Who Is Your Paper Champion Arrowhead Pride?



In a world where a baseball catcher may no longer be able to block the plate, and the richest most profitable sport in America may not even have a season, because of money issues.  It makes one thing perfectly clear, nothing is too big or traditional to avoid change forever.

Another thing is perfectly clear in Kansas City, and that is the Chiefs being an NFL team on the rise.  After collectively amassing  an abysmal 10 wins over three seasons, our Kansas City Chiefs made a few winning changes themselves in 2010.  After rocketing out the gate to a 3-0 start (Best in the NFL) the Chiefs went on to match that 10 win total in just one season, becoming the AFC West Champs.

So, what does this have to do with paper champions?  Well, since the NFL is toying around with the idea that there may not be football in 2011.  A paper champion may be all that there is to celebrate in Kansas City this year.  So I say, hell Denny Green, let's crown them right now.

How are we going to do that today?  Well, I have been thinking about this 2011 Chiefs team as whole.  Offense, defense, special teams and coaching, and given my blinded Chiefs optimism, my conclusion should surprise no one.  Which is this, the Chiefs in 2011, are going to be one of the most balanced football teams in the NFL in all three phases of the game, as well as in coaching.

If you look at the Chiefs on paper right now, everyone in the know, says this offense is going to very hard to stop, and that defense is only going to improve going into RAC Year Two.  Also, with Colquitt, Succop, McCluster, Arenas, and a promising draft class to help special teams.  On paper, this could be one of the best teams in the NFL and I want to compare our potential paper champs to rest of the league.  So that we can decide why the Chiefs will win the Paper Super Bowl.

Here is how I am going to this.  I am going to list links to the other 31 teams rosters and post some star power from the AFC West, you choose some teams and pick out their impact players in all three phases and proceed to tell me how the Chiefs aren't more balanced . I will show you the Chiefs roster and tell you how this will be the most balanced team in the NFL in 2011.

 Follow me to agree, or just to tell me how crazy blinded I really am.


For the sake of a potential non season in 2011, I will not be including FA transitions, but will keep them in mind when listing star players.  Feel free to take me to the woodshed.

The rest of the AFC West.



The Denver Broncos

Star Power ?  :(

Offense: Kyle Orton / Tim Tebow / Brady Quinn / JaMarcus Russell, Knowshon Moreno, Brandon Lloyd, Jabar Gaffney, Eddie Royal, Demaryius Thomas, Ryan Clady.

Defense: Robert Ayers, Elvis Dumervil, Von Miller, Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, Quinton Carter, DJ Williams.

Special Teams:  Britton Colquitt (Just because he is actually Chiefs related)


via                                                                                                      Images_medium


The Fightin' Crypt Keepers (Raiders)

Star Power.

Offense: Jason Campbell, Louis Murphy, Darren McFadden, DHB, Jacoby Ford, Jared Veldheer, Stefen Wisniewski.

Defense: Richard Seymour, Kamerion Wimbley, Stanford Routt, Chris Johnson, Rolando McClain, Lamarr Houston.

Special Teams: Sebastian Janikowski, Shane Lechler?




The San Diego Chargers

Star Power.

Offense: Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Ryan Matthews, Mike Tolbert, Vincent?Jackson, Legedu?Naanee, Malcolm?Floyd, Kris Wilson (Offensive Weapon)

Defense: Cory Liuget, Cam Thomas, Luis Castillo, Shaun Phillips, Larry English, Kevin Burnett, Darrell Stuckey, Eric Weddle, Quentin Jammer, Antoine Cason.

Special Teams: Nate Kaeding, Mike Scifres.


The AFC East

The Buffalo Bills

The Miami Dolphins

The New England Chiefs

The New York Jets


The AFC North

The Baltimore Ravens

The Cincinnati Bengals

The Cleveland Browns

The Pittsburgh Steelers


The AFC South

The Houston Texans

The Indianapolis Colts

The Jacksonville Jaguars

The Tennessee Titans


The NFC East

The Dallas Cowboys

The New York Giants

The Philadelphia Eagles

The Washington Redskins


The NFL West

The Arizona Cardinals

The San Francisco 49ers

The Seattle Seahawks 

The St. Louis Rams


The NFC North

The Chicago Bears

The Detroit Lions

The Green Bay Packers

The Minnesota Vikings


The NFC South

The Atlanta Falcons

The Carolina Panthers

The New Orleans Saints

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers


I really hope that you fellow fans enjoy those links, because that took forever,,,, forever,,,, forever!



