Cover 4


Cover-4: Zone coverage with two corners and two safeties responsible for one quarter of the field. Sometimes called "Quarters" coverage.

Romeo Crennel is known for his Quarter-Quarter-Half defensive secondary scheme. Joel wrote about it here and referenced a NFL story by Bucky Brooks here when describing the Chiefs Defense with Romeo Crennel in charge. I have a few Questions. I know AP has the members with answers to my quandary. The Chiefs drafted a number of players last weekend. Wes Bunting was interviewed by John Connor on SBNation Kansas City and declared Jalil Brown is an outside the Hash marks CB.


SB Nation KC: What about the corner, Jalil Brown? 

Wes Bunting
: He's a size/speed corner. I've never been a major fan and I think the fifth or sixth round is where I'd feel comfortable taking him. He's got tight hips and that gets him into trouble, especially when asked to turn and run. But he gets up to speed quickly and he's got the length to be able to prep off the line. He's an outside corner only. You can't play him in the slot. But he could help you on tip coverage and be a good gunner on the outside as well.

   The Chiefs selected Brown, Allen Bailey, and Jerrel Powe. The Chiefs also selected possibly a pair of OLB's in Justin Houston and Gabe Miller. What seems to be missing is that upgrade in the nickel Middle defense. To point, that tweener ILB/S that will ride the TE down over the middle. We all know that the TE's in the AFC can kill you if left unattended in the Shallows. So who is that guy and did we miss upgrading that position? I don't think we are going to ask Javier Arenas to do that, and we didn't ask Eric Berry to do it last year full time. Jovan Belcher is not that guy.

Crennel would have an easier time creating favorable situations for Hali and others if the defensive line could do a better job against the run on early downs. Last season, opponents rushed for 4.7 yards a carry, and the duo of Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey failed to create enough negative plays to put opponents in long yardage situations.

Dorsey, who struggled making the transition from 4-3 defensive tackle to 3-4 defensive end, is critical to the success of their run defense with his quickness and athleticism. Though he lacks the ideal length to play the position, the scheme can be tweaked in a way to get him into spots where he can become a force. If he can create any kind of disruption on a consistent basis, the pass rush and secondary will ultimately benefit.

Given the Chiefs' 6-35 record over the past 41 games, the team's decision to overhaul its woeful defense is hardly surprising, but relying on the secondary to spark the turnaround is an ode to defensive tradition in Kansas City.

Haley and Co. are taking a nostalgic view towards rebuilding the Chiefs. Time will soon tell if the reflective approach will yield more wins. link

The Chiefs addressed the pressure this season in the draft. When the Chiefs break out the 4-2-5 defense who will play where?



Those definitions are simplistic, as teams will sometimes use three deep defensive backs and assign two to one deep half and one to the other (quarter-quarter-half coverage), and any combination of corners or safeties can combine to play the above coverages. link

Despite the fact that the 4-2-5 is a natural fit for Cover 3, I love Quarters Coverage. We’ve got to start out in Cover 3 with this defense, because it is just right. But we would probably run Quarters more than anything else. It is an adaptable coverage to whatever the offense gives you, since both sides can operate independently. It takes away the need for a Cover 3 corner to split two vertical routes. At the same time, you can put 8 in the box, and even 9 versus a 2-back set. There are a variety of checks that can be used, and the players pick it up amazingly fast because the rules are simple. I’ll go into some of the most important checks here. None of this was my idea, by the way, I’m just adapting what I’ve stolen in the past for the 4-3 Defense to a 4-2-5 structure. Almost everything I’ll show here is with the idea of keeping a 4-2 box at all times, so that the defensive linemen and linebackers can play fast! This is a nice read

Did Romeo get everything he needed to run his defense here in year two? Do we have a suprise player to come in and replace John McGraw in the Nickel Safety spot OR do we have an ILB that can cover a TE and the flats?

Geaux Chiefs

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