Kansas City Chiefs vs. Detroit Lions: NFL Week Two

Detroit Lions 2011 after the draft interview with Jim Schwartz (via houtmaster)

From the FanPosts. -Chris

When is Brodie Croyle not Matthew Stafford? Well Matthew has won 3 games in two years as the starter. Brodie did not beat Washington twice, nor Cleveland once. Sadly, in those two seasons starting Matthew started weeks 1-4 and 8-13 in 2009 and then week 1 and weeks 8-9 in 2010. To my mind that is 4 seperate injuries in two seasons. Brodie is Iron Man :) Matthew has accumulated a record of 3-10 in two seasons with 19 TD's and 21 Interceptions throwing for 2802 yards. In comparison, our Matt Cassel has accumulated a 13-18 record with 6,040 yards and 43 TD's to 23 Interceptions with only 2 games missed, one due to an Appendectomy. Matt Stafford Interview here.

Matthew Stafford may be the next "Great NFL QB" but he has to prove it on the playing field. Else Shaun Hill awaits.

The Detroit Lions Offensive Line Question

While I am sure there are many more categories that could be parsed out of these main four I think we fit as much into the four as possible.  What is amazing is how different the view can actually be on a topic from people that all love and routinely watch the Detroit Lions.  Most everyone reading this will agree that are D-line is great, that Stafford has potential, that we need a solid starting Cb and help at the Linebacker position.  There are disagreements but within a general consensus.  As for the such luck.  The fact alone has to count for something when analyzing  Link

A nice read on where the fans stand on the Lions offensive line, we know where Matthew Stafford sees them, from the sidelines usually.

The 2011 Detroit Lions draft is quality over quantity. A Solid DT to pair with Ndamukong Suh and a pair of Offensive playmakers to help Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

Nick Fairley
Pick Analysis: The rest of the NFC North should beware after the Lions add Fairley to their defensive line. He was the most dominant defensive player in college football, and he will team with Ndamukong Suh to form a dynamic tandem on the interior. His character issues are overblown, and the Lions might have been the biggest beneficiaries of the surprising quarterback run during the early part of the draft.

Titus Young
Pick Analysis: Jim Schwartz takes one of the most explosive receivers remaining on the board with the selection of Young. His speed and athleticism will blow the top off coverage and create big-play opportunities for the Lions in the passing game. He also gives them a dynamic returner with explosive skills in the kicking game, which could lead to shorter fields for their offense.

Mikel Leshoure
Pick Analysis: Martin Mayhew adds a big, rugged running back to the Lions' rotation. He is productive between the tackles and allows Jahvid Best to slide into a role as a change-of-pace back. The combination of Leshoure and Best gives the team a formidable tandem to trot out behind Matthew Stafford.


A Fans Grade

7:02 PM on May 17, 2011
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I think people do not realize that with the secondary hammered with injuries all of last season, the Lions actually finished in the top half of the league in pass defense. I don't think our need for db's is quite as bad as most think. And most of the damage was done early in the season, before the defensive backfield miraculously started to gel, against all odds. By the end of the season, I REALLY liked our pass defense. How many touchdowns did we give up against the Superbowl champs late in the season?? Oh yeah, none.
The Lions were 24th against the run. The defensive players that the staff drafted are absolutely perfect for getting better there.
Draft grade: A

2011 Free Agents


I think the Kansas City Chiefs game at Detroit comes down to the QB play for each team. The Chiefs were 2-1 on turf last season defeating St. Louis, Seattle, and losing to Indianapolis by 5 points. I don't know if Matthew Stafford will have all of his weapon systems charged up yet in Week Two.

Geaux Chiefs

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