Now that you have access to the rest of the leagues rosters.  Let us take a look at our prized possession in the Midwest, our Kansas City Chiefs football roster from SBNation:


Kansas City Chiefs Roster

Branden Albert 76 OT 11.4.84 316 6-5 Virginia
Jon Asamoah 73 OL 7.21.88 305 6-4 Illinois
Jackie Battle 26 RB 10.1.83 238 6-2 Houston
Dwayne Bowe 82 WR 9.21.84 221 6-2 L-S-U
Matt Cassel 7 QB 5.17.82 230 6-4 U-S-C
Tim Castille 46 RB 5.29.84 238 5-11 Alabama
Chris Chambers 84 WR 8.12.78 210 5-11 Wisconsin
Jamaal Charles 25 RB 12.27.86 199 5-11 Texas
Terrance Copper 10 WR 3.12.82 207 6-0 East Carolina
Brad Cottam 87 TE 11.28.84 269 6-7 Tennessee
Mike Cox 42 FB 7.11.85 252 6-0 Geogia Tech
Brodie Croyle 12 QB 2.6.83 206 6-2 Alabama
Kevin Curtis 17 WR 7.17.78 186 6-0 Utah State
Bobby Greenwood 74 OT 3.2.87 278 6-5 Alabama
Darryl Harris 66 G 1.14.85 300 6-4 Ole Miss
Jeremy Horne 11 WR 10.25.86 193 6-2 Massachusetts
Tervaris Johnson 38 RB - 248 6-2 Miami-Florida
Thomas Jones 20 RB 8.19.78 212 5-10 Virginia
Quinten Lawrence 14 WR 9.21.84 184 6-0 McNesse State
Ryan Lilja 65 G 10.15.81 290 6-2 Kansas State
Dexter McCluster 22 WR 8.25.88 170 5-8 Ole Miss
Tony Moeaki 81 TE 6.8.87 252 6-3 Iowa
Rudy Niswanger 64 C 11.9.82 301 6-5 L-S-U
Ryan O'Callaghan 75 OT 7.19.83 330 6-7 California
Jake O'Connell 85 TE 11.6.85 250 6-3 Miami Ohio
Tyler Palko 4 QB 8.9.83 215 6-1 Pittsburgh
Leonard Pope 45 TE 9.9.83 264 6-8 Georgia
Barry Richardson 67 OT 5.15.86 319 6-6 Clemson
Cody Slate 80 TE 8.14.87 229 6-4 Marshall
Verran Tucker 15 WR 6.26.88 204 6-1 California
Jerheme Urban 83 WR 11.26.80 207 6-3 Trinity (TX)
Brian Waters 54 G 2.18.77 320 6-3 North Texas
Casey Wiegmann 62 C 7.20.75 285 6-2 Iowa
Chandler Williams 8 WR 8.9.85 176 5-11 FIU
Charlie Anderson 52 LB 12.8.81 250 6-4 Ole Miss
Javier Arenas 21 DB 10.28.87 197 5-9 Alabama
Eric Bakhtiari 66 LB 12.2.84 250 6-3 San Diego
Jackie Bates 41 CB 10.12.86 180 5-10 Hampton
Jovan Belcher 59 LB 7.24.87 228 6-2 Maine
Eric Berry 29 DB 12.29.88 211 6-0 Tennessee
Brandon Carr 39 CB 5.19.86 207 6-0 Grand Valley State
Justin Cole 57 LB 11.22.87 242 6-3 San Jose State
Travis Daniels 34 CB 9.8.82 195 6-1 L-S-U
Glenn Dorsey 72 DE 8.1.85 297 6-1 L-S-U
Ron Edwards 95 DT 7.12.79 315 6-3 Texas A&M
Brandon Flowers 24 CB 2.18.86 187 5-9 Virginia Tech
Dion Gales 70 DE 8.17.85 310 6-5 Troy
Wallace Gilberry 92 DE 12.5.84 268 6-2 Alabama
Cory Greenwood 93 LB 7.7.86 235 6-2 Concordia
Tamba Hali 91 LB 11.3.83 275 6-3 Penn State
Tyson Jackson 94 DE 6.6.86 296 6-4 L-S-U
Derrick Johnson 56 LB 11.22.82 242 6-3 Texas
Micah Johnson 99 LB 6.22.88 258 6-2 Kentucky
Reshard Langford 48 S 2.6.86 213 6-1 Vanderbilt
Maurice Leggett 31 CB 10.2.86 188 5-11 Valdosta
Kendrick Lewis 49 DB - 198 6-0 Ole Miss
Corey Mays 51 LB 11.27.83 245 6-1 Notre Dame
Jon McGraw 47 S 4.2.79 208 6-3 Kansas State
Ricky Price 35 S 9.16.87 195 6-1 Oklahoma State
Cameron Sheffield 55 LB 2.12.88 257 6-2 Troy
Shaun Smith 90 DT 8.19.81 325 6-2 South Carolina
Andy Studebaker 96 LB 9.16.85 248 6-3 Wheaton
Anthony Toribio 98 DT 3.1.85 315 6-1 Carson-Newman
Mike Vrabel 50 LB 8.14.75 261 6-4 Ohio State
Pierre Walters 97 LB 3.25.86 269 6-5 Eastern Illinois
Donald Washington 27 CB 7.28.87 197 6-1 Ohio State
Demorrio Williams 53 LB 7.6.80 232 6-1 Nebraska
Dustin Colquitt 2 P 5.6.82 210 6-3 Tennessee
Thomas Gafford 43 LS 1.29.83 250 6-2 Houston
Ryan Succop 6 K 9.19.86 218 6-2 South Carolina


