Looking back on the 2009 NFL draft

Round 1. Tyson Jackson, DE



Unless Jerell Powe plays like one of the best throughout his entire career, this pick will forever be the pick that was not B.J Rajii. Tyson Jackson may not be coming along as quickly as we had all hoped, but realistically he was expected to be a slow horse out of the gate on draft day. It seems the "experts" billing him as a mid round pick were a tad generous when looking at the situation now.

Jackson shows flashes of brilliance, though I'm afraid flashes may be all we see from him. Also, it doesn't help that a defensive line guru like Romeo Crennel benched Jackson in favor of Shaun Smith mid season, given Jackson had just come off a groin injury, but two consecutive healthy scratches can't be a good thing. It's been a well documented point in the Todd Haley era that "nobody loses their job to injury" is it safe to say Tyson lost his because of his play?

All things aside I'm willing to give Jackson another year, he showed enough ability to deserve as much. Luckily for the Chiefs their in a favorable situation with Jackson. Shaun Smith came in and was above average playing in Jackson's spot, so if Tyson solidifies himself as a bust, the Chiefs shouldn't lose too much steam, if he breaks out, the Chiefs get better.


Round 2. Pat Chung for Mike Vrabel (OLB) and Matt Cassel (QB)



The Cassel trade is easily the most controversial move presented to Arrowhead Pride, Cassel is so easy to bicker about. On the one hand you have a QB that was garnering some MVP nominee hype going into the final weeks of the season. But then he played Oakland and Baltimore and put himself right back in the hole he crawled out of.

Cassel can be "that guy" for this franchise but something has got to start clicking for him or it's going to be someone else. The guy puts in all the work a human being can possibly put into football, is it his lack of a true #2 target? Or is it just that he can never be the #1 guy for any football team? Only time will tell, and like it or not Cassel is getting at least two more years to give us an answer.

Then you have Mike Vrabel. We pretty much got what we expected out of Vrabel. A veteran linebacker depending almost solely on his knowledge of the game to be a decent starter. People clamored that he needed to be replaced last off season, but would losing his intelligence both on and off the field be worth it? Another thing to consider is Andy Studebaker. If Studie can step in and be a solid starter at OLB a lot of the credit has to go to Mike Vrabel, who took Studebaker under his wing and gave him the technique to go along with all of his raw athleticism. 

If you sit back and look at the trade you have to say that the Chiefs got good value, especially if Cassel continues to grow and becomes even a solid starter for the Chiefs. It's safe to say there wasn't a second round pick on the board that presented more value than Vrabel and Cassel.


Round 3. Alex Magee, DE



I remember looking at this pick like Scott Pioli wasn't entirely confident in Tyson Jackson. Magee was a decent  player in Kansas City as a pass rushing specialist and backup DE. Magee was traded last year along with the Chiefs 6th round pick in exchange for the Buccaneers' fifth round pick, which turned into Ricky Stanzi.

If down the road Ricky Stanzi lives up to the late round gem hype that we have been hearing, then the selection of Alex Magee, which turned into Ricky Stanzi, becomes a huge success. Even if Stanzi is a solid backup up his whole career, the Chiefs evened out on that trade, seeing as many third round quarterbacks do just that.

If it's worth noting, the Buccaneers used the Chiefs sixth round pick to select Allen Bradford out of USC


Round 4. Donald Washington, CB/S




Washington is one of my underdogs in this draft. The kid has enormous upside as far as athleticism goes, he's just very, very raw and probably should have stayed at The Ohio State University for another year before declaring. I wish I could find the comment, but about halfway into either training camp or the season I was calling for Washington at Safety. I personally think Washington can develop into one of those under appreciated Backup Safety/ Special teams role players that really helps this team out.

However people call for his head a lot here and it's not without reason. Washington is prone to bone headed mistakes, and often leaves fans crying for Jon McGraw to get back on the field, which should tell you all you need to know about that situation. Ultimately I think Washington sticks for at least a year, but unless he shows up in a big way this year Jalil Brown and Ricky Price will have something to say about Washington's roster spot.


