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It’s not exactly good news for the NFL betting scene but depending upon whose side you’re on, the crafty manoeuvre steer-headed by NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith could be a necessary means to an end.


While the dust settles on this latest turn of events, has taken down its lines on “When will the lockout end” and for “How many games will be lost.”


We’ll be keeping tabs on those odds but in the meantime, college basketball betting is in the spotlight. Track our winning NCAA picks daily as March Madness continues.!%E2%80%9D/20110312125145

Sportsbook managers are hoping the NCAA would move some college football games to Sunday and Monday to take advantage of the void. But no one expects a big enough spike in betting on college football or other sports to come close to making up what will be lost if the NFL is sidelined.

“We are already doing about as much as we can with the other sports, so it is unlikely that more games will be bet,” said professional handicapper and Las Vegas lines consultant David Malinsky.

Touts, professional handicappers who sell their picks, will see their sales diminish if there is a work stoppage. The NFL accounts for 21 percent of total sales for the 16 handicappers who offer paid selections and form Covers Experts.

Plus, without the NFL to worry about, bettors will be faced with sharper lines, Malinksy says.

“The NFL still has more public money wagered than any other sport, and that helps to create some favorable line opportunities,” explained Malinsky. “It is perhaps the only sport left where the oddsmakers have to genuinely factor public perception into their processes, instead of focusing on making the best mathematical ratings that they can.” Link

My personnal odyssey began with College Football in the 1970's. I loved football and somewhere along the line I learned about gambling. Pitching Pennies

Each player stands at an agreed upon distance from a wall, curb, other solid, flat object, or a line. The players take turns throwing coins, one at a time, at the target. The player whose coin comes to rest the closest to the target wins. The challenge and skill comes from the fact that throwing too weakly will not reach the target but too hard and it will bounce back from the target.

The game has been played with many variations. Some include letting the players choose they type of coin they want to use, in secret. A coin that is heavier may be better for long distance, versus a lighter one for short. Another variation is the length, and multiple objects placed between the wall, to hinder players (compare to [[|bunker (golf)|sand trap]] in golf.) One more variation includes forcing the players to roll, toss, or flick the coin.

Inevitably, some players have turned the game into a betting game, where the winner takes all the coins.

Turned into booking bets on College football. My Clients would ultimitely pick their spread and their team and I would cover the other side. I never made any money, but the excitement was worth the payoff's. I was in 7th grade.

Luckily for me, I quit when I ran out of cash and to this day Gambling is still usually Quarters and Bragging rights.

What say you AP?

Geaux Chiefs

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