Mix in our outstanding draft class!!!!

1 - Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh (6-4, 228); 2 - Rodney Hudson, C, Florida State (6-2, 299); 3 - Justin Houston, OLB (6-3, 270); 3 - Allen Bailey, DE, Miami-Florida (6-3, 285); 4 - Jalil Brown, CB, Colorado (6-1, 204); 5 - Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa (6-4, 223); 5- Gabe Miller, OLB, Oregon State (6-3, 250); 6 - Jerrell Powe, NT, Mississippi (6-2, 335); 7 - Shane Bannon, FB, Yale (6-1, 265)

The results = Star Power.



Matt Cassel: With the addition of Baldwin and Jim Zorn, it is my opinion that Cassel is going to put it all together this upcoming season.  I am thinking that 4000+ yards, 25+TDS and -10 INTS is not out of the question.

Dwayne Bowe: He should improve his chances of being open with the addition of Baldwin and the steady improvement of his work ethic.

Jamaal Charles:  The kid is simply electric and having two receivers that can stretch the field will only open up his running lanes through the middle.  We already know that he can turn the corner, defenses are going to have fits with Charles if they can't single in on just him on every down.

Tony Moeaki: This beast can do it all well, he can block (he is not valued enough for his natural blocking ability), he is a great knee bender, he can run great routes, and has soft hands.  In 2011, he will be Matt Cassel's favorite check down receiver and will not be contained.

Dexter McCluster: I don't get the negativity on Dexter.  He helped win Monday Night Football last year and jump started the Chiefs playoff season.  In my book, that alone warranted a second round pick.  If not for his return, it might have been a less successful season last year, never forget that.  He is electric with the ball in his hands, and runs out of his cleats.  It is my feeling that he will comeback strong from the injury and be the among the Chiefs leaders in first downs in 2011.

Thomas Jones: It is being reported that Haley is having Jones loss weight and that his carries will decrease this year.  That is good news, he can still be a productive back in the NFL and I have a sneaking feeling that he is taking all of the bad press and negative criticism from the past year and leaving it all in the gym.  To me, that means that Jones is gonna come out hungry and will help this team get some tough yards when Haley refuses to kick 39 yard field goals.

