Chiefs' Todd Haley Weighs In On 'Diva' Talk Around Jonathan Baldwin

The good thing about the NFL draft is that it gives us as fans an opportunity to hear a lot more from the head coach and GM than we normally would. has a boatload of transcripts from GM Scott Pioli and head coach Todd Haley talking about the draft picks so we've had a lot to digest.

Haley joined Soren Petro on 810 WHB's The Program on Tuesday afternoon and expanded on a few of the Chiefs draft picks. In particular, he addressed the "diva" reputation of first round pick WR Jonathan Baldwin. Petro lead off with citing NFL Network's Mike Mayock calling Baldwin a diva (and here's the full quote for some context).

"Once they realize they're no longer allowed to act like a diva, then we work well together," Haley said.

That's the line of the day and one we'll probably remember for a while.
I'm of the mind that, until Baldwin starts acting like a diva, I'm not going to treat him like one. We've had too many bad apples turn good, and good apples turn bad to assume a whole lot.

"I feel really good about Jonathan," Haley continued. "Our scouts and everybody really felt good about this pick. We're getting a guy that, number one, has a great deal of ability, and number two, in an area where we need continued improvement and competition. To get him where we got him, and to be able to gain a pick in the process to use later on down the road, I'm really excited."

Key points: lots of ability at a position of need and he came with the extra third round pick. Haley goes on (and you know he had to rep Pennsylvania at some point).

"I know we got a guy that cares about football that comes from a tough part of town in Pittsburgh that adds a little something to the mix on him. I think we have a guy that, as we go forward, I'm really excited about seeing him come into this team and be a part of what we're doing."

And, to little surprise, Haley was vague when Petro asked if he would be disappointed if Baldwin isn't starting from day one. "It depends what role he's playing but obviously you want guys helping you win."

He also said that in a situation with some "different variables" last year at Pitt, everyone might be talking about A.J. Green, Julio Jones and Jonathan Baldwin.

"It's going to be up to him and what he wants to do with his ability," he said.
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