Thoughts On Kelly Gregg And My Morning

I'll start off by telling anyone who wants to read this about my morning, pre-Kelly Gregg news. I was supposed to drive to Los Angeles last night with my wife because she has a volleyball tournament she's playing in today and tomorrow. HUGE tournament in Manhattan Beach with thousands and thousands of people there. She's been looking forward to this for months.

So I find someone that can watch the dogs while we're gone for the weekend. Last night around 9pm we find out that the guy who's supposed to come by and get the keys is stuck at work and can't come by until the morning. It wasn't a huge deal but it meant we had to get up at 5am to head to LA. He told me he'd meet us at 5:30am and we'd get all set up. Was a little leary at this point because we're two hours away from Manhattan Beach and she has to be there at 8am. It's 5:45am and he calls and says he can't be there until 6:30ish. Now there's trouble in River City.

My wife is pissed, I'm pissed and there's only one option. She goes up there by herself and I stay so the dogs don't die, or terrorize the apartment. This is where is gets even worse.

I try and be the nice husband and carry her bags down to the car this morning. I told her good luck and that I'm sorry I couldn't go. She drives off and I head back upstairs, still in my sleeping attire. Sweat shorts, AFC West Championship shirt, and socks.

OH YEAH!!!!!! Did I mention that I locked the FU###N door didn't have any keys? It's 5:45am and I'm in socks without  phone, keys, AP, or a neighbor that I even know the name of (wouldn't happen in KC by the way).

The leasing office at our place doesn't open till 9am. I sat in the parking lot for 3 hours waiting for someone to show up that can let me into my apartment. I also didn't mention that fact that the dogs were out, hadn't been 'let out' yet if you know what I mean. Also, any time our dogs see us with luggage they completely freak out anyways. I get into the apartment at 9am and find the place a complete freakin wreck from two dogs using our living room as a sandbox/freedom room.

So in an attempt to find some good news I grab my phone and head to AP and what do I see. The Chiefs did NOT sign Aubrayo Franklin. Many of you know how I feel about the situation which is why it might surprise you that I am okay with this decision. I would have liked Franklin, but for whatever reason they didn't sign him completely trumps any knowledge I have about building a football team.

I'm glad they addressed the position because while I'm no expert of any kind, I felt as if something needed to be done to address the nose tackle spot. Counting on Powe and Toribio to stop the opposing teams' rushing attack was a little sketchy to think about. Maybe Franklin wanted too much money, or maybe they didn't feel as if he was the right fit, and maybe he just didn't want to come to Kansas City. Doesn't really matter at this point.

I realized after the morning I just had that if I'm not up in arms about the Chiefs not getting Aubrayo now, I probably won't be. I think Gregg is an upgrade over Edwards, and as long as a healthy TJax, a 15lb heavier Gilberry, and a possum-eating rookie can make up for Shaun Smith leaving then the team got better.

Isn't that all we can really ask for?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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