Six Things To Remember About Chiefs Undrafted Free Agent Signings

The Kansas City Chiefs released their official (and initial) list of undrafted free agent signings and there weren't many surprises on there if you've been reading Arrowhead Pride. 

For review, here are the 10 UDFAs the Chiefs announced today:  Auburn CB Demond Washington, Virginia Union OT David Mims, Tennessee-Chattanooga OL Chris Harr, Texas A&M DT/DE Lucas Patterson, UNC OT Mike Ingersoll, Central Connecticut WR Josue Paul, Oregon DT Brandon Bair, USC OL Butch Lewis, Temple LB Amara Kamara and Michigan State TE Charlie Gantt.

The Chiefs will probably have more UDFA signings coming -- there are about two dozen camp spots still open even after this signing -- and most of these guys won't make the roster. Every year, though, there are a couple of diamonds in the rough that make it through.

Because we've been busy with all kinds of Chiefs free agency stuff today, I haven't done a lot of homework on these UDFAs. That's why I'm giving just a few quick-hitters on the group. You can take this to your friends tonight and sound like you know what you're talking about (which would suggest I know what I'm talking about so...don't do that).

1. You know how Chiefs GM Scott Pioli discovered Kamara? He was scouting Temple DT Muhammad Wilkerson and this linebacker kept popping onto the screen and making plays.  I'll go into a little more detail on that story once things slow down. It's interesting.

2. DT Lucas Patterson out of Texas A&M is the only sorta, kinda local connection with the Big 12. I was hoping to get another local guy in there.

3. Three offensive tackles in this group. I don't think that means anything as far as what the Chiefs will do in veteran free agency but it's interesting to note considering they have only three offensive tackles under contract for 2011.

4. OT David Mims seems to be getting the most hype out of these guys. I've seen his name thrown around on some of these scouting websites as a guy that is -- buzzword warning -- very "raw" and has lots of "potential".

5. Does anyone know what Scott Pioli's connection to WR Josue Paul is? Both alums of Central Connecticut.

6. The Chiefs first showed interest in OL Chris Harr after his 2010 season opener. Five other teams were in on him.

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