Week 4 - Minnesota Vikings visit Arrowhead and the Chiefs

Could Christian Ponder start for Vikings from Day 1? (via 1500ESPNTwinCities)

The Minnesota Vikings were 2 years ago at the precipice of the Super Bowl, Now seems a long way from then. The franchise is almost like their stadium, deflated and having a difficult time getting everything pumped up again. It was an interesting fall from grace though. The Chiefs had a similar experience once.

Joe Montana vs Brett Favre

1993 Joe is knocked out in the AFC Championship game
1994 Joe leads the Chiefs to a Wild card game and loses
1995 Joe retires

2009 Brett leads the Vikings to an OT loss in the NFC Championship game
2010 Brett leads the Vikings to a 6-10 finish, no playoffs
2011 Brett retires

What will the Vikings bring to Arrowhead in week 4?

Great Read and Great Comments: link

Sept. 11 at San Diego 3:15 ------ May God bless the armed forces, police officers, firefighters, volunteers, donators, public officials, and literally anyone who had any hand in helping the victims of the tragedy in NYC almost a decade ago.  Never forget!

Back to football: I put this as 50/50.  The Chargers never seem to play their best ball early in the season.  This will obviously help a little.  They are beatable, but if there's one player they probably don't want to see, it's Adrian Freaking Peterson.  Let's see how he runs in the sun.

Sept. 18 TAMPA BAY Noon -------Must win - This one is difficult since TB was close to the playoffs last season, but they never really beat any good teams so I give us the win here(in the Metrodome helps too).  Their run defense was awful last year.  AD is looking to start off on a hot streak this year.

Sept. 25 DETROIT Noon ------- Must win - No way getting around it, we have to beat Detroit at home.

Oct. 2 at Kansas City Noon ------- 50/50 - I give us a chance in this game because Kansas City is such a run-heavy offense, but they have the TE and WRs to get the ball down the field as Cassel started to take over that team late last season.  They have a young, tough defense and will be trouble.  Not to mention, KC is one of the most difficult buildings to win in.

Oct. 9 ARIZONA Noon ------- Must win - Arizona?  at home?  We tried like hell to give them a win last year and couldn't do it.  I don't see much changing this year.

A Sandwich road game around a pair of Must Wins? Minnesota is not taking the Chiefs lightly!

Hard to get a feel for this team right now The Vikings could surprise people or fall on their faces pretty hard this coming year really. It’s tough to tell at this point in the offseason. The good news is that the answers to these questions should come through training camp and become very clear in the first few weeks of the season.

The problem is that there is a new coach, new offense, and new QB and zero time to practice. This makes it difficult to foresee what the schemes are going to be for the Vikings let alone how well the team will be able to run them. As a result it’s nearly impossible for me to look at any of the games on their schedule and determine how the team will do.

Now the rest of the teams in the division this is different. I can look at the Lions draft and the way their roster is shaping up and see what they are doing. The Lions are going to be a younger and more pass happy version of the 2009 Vikings. They will have dynamic offensive skill positions and a fierce defensive line. Sure the main running back won’t be good as AP and the QB won’t quite be an ironman, but the WR corp is better and Best is lightening in a bottle when managed correctly. I can look at the Bears and see the same old same old. We all know exactly what their defense will be like from the way they drafted….same too with the offense. The only questions there are execution and if they added enough talent to compete with an upgraded division and not have to rely on luck. Packers too are going to look essentially the same as last year, focusing on depth on the offense in the hopes of getting more consistency there.

The Vikings though….so much change and so little seen to try and predict what they will do. Gun to my head I guess this is a .500 team using this year as a transition to a new age.
by PackApologist on May 6, 2011 9:35 PM PDT reply actions  

You have the right to and I hope you use it. 0-4 WINS!!! We have 5 games ont the shedule that should be easy wins – Arizona, Carolina, Oakland, Denver, and Washington. We also have two vs Detroit, and I could see us taking both games. Now we have average teams, San Diego and Tampa Bay. For the sake of being unbiased, i’ll say we win one of those. Next, the good teams – KC, Chicago(2), Them(2), NO, and Atlanta. I say we’ll take out Chicago and Them at home and lose the rest. That would put us at ten wins.

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on - Winston Churchill
by Alittlemore_cowbell on May 7, 2011 11:32 AM PDT up reply actions  

Good Stuff from the Norseman SB Nation site. As stated the Minnesota Vikings have a ton of issues to resolve and time is dwindling to answer all the questions, in the early season, with a shortened off-season. Will it be easy for the Chiefs? Doesn't sound like new Head coach Leslie Frazier is going to give in easily. Link

Put in charge when Brad Childress was fired last November, and coaching the Vikings for the final six games of that disappointing and tumultuous 2010 season, Frazier had a leg up on the job when he was hired as the coach in January.

Ponder has much to learn about his receivers, and offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave needs time to teach the plays.

"We're at a serious disadvantage having a new quarterback and a new offense without practice and coaching," wide receiver Greg Camarillo said last week from Bradenton, Fla., where he worked out with Ponder and a small group of Vikings teammates.

"Whether or not it's a six-year plan or a five-year plan and even guys that are at the end of four, we have a list and we've identified the guys that we think fit what we're looking for if we choose to go that route," Frazier said. "We haven't made a decision that we're going to go with a veteran quarterback, but we have an idea, based on the list we've put together, if we went that route who we'd target."

Roster QB's

3  Bomar, Rhett  QB 6-2 225 25 1  Sam Houston State
9  Ramsey, Patrick  QB 6-2 225 32 8  Tulane
14  Webb, Joe  QB 6-4 220 24 0  UAB
7  Jackson, Tarvaris  QB 6-2 225 28 5  Alabama State

2011 Draft:

99  Ballard, Christian  DT 6-4 283 22 0  Iowa
36  Burton, Brandon  DB 6-0 185 21 0  Utah
86  Burton, Stephen  WR 6-1 221  0  West Texas A&M
63  Fusco, Brandon  C 6-4 306 21 0  Slippery Rock
57  Homan, Ross  LB 6-1 240 24 0  Ohio State
75  Love, DeMarcus  OT 6-4 315 23 0  Arkansas
7  Ponder, Christian  QB 6-2 229 23 0  Florida State
30  Raymond, Mistral  DB 6-1 194 22 0  South Florida
92  Reed, D'Aundre  DE 6-4 261 23 0  Arizona
82  Rudolph, Kyle  TE 6-6 259 21 0  Notre Dame

Interesting that Ponder has already assumed Tarvaris Jackson's Jersey number.

Christian Ponder

Pick Analysis: The Vikings surprisingly nab Ponder with their first-round pick. He has all of the leadership skills, intelligence and intangibles to be an effective starting quarterback, but the Vikings will need to tweak their offense to suit his skills as a quick-rhythm passer. He might not be ready to assume the mantle in Week 1, but he could be better than anyone anticipates as a pro quarterback...

Kyle Rudolph

Pick Analysis: The Vikings add a young, athletic tight end to the lineup with the selection of Rudolph. He allows offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave to implement some multiple tight end formations with Visanthe Shiancoe and Rudolph creating mismatches in the passing game. If he can become more stout as a run blocker, he could help the Vikings utilize a dynamic offense that is balanced in all facets...

Who knows what the Vikings are going to field in 2011, well Jared Allen will be there.

Geaux Chiefs

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