Brandon Albert, Brian Waters, Jon Asamoah, Rodney Hudson, Ryan Lilja and Barry Richardson:  This is going to be a solid line for years to come and I think Brandon Albert is the most underrated LT in the league.  I will admit being wrong about Barry Richardson, the Chiefs passed on Derek Sherrod twice, so they must be comfortable in the man being a fixture at RT for years to come.  This will be considered one of the best lines in the league come 2012.

Jon Baldwin:  He was the perfect pick for the Chiefs, and is the main reason I am so excited about the Kansas City Chiefs Offense.  Who do you stop?  Who can you double team on this Offense?  Jon Baldwin is going to be great and whether he has 200 yards and three TDS or 1120 yards and nine TDS.  He is going to make this offense explode just  because of his talented presence.

If the Chiefs throw in Shaun Smith and Mike Vrabel after FA, then that will give the Chiefs two more powerful weapons in goal line situations.  This offense will be dynamic.



Glenn Dorsey: With the addition of Allen Bailey, Justin Houston and the return of Cameron Sheffield.  Glenn Dorsey is going to be freed up and not double teamed nearly as much.  Not to mention Jerrell Powe being next to him wreaking havoc in situational defenses.  Glenn Dorsey will be a Pro Bowler this year.

Tyson Jackson: Will he show up healthy and fit?  That is my worry after seeing his commercial where he looked like a Theo Huxtable stunt double.  Though I respect Kalo Phoenix's opinion, and he seems to believe that if Tyson Jackson is healthy, then he will improve immensely this year and won't that be exactly what Glenn Dorsey needs?

Brandon Flowers: He is the best all around corner in the league.  No debate, no question, he missed one tackle in 65 attempts.  That is my favorite stat of last season right now.  I would take our corners over any starting pair in the league.

Brandon Carr:  They throw and throw at Brandon Carr all day and he just keeps getting better.  He gets his head around now and he completely owned Brandon Lloyd last season.  He is special and the Chiefs need to re-sign him.

Eric Berry: The Incredible One, is just that, 'Incredible.'  Do you remember when Jason Whitlock called him a bust more terrible than Trezelle Jenkins?  Yeah, not so much Whitlock, Eric Berry is a tackling machine, and I can write all day about his talent.  However, I will just say that it won't be long until he is considered the best defender in the NFL.

Tamba Hali:  The Chiefs need to sign him the day after the CBA ink dries.  He is a force and will get 20 sacks on this defense with better Nose play and production from Tyson Jackson.  Not to mention more pressure from the SOLB Justin Houston on every down he is in the game.

Derrick Johnson: Is going to benefit greatly from two things, better nose play and Justin Houston.  I can see him having a career year.

Kendrick Lewis: The main benefactor from playing with Berry, Carr, and Flowers.  Lewis has great field presence and has a nose for the football, and the Chiefs are simply better with him on the field.

Powe, Bailey, Houston, Brown, and Miller:  They will all play and make a difference on special teams, though I think Justin Houston may end up being a serious contender for DROTY.  I am not sure what Miller and Bailey will do, but as long as Powe puts all his beef on the center clogging things up.  Then the possibilities are endless.


Special Teams:

Javier Arenas:  He had a solid season for a rookie CB, he is one of my favorite players on the team,  I was elated by his potential after the Chiefs drafted him last year.  He can score at any moment from anywhere on the field, the man is electric awesome.  I think we will only see Javy in blitz packages on defense, special packages on offense and returning punts and kickoffs solely this season.  I have no problem with that, this draft just made special teams coverage units better.

Dustin Colquitt: Is one of the best punters in the leauge for the next 10-15 years.

Ryan Succop: Many think he was having injury problems last season, his range was down.  The off season should help with that.  If he can regain form, then he will be great and the shorter kickoffs will be perfect for him to pin back returners in the 20.

Two words help some this up!

Complimentary Football!

You said it Todd Haley, look up and down our starting roster and try to find players that don't compliment each other well moving forward.  It is very hard to do.

There is something else that is very hard to do, and that is finding another team in the NFL that has the potential to be as great in all three phases as our Kansas City Chiefs Football Team.  Go ahead and try, I dare you, I double dare you to crown someone else the Paper Super Bowl Champions.  



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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