Meeting with Bloggers

A fellow blogger is a person with whom your only introduction is electronic.  But it's one thing to hook up when your only common ground is Lord of the Rings and "Gee, your picture is cute, and I'm a blue-eyed non-smoker."

Heh.  Met up with Ups at the Greeley Blues Festival, so of course, we found food, beer, and sat and argued politics for 2 or 3 hours.  Pretty much got the same guy I'd argued with here on AP, along pretty much the same lines.

We both want the same things, but I'm more of a basic freedoms guy, whereas Ups is an idealist, always pointing out where we could do things better  than we currently do them.  I'm the ignorant philosopher, and Ups is the informed idealist.  My kind of drinkin' buddy!

We misconnected, because of the sign "Customers Only" when it came time to empty our bladders.

Ups was reluctant to enter, on reading the sign.  I probably would've missed the sign entirely and walked straight to the door of the restroom up near the entrance.  But Ups' hesitation gave me enough pause to notice there was a sign, at which point I immediately shifted to "Well, then I'm a customer, and will a 10-spot earns me  a worship service at the porcelain idol."

Anyway, Ups, being much more on the ball than hmills110, sees hmills110 acting all high 'n' mighty and just heads for the head.  hmills110 tips the maitre-d a measly 1-spot and starts heading where his bladder is directing him.  Then, inexplicably, hmills110 thinks of Ups, who HE thinks is still waiting outside, reluctant to enter, on account of the SIGN.

Meanwhile, Ups walks RIGHT BY hmills110, making a BEE-line to the restroom indicated by the maitre-d. 

Hilariious.  Combo of blindness and high level of execution by one teammate, that goes for naught.  If I'd seen Ups doing JUST what he OUGHT to do, in that situation, it would've become a matter of musical chairs, and how many spots that restroom had, because Ups and I BOTH were thinking "Drain the radiator."

So here's where it gets PERFECT, as only I can manage.  Ups goes to the can.  Smart.  Simple.  I don't see Ups out front, so I go out looking for him !  Don't see him.  I have a general idea of what direction he's headed to give his Bella (His well-adjusted and semi-elderly doberman - dog that size is getting old @ 11, and she's looks just fine.) , so I head that way, double-timing the pace we set AFTER we had a couple.  Figured I had a chance of catching him.

I don't see him, so I walk another 1/2-block (about 1 block total, from where we sat drinkin'.), and hopped in my truck.  Took a swing around the 1-block-square park, where I know Ups will be walking Bella.  I'm headed counterclockwise around the square, flip a U-EE, park and hop out.  Eyes scanning the darkness, and trying to develop some hunter's patience, I'm up against the urgent bladder, which STILL hasn't been emptied.  (Recall, the more highly developed mind at Ups' disposal sees his bladder already emptied).

So I can't wait long at the park.

Meanwhile, Ups is done in the restroom and he waits in front of the restaurant (whose plumbing was all either of us used) for me  to make an appearance.  Heh.  Classic Mills.  So smart, you're stupid.

To end the story, I was in my truck, had to take a piss, and my house was about as close as any public restroom, so I took off home.  Called Ups about 2 minutes after I got home and finally drained the radiator.   He was well on his way South, back to HIS place.  He'll be back up to Greeley tomorrow and we'll visit some more.

One thing about Ups:  His appreciation of the blues is great and knowledge of the blues is extensive.  Guy can't sit still when they're hittin' it live.  I can relate to that, but I'm pretty sure he knows more in his little finger about who did what than I'll ever know if I spend the rest of my life just studying the stuff.  Gonna see if I can line him up to do some singin', one of these days.  Be fun to set up.

Anyhoo, this was my first meet-up with a guy I met on AP.  I think if you argue enough politics and football for long enough, you get an idea of a man's character, and I was not disappointed in the face-to-face.  Still a lot of things we disagree on, but there's a standard of mutual respect established here on AP that translated to high-level and civil discourse on a wide range of topics.

Right where Ups shakes his head at my line of shit is where it needs reined-in and re-thought, and, perhaps, I provided some leavening to some of Ups' remarks, as well.  I did not see a closed mind coming at me from an abhorrent point-of-view.  All in all, a cool experience, for someone who didn't start out particularly interested in face-to-face off of e.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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