Playing General Manager

Hello AP!  I'm a long time reader and first time poster.  I love all the conversations and back and forth and that people even have nicknames on here, it's all great.  I'm a die-hard Chiefs fan, born and raised in Lee's Summit about 10 minutes from Arrowhead.  I follow pretty much every headline I can find about the Chiefs on AP and ESPN and random google searches so I try to stay fairly up-to-date.  Here's my list of moves to be made if I was the general manager of the Chiefs in 2011:  I believe that we are very close to being the team to beat in the entire AFC, and a few key moves could put us over the top.  I hope I don't disappoint in my first post!

Key Re-signings:

1. Hali

2. Flowers

3. Carr

4. Shaun Smith

5. Gilberry

6. Pope

7. Battle

8. Edwards


Key Free Agent Signings:

1. Aubrayo Franklin (one can dream, this is a scenario many have talked about, it's either him or Edwards and the more likely is Edwards but had to put it down to be complete)

2. Ryan Harris (he would upgrade the talent level at RT and should come fairly cheap, it allows us to not re-sign O'cal)

3. Wide Receiver (many people could come here, but focusing on experienced, cheap, and not washed up leaves me thinking that Holmes could be possible but I think the Chiefs will do this move, as to who they get I'm not sure)

4. Vonta Leach (many have also talked about this move, the guy is a stud at FB, and for anyone who remembers TRich then you know how much better a good FB makes his RB look, and our RB's already look awesome so imagine the best and then add some to it)


Future Re-signings:

1. Dwayne Bowe (or Larry remains to be seen what kind of money Bowe will want, or if LFitz will re-sign with the Cards or not, but if he doesn't and we have to franchise and trade Bowe, I could see this one working out...either way we need a #1 receiver (Baldwin is a #2 at this point, not a #1))

2. Glenn Dorsey - doesn't need explaining

3. Brandon Albert - also doesn't need explaining

4. Matt Cassel (we will all be pleasantly surprised at how much Cassel improves over his major improvement last year, I think he will be a top 8 QB which will be more than enough with the weapons we have and the stacked defense we will field)


2012 Draft:

1. Vontaze Burfict ILB - this dude is a total beast, if he can keep his head in check, he would bring a serious nasty streak and talent upgrade to an already stacked defense and make us the premier #1 Defense in the NFL.  If Belcher is a back up then that means we have a solid talent base cuz I think Belcher is actually pretty good considering how new he is

2. RB - simple, we have to replace Jones and not lose production in the running game

3. Slot WR - we need to add a younger and more legit slot receiver than any of our current options...this is assuming that McCluster moves to a more RB/KR role

4. OL - need to keep upgrading depth at the 2nd most important position on the field


*These moves would give us one of the best defenses in the league.  Romeo Crennel is working his magic with an upgraded talent base, adding a legit NT to that would totally beast out the defense and then adding a stud ILB to bring a Ray Lewis type nastiness would make us a total powerhouse.  (if NT doesn't get upgraded then at least we have Powe to spell Edwards this year and keep the big guy fresher for longer) We just have to hope somebody steps up at OLB opposite Hali, I think it could be either Houston or a surprise...Sheffield.  And keeping Smith for depth and Gilberry for situational pass rush will really help continue what we did last year on defense.

*Our offense is coming along nicely.  Adding a new weapon in Baldwin is nice but we will need to resign Bowe or add another legit receiver.  We will also have to replace Jones with somebody good enough to limit JC's carries so he doesn't burn out or get injured.  Upgrading the OL with Harris would be great then we can hopefully keep Waters and Wiegs to train up Asomoah and Hudson, Lilja is doing just fine where he is at.  We need Niswanger and Richardson as back ups.


Wrap Up:  The Chiefs will surprise many people this year.  Many think we will have a set back, I actually see between 9 and 12 wins.  I think this year we will beat one of NE or Indy, we will beat the Bears, we will beat GB, and we will beat either the Jets or Steelers.  And that's the hard part of the schedule.  We will split with SD and sweep Oak and Denver.  We could seriously be pushing for a bye week in the playoffs and yes I'm a homer.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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