Week 5: Chiefs Enter Into Horror Dome (Indianapolis)


From the FanPosts -Joel

Hurt, that is what I feel whenever the Indianapolis Colts show up on a Kansas City Chiefs schedule. The Chiefs generally compete but the harder we try the more Peyton hurts us. The Colts have hurt us even before Peyton Manning showed up, but he amped it up to new levels of pain.

Peyton Manning's combined stats vs. the rest of the NFL: 4682 completions in 7210 attempts for 54,828 yards and 399 touchdowns. Peyton entered the NFL in 1998 -- the very same year we bid a former nemesis a hearty good-bye -- John Elway of the Broncos. What luck!

Peyton Manning vs the Chiefs: 179 of 283 for a 63.25 completion percentage and 2,215 yards with 13 touchdowns. Worse he has a 7-1 overall winning record against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs win? Peyton threw for 472 yards and five touchdowns with one interception. Twice he personally ejected us from the NFL playoffs -- in 2003 and 2006.

Chiefs vs Colts

2010 Colts 19 Chiefs 9 stats 24-44 244 yds 0 TD's
2007 Colts 13 Chiefs 10 stats 16-32 163 yds 0 TD's - The game was also the final outing of Priest Holmes, who suffered a neck injury in the fourth quarter. Holmes announced his retirement later into the week on November 21.
2006 Colts 23 Chiefs 8 stats 30-38 268 yds 1 TD - Wildcard playoff loss
2004 Chiefs 45 Colts 35 stats 25-44 472 yds 5 TD's
2003 Colts 38 Chiefs 31 stats 22-30 304 yds 3 TD's - Divisional Playoff loss - This offensive shootout became the first puntless game in NFL playoff history.
2001 Colts 35 Chiefs 28 stats 19-30 201 yds 2 TD's
2000 Colts 27 Chiefs 14 stats 22-32 273 yds 1 TD
1999 Colts 25 Chiefs 17 stats 21-33 290 yds 1 TD

Then the Peyton Manning era starts :(

1996 Colts 24 Chiefs 19
1995 Colts 10 Chiefs 7 - Divisional Playoff loss, One Chiefs player to not be named lost his name that day!

What do we expect in 2011?

Archie Manning expects his son, Peyton, to continue being a pain in the neck for NFL defenses this season.

Between the neck surgery and the ongoing lockout, there were lots of issues to talk about.

At the top of the list was the surgery Peyton Manning had last month to remove part of a bulging disk. It was the second time in 15 months Indianapolis’ franchise player had neck surgery.

Two weeks ago, Colts owner Jim Irsay said he expected the recovery to take six to eight weeks. Archie Manning did not provide an updated timetable for his son’s return.

Awesome Archie.

What else?

Anthony Castonzo
First-round pick from Boston College expected to step right in at left tackle. It was hard to tell who was more excited about this serendipitous intersection of supply and demand -- the Colts at their good fortune for landing one of the highest-rated offensive tackles on their draft board, or Anthony Castonzo for the opportunity to block for Peyton Manning on one of the NFL's most successful teams.

"We didn't think he'd be there," said team Vice Chairman Bill Polian. "He was the highest- rated offensive tackle on our board and we were very happy that he was available to us. He's a very tall guy, 6-feet-7, 305, 310 pounds, long arms, quick feet, outstanding student, four-year starter, pretty much everything we look for in a football player so we're very happy to have him. I'm sure he can step in and do a good job pretty darned soon."

Castonzo said he was at a loss for words but managed to find a few to express his emotions.

"I am excited. This is unbelievable," he said. "I'm just at a loss for words right now, actually. I didn't know this was where I was going to end up at but I'm beyond excited about it. I get to block for the best quarterback in the league. That's more than you can really ask for. It's great. And going to a team that's got a great team already, which is unbelievable, so I'm just really excited." 

Ben Ijalana
Colts draftee Ijalana looks forward to challenge of joining Colts.
After drafting a left tackle that had started more than 50 consecutive games in the first round of Thursday’s NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts dipped into that same pool in Friday’s second round by selecting Ben Ijalana out of Villanova University.

Ijalana started all 53 games at left tackle for the Wildcats but is ready for wherever the Colts need him to play on the offensive line.

"They said some guard," Ijalana said when talking about a future position. "They just recently got (first-round draft pick Anthony) Castonzo, so hopefully I can be part of it at guard. Maybe change something at guard. Hopefully, (I can) establish something new." link

Awesome picks for the offensive line. Here's the rest of the 2011 Indianapolis Colts draft:

Drake Nevis DT
Delone Carter RB
Chris Rucker DB

And more:

2011 Colts Free Agents
Joseph Addai RB
Adam Vinatieri K
Charlie Jones OL
Antonio Johnson DT
Melvin Bullitt S

I'm leaving Peyton Manning off this list because even though he is a free agent, just as water is wet and the sky is blue, the Colts are indeed going to re-sign Peyton Manning. The only mystery to this is how much will they sign him to, and what conditions will Manning demand at the bargaining table.

Can't argue with BBS, seriously you can't argue with BBS.

Priest Holmes Highlights 2003 Record Breaking Season Kansas City Chiefs (via Zoo776)

Couldn't leave you all feeling down like me after reading this post.

Geaux Chiefs

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