of all places.

Chiefs fans really don't want to believe Clark Hunt threatened to move the team, and I suppose I can understand that. But the reality is that threatening to move the team is one of the first things he did when he assumed control (during Lamar's failing health). At the time I found it interesting that that article could no longer be found at the Star, but one of you pointed out, correctly, that the Star takes articles down all the time, seemingly at random. I'll put my tin foil hat away on this one, because after I got back from my washers tournament (washers is the sport of kings) and watched the Strikeforce fights (MMA is the other sport of kings) I was able to find the proof I needed. This site also links back to the Star article in question, but this one comes with a quote:

The Kansas City Chiefs' move-threat reflex has finally kicked in, as it was revealed Friday that team chairman Clark Hunt (son of owner Lamar) recently told local officials: "If there's no renovation of the sports complex, one or both of these franchises will be gone." (Royals owner David Glass insists he has no intention of trying to leave town.) If the goal was to strike fear among the populace, Hunt's words seem to have had their intended effect: County sports authority chief Mike Smith told the Kansas City Star, "It's got me real nervous. I would not take it as a threat, but as a message."


And that, as they say, is that. One can't help but wonder how so many were able to banish that memory from their minds? It was a pretty big deal at the time. And given what we've seen in the last six months, I'd say its definitely still relevant today. Not the threat itself, but what it tells us about who our owner is and what his priorities are.

But I'm not here to editorialize. I'll save that for the site that pays me (figuratively). I was asked to provide a link, and I have done that. I'll be interested to see what grounds some of you find to dismiss this one. Or maybe that quote has jogged some memories? I mean, this was only six years ago. Hey, maybe in another six years we'll forget about those illegal television negotiations! I can think of some people that would be happy to help us with that.

On an unrelated note, I also asserted that the ratio of Hunt money to tax dollars that went into the New Arrowhead was worse than the ratio for other stadiums. I was initially referencing a Whitlock column, which is obviously not a popular thing to do around here. I was asked to provide evidence again, which I was able to in some measure, but it was a very tedious process and I had said washers tourney to get to. I have since found this report by John Vrooman, professor of sports economics at Vanderbilt University.

Its a good read if you're at all interested in this topic. Provides evidence for and against my assertion, actually. Some of it can be tough to get your head around, but there is some pretty great stuff in there all the same. At the time of the renovations, the public had paid an average of 54% on new stadiums that decade. The Chiefs got a 77% public subsidy. It appears my statement on ratios was indeed correct.

However, from a total dollars standpoint, we did pay less than other cities, because ours was a renovation rather than a new stadium entirely. The issue easily becomes murky, as these issues often do. I guess it doesn't really matter. We have our stadium, we have football again, and we still have Leonard Pope.

I'll show myself out.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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