Strong Need to Vent and Rant a Little

Sorry, just a little rant I guess.....

I've had it with everything. I have so many things that are driving me crazy about football. Everything from the lockout to ignorant Raiders fans (sorry to those that aren't, not all are). Everything from wanting to go to tarining Camp and OTAs to seeing Eric Berry continue his badassness (which may not happen). I'm not talking about Eric Berry not being badass, I mean not getting to see it, because THERE MIGHT NOT BE A SEASON!!!!!! Sorry, now we have to wait until at least somewhere around mid to late June to see if we have to wait a little while longer. I'm just sick and tired of it. Those Raiders fans just make it worse.

They tell me how their team is ssoooo much better than mine. What? Are you serious?!?!? How did you come to that conclusion, because beat us twice? So then the Browns are better then the Pats and Saints? And it means you are worse then the Rams and 49ers, but we are better then them? First off you beat us on very bad day, by the skin of teeth as in we win if Bowe catches the pass right in the bread basket, and the second game was a fluke if I ever saw one. We had beaten teams badly repeatedly at Arrowhead, and it just so happens that right after Weis says he's leaving we have our worst game at home all year. Oh and the ever so popular Charles vs McFadden.

Well, Charles trumps him. Charles trump him in every statistic except starts and receiving, and even the last one is a tie. He dominates in YPC. Wins in YPG and just plain is better. I took the longest run of each game and subtracted it, and found the ypc for each after that. McFadden earned a respectible 3.2. not bad considering losing all those long runs, but Charles averaged more or the same ypc as Adrian Peterson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Matt Forte, Peyton Hillis, MJD, Chris Johnson, Felix Jones, Ryan Mattews, Reggie Bush and several others. He averaged 4.8 ypc!!! Almost HALF a first down. Even if you subract the 80 yarder against the Rams, the 56 yarder against SD, the 40 yarders against the Raiders and Cardinals. Pretty impessive huh? Darren McFadden?!?!?!? They do give credit where credit is due once in a while. They Eric Berry is pretty good.

Speaking of Berry, who wants to see this kid play this year? I cannot wait. Berry is going to solidfy himself as one of the elite this year. I think Berry is going to become like Reed and Polamalu. He's going to be someone you just don't go near. Is he going to get burned once or twice? Yes, but Reed and Polamalu do sometimes too, and Berry is still growing. I'm excited for the whole 2010 draft class. It's possible that ALL of them have a breakout year. I think about McCluster playing out of the backfield more basically taking some of Jones's carries (especially late in the season) OOOOOHHHHH man, is that going to be awesome. Watching him get out there one on one with a LB, BOOM! How about Cameron? Are you excited to see him? I am, the entire 2010 class was great, I can't imagine the only one that was injuried is the only one that is a bust (not that 5th rounders can really be busts, you know what I mean) The 2010 class development alone will make us a much better team from start to finish next year, but what about that 2011 class.

Baldwin is going to make a huge difference. Even if he had a below expectations year he could still get 500-600 yards and a few TDs, and that would be miles better then any number 2 we had last year, on top of the none statistical area like unstacking the box and drawing coverage. I'm very excited about this pick, he could be ROY for all we know. What about the D guys? Houston, Powe, and Allen will make big impacts. Houston is a beast, and waldo has him in a pretty much Pro Bowl only group. He will be much better then what we have there very soon. Powe will be big just for rotating with Big Ron. Allen is my sleeper pick. I think Allen will do big things next to Gilberry on passing downs. I think he lands 7-10 sacks this year. Just a gut feeling. I think the Chiefs finally have all the peices to go the distance. As, long as the rooks live up to the hype. Houston, Hudson, Bannon (one of my favs) and Baldwin all project as starters, and Bailey, Miller, and Brown are going to be great compliments in whatever they do. Allen extra pass rush, Miller and Bannon extra blocking, Brown special teams ace and CB. It's there you guys, can you see it? The rooks don't need to be great, just noticably upgrade their current position. As, long as we get this labor deal done. We need these guys at OTAs.

Now the labor thing p*sses me off, WAY WAY OFF!!!! I am to the point where I don't care what happens as longs as there is open business very very soon. Players get screwed? Who cares? Owners get screwed? Still don't care. Us, the fans, are who is getting screwed the most.  There wouldn't be 9 BILLION DOLLARS to fight over without us, and if I had my way, they would never do this EVER again. If I was in charge of the NFLFA (National Football League's Fan Assoctiation) I would have everyone immediately stop buying merchandise (jerseys, hats, t-shirts, offically licensed footballs, NFL DVDs, ect) visiting, watching NFL Network, and going to NFL events for an ENTIRE year. Now, I would say watch and go to games, BUT THAT'S IT! Let them know we are still interested, but still send a message that says "We own the rights to the 9 BILLION $$ you make, don't you ever pull this stupid sh*t again" and if for some reason they still couldn't work it out in time for the 2011 season, I'd say only watching and no attending games. They would still make enough money from concessions and advertising during games to survive, but would still be a BIG dent in their pockets.

WHHHEEEEWWW. I'm glad I got all that off my chest. Thanks to everyone that read it. I appreciate your interest. I don't get to talk about football alot, none of friends really know much about it. They watch, but that's about it.

How about you guys? Whats really buggin you in the football world? Got anything you need to get off your chest? I guess we could make this an official ranting post.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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