Bill Muir's Offensive Line

Chiefs Will: The Story of the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs (via ChiefsGo81)

Awesome work by I have been assembling all the data related to the Chiefs Offensive line woes in 2010 pertaining to Pass Protection - Blocking. The Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Line has faired poorly in their rankings. Tamba Hali is a stud in Pass Rushing so I must give credit while I try to explain Bill Muirs' mysterious Offensive line.

Suprisingly, for 2010, both Branden Albert and Barry Richardson are rated Bottom 10 in pass protection. Brian Waters rates in the top 15 in these stats while Ryan Lilja is in the bottom 15, Casey Weigmann is bottom 10 in Centers. Thank Gawd that Tony Moeaki rates in the top 15 for pass blocking TE's, Thomas Jones #7 and Jamaal Charles #12 rate well over the 2008-2010 seasons, though neither was top 15 in 2010.

2010 Offensive Tackles

2010 Offensive Interior Lineman

2010 TE's

2010 RB's

Branden Albert for the 3 year period 2008-2010 rates neither in the top 15 or the bottom 15. Brian Waters rates overall #2 for Guards with our old friend Wade Smith checking in at #6, Rudy Niswanger checks in at #10 for best pass blocking at the Center position for 2008-2010.

2008-2010 Offensive Line Rankings

So what is going on here? We let Wade Smith leave in Free agency and bench Rudy Niswanger, Slim down Albert and insert Lilja and Richardson and our pass blocking sucks.

2009 Offensive line grades from

2009 ranking - 23rd overall C+, B run blocking, C- for pass blocking

#23 Kansas City Chiefs

Key Additions: G Ryan Lilja (Indianapolis) G Jon Asamoah (NFL Draft 3rd round), C Casey Wiegmann (Denver)
Key Losses: G Andy Alleman (Indianapolis), C Wade Smith (Houston), G Mike Goff (Released)

Branden Albert -- the Chiefs' 2008 1st round pick (15th overall) -- played through injuries last season and should continue to get better after making the transition from guard to left tackle. Ancient veteran Brian Waters anchors the left side of the line, while the acquisition of former Indianapolis guard Ryan Lilja represents a major upgrade for the right side of the Chiefs' offensive line. link

Zulu Warfare

The 30,000 strong Zulu army used to prepare itself for battle by using the infamous zulu bull attack. Used successfully against the British army in the first part of war for control of zululand (insouth east Africa; south Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique, Swazailand) until effective counters after the first few battles.

The attack was really just a clever formation, where the forces would divides themselves into four equal pieces.

Three of the pieces would line up, closely packed, next to each other. These would represent the head of the bull and it's horns. The other 25% would be behind the head, fairly spaced out, to give the impression of massiveness. These represented the body.

The head and horns would march slowly toward the enemy, and once within 250 metres, the head would rush the enemy to test it's firepower. After many of the head had fallen, the rest could then rush and the enemy would also. But the horns would move faster than the head, and surround the enemy. This left them with two choices;

Neither good


Does Muir's scheme relate to the Zulu Bull attack? In 2010, the Chiefs running game attacked the Center of the enemies Defense 51% of the time. The Chiefs attacked behind Albert's blocking 27% and behind Richardson's 22%. The Kansas City Chiefs rushed the ball 100 more times than the team with the 10th best rushing attack, New England. Or better yet, the Chiefs rushed 100 more times than 23 NFL teams. Jamaal Charles 6+ YPA would attest that the entire Chiefs offensive scheme is to Bull Rush the enemy. The Chiefs will take those early losses in attacking the Middle to get those gains on the edges later.

Some stats to back that up from

Geaux Chiefs

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