UDFA Recap: Day 1


NFL Emblem (via IffyBear)

For those of you who just logged on today, and don't know what happened last night, or are just too lazy to check (no worries), this is the place to look. The Chiefs signed three undrafted free agents last night, two being offensive lineman and one cornerback. They were:

Desmond Washington (CB, Auburn)
David Mims (OL, Virginia Union)
Chris Harr (OL, Tennessee Chattanooga) (via

UPDATE: Lucas Patterson (DT, Texas A&M) ????

192 agents were signed last night (not official just yet), and the average amount of players signed last night was about 6 per team. That really puzzles me. That made our Chiefs 3 players below the average, but yet we have to spend more than most teams in the league. Does this mean we have big plans for the real free agency (with the proven players)? It also could mean Kansas City is not a likeable destination for rookies. Who knows, but we will see how signing goes today. (At least we aren't the Raiders, who signed a amazing 0 UDFAs)

Some of the players Kansas City might have been interested in, or are top UDFA, that have been signed already, are listed below:

Mario Fannin (Broncos)

John Clay (Steelers)

Jeff Maehl (Texans

Deandre McDaniel (Saints)

Jake Kirkpatrick (Colts)

Tim Barnes (Ravens

Pat Delvin (Cardinals)

Taylor Potts (Rams)

Ugo Chinasa (Panthers)

Ben Chappel (Redskins)

Terrance Toliver (Unsure, but likely Texans)

Dan Sazenbacher (Either Bills or Bengals, he hasn't decided)

Darvin Adams (Panthers, will reunite with his QB)

Tori Gurley (Packers)

I listed a lot of WRs just to clarify one point. Nearly all of the best UDFA wideouts are already gone. The Chiefs have not even signed one of them. With KC's WR problems, you'd think that free agents would like to come here to try to get a chance to start. I'm very surprised about the fact we hasn't signed one yet. I expected the Chiefs to take at least one WR from UDFA and another from FA (Steve Breaston?). We'll have to wait and see, but the Chiefs don't have many wideouts left to choose from in UDFA.

What was your opinion of Day 1 of UDFA? Did you like what you saw?

*A quick article mostly made for discussion purposes. As I don't expect this to be front paged, I did not include a jump.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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