Jersey numbers, Competition, and Impromptu Guitar Solos

Now that was the definition of a good weekend. I think it's fair to say that everyone will remember where they were when they heard about the events that unfolded last weekend. I know I'll I always remember when the Chiefs got Powe in the 6th round :)

But seriously, this was just a fantastic weekend all around and I just have a few thoughts about some of the stories that have emerged over the last day or so.

It seems to be a hot-topic around here whenever it's brought up but when we discuss the departure of Tony G, it seems to strike a chord with a lot of people. It was already a couple of years ago that we pulled a fantastic trade away from the Falcons, hmmm...sounds familiar huh? But I was reading through a thread and a story about Baldwin's possible jersey number and the thread became about Tony G's leaving.

For the record, I wasn't thrilled to see Tony go but I was thrilled about the value that we got in return for him. I know the concerns about Baldwin have been well documented, and for good reason. But if this kid is ever going to have a fighting chance with the majority of fans Idon't think it's fair to constantly wait for him to prove all of his detractors right. He meant no disrespect with what he said, tweeted, or whatever about wearing #88. The guy just achieved his life-long dream and got excited about the possibility of wearing an NFL jersey and wanted that visualization. Let's cut the guy some slacks and take it for what it was, a harmless tweet. It wasn't like the famous Tony Mandarich quote,

"I am not like other players, I am Tony Mandarich, and they have to understand that. If they don't like it, that is just the way I am and they are going to learn to like it."

Of all of our picks over the weekend that we nailed the one that I am the most intrigued with is Jalil Brown, the Cornerback from Colorado. The reason why is actually pretty simple. His development is crucial to the financial impact that this team could possibly go through over the next few years. Here is a little more info on Brown and a better explanation of what I mean.

Brown was the number two corner on a team with a dominant corner on one side with Jimmy Smith. Therefore, Brown was always matching up with the other teams number 1 WR. He is physical and has all of the tools that one needs to become a solid starting CB in this league. He is used to top competition and has a chance to develop and become an integral part of a blossoming defense for the next decade.

Brandon Carr and Brandon Flowers are both a couple of years away from hitting the free agent market. If they both continue to develop at this level and at this rate, they will both be in line for a hefty pay increase. I'm not sure whether or not that we have it in our plans to pay both of these guys the kind of money they will be looking for when they reach this point. I'm not saying whether we should or not right here. What I am saying is that Brown has a chance, if he develops like Brandon Carr did as another late-round CB, he could make the idea of letting one of the Brandon's leave for FA a little easier to swallow. For as much money as CB's make when they do reach the FA market it would make sense for teams to constantly be looking at early-round CB's to hit on during their first contracts. Nnamdi will be looking at 15 million per year while Devin McCourty is on a rookie contract.

I think it was very telling for Pioli to talk about how he has to look at how the team will shape up in 2,3, even 4 years down the line. I know that isn't exactly 'breaking news' or anything but it's interesting to try and see through his eyes what we could possibly be looking at in regards to the roster and depth chart down the road from now. We have depth now in some key areas that when these positions hit free agency, the price-tag is normally pretty high. OLB, WR, and CB are some of the higher paid positions in the NFL not being a QB or LT. We now have some insurance at these spots should any crazy dollar amounts come forth during contract negotiations with Hali, Bowe, Carr, or Flowers. This competition is great for our team moving forward.

I spent the first two days of the NFL draft glued to my work computer and the tiny television that we have in our office. I knew Saturday was going to be a little tricky though. You see, my mother-in-law had purchased my wife and I tickets to "Stagecoach" out here in California last Christmas. For those of you in the KC area it's kind of like "Country Stampede" but not as organized, and the majority of Californians are playing "dress-up-like-a-country-kid-for-a-day". But if my wife wants to come and see her....I guess I can handle it.

Something pretty cool happened on Saturday night though during the Rascal Flatts concert. I just found that someone actually had a video of what happened posted up on youtube. What you don't see after that video was the guitar solo of the national anthem in front of 55k screaming americans. I'll remember that moment forever and it was a pretty cool place to hear about something that will be discussed long after my grandkids are old and gray. I know it wasn't football related and I apologize but in a "Where were you moment....?" like this one, I will remember that I spent the entire ride up to Indio, CA (About 3 hours) on mobile AP waiting for our NT to get picked.

A great draft, a great concert series, and a great moment for our country all wrapped up into one nice little stretch of days. Couldn't have blogged it any better :)

Do you think Brown's potential development has anything to do with the future contracts of Carr and/or Flowers?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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