Ok, it's time to stir the pot a little bit. One thing I have noticed is for certain. We definitely have high expectations for our here at Arrowhead Pride. Many of us are expecting playoffs and some are even thinking Lombardi trophy. There is a general feeling that our team is onto something big, and that the sky is the limit over the next few seasons. But now, lets stop and ask ourselves, how realistic are these expectations? Is it possible that we are not really that good, and that blind homerism along with unbridled optimism leading us down the path of stupidity when it comes to expectations for our team?

I was thinking earlier about our team, and I was wondering to myself if we were really that good or was it all hype. I started looking into things and I realized that I may have gotten off of the objective path, and had allowed my hopes for the team to drag me away from the reality of the truth.

So to bring myself down a couple of notches I looked at our team from the perspective of other teams. To make this post interesting, I am going to create mock media concerning the Chiefs illustrating what could be considered valid points to say the Chiefs althouh decent, are little more than an average team. So, Here we go.

This is Fernando Berdad from Bolts on Fire radio in San Diego. Welcome to the show, what is your question?

"Caller": Everyone around AP seems really excited about the Chiefs. Do they pose any legitimate threat to the Chargers?

"Fernando Berdad": The answer is no. They were middle of the pack in both pass defense and rushing defense. The Chiefs talk about being star studded and having a great defense but where is it? They have a decent secondary but are still only ranked 17th in pass defense. You can run on them, or you can pass on them. They are a mediocre defensive team. We were ranked 2nd on total defense last year. The Chiefs brought in a couple of players who may or may not contribute in 2011, but the effect will be minimal.

Don't even get me started on offense. We were ranked #1. The Chiefs while able to run the ball had the 29th ranked passing game. Don't tell me that one rookie is going to solve all of those problems. Baldwin may not produce for a year or two, and he may even end up a bust. The Chiefs main problem is not lacking a receiver, but that the offensive line did not give their QB time to throw the ball. Here is the deal, when Rivers is not throwing a temper tantrum or having a breakdown he is the best quarterback in football. Cassell is Cassell. He sat at USC, and he sat at New England. The Pats gave him up when they traded Vrabel for a 2nd round pick. The Pats threw in Cassell just to get rid of him.

The Chargers are the it team in 2011. The Chiefs are all hype. They barely limped into the playoffs last year, and a few rookies will not change this situation. Hee Haw radio, This is Buck, what can I do ya for?

Caller: Will the Chiefs running game continue to dominate?

Against us yes. Against every other team in the league no. They can't pass the football. The don't have the quarterback or the line to protect him. Without the passing game the box gets stacked. We are hoping that the Chiefs game will be the game we win next year. After reviewing the tape hidden in Haley's house they are going to be one dimensional again, and can't open it up and keep defenses honest.

Prison Talk Radio, this is Bubba, what's your question?

Uh yeah, this is Dave from Southside, I admire your show. I think it is really cool that they let you run a talk show from prison. What prison are you at by the way, cause I am using my phone priveleges right now from San Quentin.

Bubba: I am in a halfway house in Oakland. Its a program that was started by Al Davis called from the Black Hole to the Black Hole organization. Al funded the program to help Raider fans, players, and coaches to get rehabilitated.

Dave: Yeah what you in for Dog? I know they got me on burglary. Some mess about five different charges. I was innocent on all accounts.

Bubba: Aggravated assault at a Raiders game. What's yo question fool?

Dave: Will the Raiders win the division this year?

Bubba: Yes they will. First of all I get out before the season starts. Let's just say Phillip Rivers won't be walking on two legs by the time the season starts. The Chiefs had a mediocre schedule last year. They played three playoff teams if you count the Ravens, and they lost every single game they played against quality teams. They beat the Bills by using a cheap time out during a field goal, they barely beat the Browns, and not only that we swept them last year. They were truly outmatched by better teams. I don't know where they get the idea that a few rookies are going to make them truly playoff caliber.

The truth is, they are average all the way around. Justin Houston and Allen Bailey are not going to upgrade the team immediately. Last year at home they faced the Bills, Jaguars, 49ers, Cardinals, and Titans. This year they face the Dolphins, Packers, Steelers, and Bills. I think you can scratch a couple of W's from the record. Then they face the Patriots and Bears on the road. Unless something drastic happens we are looking at the win column being in solitary confinement. And the Broncos are the NFL sissy's.

Bubba: So for the AFC West segment of the show, Bubba wants to hear from Arrowhead pride. Are yall contenders are or you going to be the girlfriend of every other team in the West? Tell me, you obviously weren't super bowl caliber last year, and a couple rookies are gonna make the difference. Keep it real, are you going to be big shots or just (the warden won't let me say that on the show), and tell me why you think what you think. What makes the 2011 Chiefs better than they were in 2010. How about it?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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