Kansas City Chief's Stats, Bill Walsh, The '81 Niners, And What You Should Expect In 2011



"It took a couple of years, but by 1981 the 49ers personnel department [Walsh & Comp] had improved the roster to make it much more competitive." from "Blindsided" K.C. Joyner 2008



"Every play Walsh called seemed to work, and the Niners would end up averaging 7.1 yards every time they hiked the ball." from "The Genius" David Harris 2008

Last season, the Chiefs averaged 6.7 yards every time the ball was snapped.



"There is only one way to do anything: the right way. —Golda Meir"  from "Leadership Theory To Practice" Robert H. Palestini - Chapter 12 on Bill Walsh 

"[I'm] just trying to do things the right way," Haley said.

This may seem to be typical blabber, but it's not.  A lot of coaches try and do it their way, instead of listening and copying those that have been successful in the past.  Coming out and saying he or she is trying to do it the right way speaks volumes about Haley.



"The 49ers defense [in 1981] yielded more than 20 points in only three games."

In 2010, our Chiefs yielded 14 or less points in 8 games.  Our season average ended at 20.4 (11th in league), but without the stomping in November, at Denver, we'd have given up an average of 16.4.  That would rank us just behind the Steelers and Packers last season.  Our defense is no joke folks, they're transitioning from young talent to league notable veteran stars.  Also, I should mention it's Romeo's second year.  This should mean more organization on his part.



"[The '81 Niner's] offense was centered around the short passing game, which Walsh used as ball control."

"Charles rushed for 1,467 yards in Coach Todd Haley’s ball-control offense. Haley figures to give Charles the ball even more in 2011."

For those that hate on the ball-controlled offense, don't forget who will be calling the plays again in 2011.  I remember some very special plays called in 2009 that got us all excited about the deep ball.



"From 1968-75, [Bill Walsh] would spend eight seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals as their quarterbacks and receivers coach."

Ironically, from 1996-2006, Todd Haley also spent his time as primarily a recievers/passing game coach.

Is there really any doubt that our new prize receiver will fail under Haley?  Bowe and Moeaki will continue to improve and McCluster will play happily healthy and more comfortable.



In 2010, Matt Cassel had 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions.  His QB rating for the season ended at 93.0.  Cassel threw for a total of 3,116 yards.

In 1981, Joe Montana had 19 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.  His QB rating for the season ended at 88.4.  Montana threw for a total of 3,565 yards.

Note: Montana attempted 488 passes, with a 63.7 completion percentage.  Matt Cassel attempted 450 passes, with a 58.2 completion percentage. &

It's no secret that Matt Cassel & Comp need to complete more passes.  He's not that far away from that same quarterback in 1981, on paper :) (settle down everyone), that ended up winning the Super Bowl MVP.  He's really not!  We need Cassel's confidence to soar in 2011, thus nestling us deep in the forest of Super Bowl historical trees.



In 2010, Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones had 475 carries, rushing for 2,363 yards, averaging 5.05 YPC, and 13 touchdowns.

In 1981, the Niners top five rushers ended with a grand total 480 carries, running for 1,587 yards, averaging 3.26 YPC, and racking in 14 touchdowns.

That year the 49ers won the Super Bowl with one of the worst rushing attacks, I believe, of all-time.  They're leading rusher, in '81, had just over 500 on the ground.  As we have said before, Cassel doesn't have to be great with our nasty ground game.  We can get the job done with an evolving smarter Cassel, loaded with yet, another weapon.



The defensive backfield of the '81 Niners were extremely young.  They made our d-backs look like granny baboon.  In the '81 draft they drafted nearly all defense and revamped their defensive backfield which, in turn, equaled a total of 27 interceptions.

Last season, our guys snagged only 14 in the regular season.  I forsee that number rising to 20+ in 2011.  Note that we did have 110 PDef, and 3 touchdowns off interceptions.  Both stats are good for second in the league, in 2010.



These are bits taken from, ""The Score Takes Care Of Itself: My Philosophy Of Leadership" by Bill Walsh, Steve Jamison, and Craig Walsh.  You won't believe how much this sounds like our current leadership.

"Treat people like people.  I was never pals with the players, but I never viewed any of them as an anonymous member of an organizational herd."  Bill Walsh

"Seek positive relationships through critical evaluation."  Bill Walsh

"Afford everyone equal dignity, respect, and treatment."  Bill Walsh

"Rough treatment serves a purpose occasionally."  Bill Walsh

"Strong leaders don't plead with individuals to perform."  Bill Walsh

"Make each person in your employ very aware that his or her well-being has a high priority with the organization and that the well-being of the organization must be his or her highest professional priority."  Bill Walsh

"Give no VIP treatment.  Except on a very short-term."  Bill Walsh

"Speak in positive terms about former members of your organization."  Bill Walsh

"Communicate on a first-name basis without allowing relationships to become buddy-buddy."  Bill Walsh

I highly recommend reading the "Letter of instruction number 1", by General George S. Patton, located right after Walsh's points above here.

As I read through these, I feel 100% confident this is what our players are getting.  I'm not trying to be a homer, but it's awfully hard to argue with when I've yet to see otherwise.



"The 1981 season was a year of firsts for the 49ers.  Behind such rising stars as wide-receiver Dwight Clark, and safety Ronnie Lott, the 49ers finished with the best record in the league (13-3) and won the NFC Western Division."  "The History Of The San Francisco 49ers" By Lonnie Bell

"[In 2010] Eric Berry played all 1,028 plays on defense, 100 percent of the defensive snaps."  Morning Cup O'Chiefs, Bob Gretz

Ronnie Lott was taken eighth in the first round of the '81 draft, making Lott and Berry two of the few safeties taken early in the first round history of the NFL.

Dwayne Bowe, in 2010, completed his 3rd season, entirely, without missing a single regular season game.  In total, he's played 59 out of 64 regular season games.

Without question, those same two rising stars now play for the Chiefs.  And, I can't forget to mention the star group surrounding them with equal talents.



"In 1981, the 49ers were anything but a dominant outfit.  That San Francisco [team] became a championship team by beating the equally surprising Cincinnati Bengals."   "The Ultimate Super Bowl Book" By Bob McGinn

"We didn't have a great team in '81," Walsh said years later.  We lacked depth and our running game didn't meet NFL standards....Looking back I'd have to say that it was my most satisfying season, because we had been down so far and suddenly we were on top of the football world."  "The Ultimate Super Bowl Book" By Bob McGinn

"Walsh's first team went 2-14 in 1979, then 6-10 the next year.  With the modest goal of regaining respectability after the destructive reign of General Manager Joe Thomas."   "The Ultimate Super Bowl Book" By Bob McGinn


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