Round 5. Colin "I should have been Johnny Knox" Brown, FAILURE



I once thought Brown was the future of our LG situation. Boy was I wrong. Brown was brought into the Chiefs as a raw OT project, then he mysteriously ended up on the IR after no reported injury, then he was cut, then never signed to the practice squad. All in all a complete failure of a pick. In the fifth you should at least be getting backups right? I mean, to put it into perspective Kendrick Lewis was drafted three slots ahead of where Brown was selected (right before Johnny Knox for what it's worth).

Brown spent some time on the UFL's Hartford Colonials, and has been a member of the Bills this past season.

Round 6. Quinten Lawrence, WR




This guy was supposed to come in and be our return man going into the future. With so much raw speed it was almost certain that Lawrence would be molded into a starter by the legendary Todd Haley. That hasn't worked out so well. Lawrence has been a practice squad body mostly and looks to be buried under Veran Tucker, Jeremy Horne and now Jonathan Baldwin

Round 7. Javaris Williams, RB



It's less and less exciting knowing Willimas is on our team as Jackie Battle gets more snaps. Williams was brought in, in the hopes that he would be the Power compliment to Jamaal Charles down the road. Jackie Battle intervened and Williams has been on the practice squad ever since.

If it's worth noting, Jamaal Charles thinks highly of Williams, saying he asked the coaches to give Williams some carries after Charles stepped away from a Denver game just shy of the all time record for single game rushing with plenty of time on the clock.



Round 7. Jake O'Connel, TE



We traded a pick that would become Dolphins linebacker Chris McCoy to acquire O'Connell, many thought we were moving up ahead of Tennessee and Arizona to take Brian Hoyer here. I think the Chiefs got the better end of that deal. McCoy has since been cut and picked up by the Steelers where he does special teams work. O'Connell on the other hand looks like he could be taking the next step towards becoming the Chiefs #2 TE. Last year was pretty quiet for O'Connel but he is showing some very bright spots thus far. His blocking is second only to Tony Moeaki on the team (as far as TE's go), and his speed, size, and excellent catching ability provides some hope that he can develop into a solid pass catcher, and I haven't even mentioned how good he's been on special teams. 

I think O'Connell will be a Chief for a long time, his overall skill set, and the value were getting in a money: production sense is pretty solid. I'm not saying O'Connell is going to become one of the best TE's int the game, but definitely watch for him to establish himself as one of the more solid #2 TE's over the next couple of years, unless Brad Cottam has something to say about it.

Mr.Irrelevant Pick.  Ryan Succop, K



Succop may be the saving grace in this draft, he may actually end up being the best player we picked in the draft. After Lawrence Tynes the Chiefs were devoid of a solid kicker for years, cycling through vets that should be retired and rookies who should be in the CFL. Succop came in as a P/K out of South Carolina and provided the Chiefs with a collective sigh of relief.

A lot of credit has to go to Steve Hoffman who has been molding Succops powerful leg into an accurate one as well. It's easy to say that Succop is probably the Chiefs starting kicker for the next 20- 25 years, barring some crazy accident, free agency, or drop off in his play. When it's all said and done, Succop could leave the game as the Chiefs all time leading scorer.


UdFA. Jovan Belcher, ILB





It's also worth noting that this is the year we acquired Jovan Belcher as an undrafted free agent. Belcher just wrapped up his first year as a starter and got an endorsement of sorts from Scott Pioli. Who went into the draft drafting nine players, none of them are ILB's.

Belcher was a DE comnig out of Maine that was converted to ILB. It's pretty ingenious if you think about it. Belcher dealt with OT's that were more the size of NFL Guards at the college level, and is pretty much doing the same thing now as a run stuffing ILB in the 3-4. He also posses decent enough speed, where if he can get more fluidity in his hips and shoulders, could be a step closer to being a more complete ILB.

I think Belcher is going to be the guy at ILB for at least this upcoming season. He deserves it after posting a solid season in 2010, where he showed just about all the tools necessary to lock down the starting job for many years. At worst he's a very solid #2 ILB. Expect Belcher to be a Chief as long as FA permits.


Getting 3 maybe four starters out of terrible draft seems prertty solid to me. Then again, completely busting on most of your picks and only getting shaky backups is kind of lame.







This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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