The day after yesterday.....

Well, today I've had a full nights sleep on the entire Chiefs draft, and I must say, I'm impressed. The amount of need and BPA mix that we got has to be off the charts. Our top needs in my opinion, not necessarily in order, were WR, NT, C/G, OLB, and some form of pass rush. Well, we filled all of those needs with top tier talent all the way. I can't think of one position that we filled that didn't have a player with a superior amount of potential.

Jonathan Baldwin 6'4 228 WR Pitt. Now Baldwin comes with some baggage, but you can't deny the guys talent. Did he handle some things the wrong way in college? Yes, but I think we can all agree we didn't always handle things the way we should when we were younger, so I think we can cut the kid a break. In 3 years at Pitt he had 128 catches for 2,337 yards and 16 TDs. For those lazy people (j/k) that comes out to 18.25 ypc. That was good for 4th best in the entire NCAA. Higher then Ashlon Jeffery and Leonard Hankerson. Also 1 TD for every 8 catches. So, the kid has talent. He has also been working out with Fitzgerald and Darrel Revis. He's been picking their brains trying to get even better then he already is. I'm sure Haley got some info from Fitz, and maybe the biggest reason they pulled the trigger on him. I give this pick an A, would be B+, but we picked up the extra 3rd.

Rodney Hudson 6'2 295 C FSU. Hudson is the most decorated OL in ACC history. He was a unanimous All-American in 2010, 2010 was his 2nd consecutive year winning the Jacobs Blocking Trophy as the ACC's most dominant lineman, is the 2nd Lineman to be named All-ACC 4 times and first named first team 3 times, voted ACC offensive linemen 9 times which is more then anyone at any position in conference history. There are many other awards he has earned, but I think you get the picture, the kid is a straight beast. This wasn't a reach, was a need, and was filled with an amazing talent. This without a doubt gets an A.


Justin Houston 6'3 255 OLB Georgia. Houston was considered a first round talent long before the draft. He only fell because he failed a drug test at the combine, and while Pioli admits he's a risk, he seemed to imply that he thinks that they will overcome that. In 2010 Houston started all 13 games recording 67 tackles including a team-leading 18.5 for loss and 10.0 sacks to go along with 44 quarterback pressures, two pass break ups, an INT, a forced fumble and two fumble recoveries. This kid is a playmaker. Waldo on Fooballsfuture posted an analysis, that I really liked, to judge the potential of a draft prospect. Houston falls into a category that puts him with elite company, and virtually all pro bowlers. Check it out here. (you'll also find Gabe Miller on there) This is another one that was a need (really 2 OLB/pass rush) and amazing talent, only this was a steal. A+ for sure.

Allen Bailey 6'4 285 DE Miami. Allen is a weight room freak. He can squat 585, bench 415, and power clean 405. Those are impressive numbers. To give you a better idea of how impressive he is, he could power clean both Brodie Croyle and Jamaal Charles together, bench both Jerhemy Horne and D Bowe, and squat both Wallace Gilberry and Ron Edwards lol. He has quite a bit of strength wouldn't you say? He was named All-ACC twice earning first team in 2009 and second team in 2010. He recorded 102 tackles and 19 sacks in his last 3 years at Miami. He also shows up highly on Waldo's list here. He has a bit of a work ethis problem, but I have a good feeling about this pick. He fills a need (pass rush), is a very good talent (some considered him a 1st round talent/late round ethics) So, if Haley can give him the kick that he needs, he will be a very good pick, but I will be a little conservative for now with a B-

Gabe Miller 6'3 250 DE OSU. I think this guy will be a situational player. Theres not a whole lot on him that I can find, but he played multiple positions in college including TE and DE. He seems to have a high potential according to Waldo. He recorded 67 tackles, a forced fumble, and 8 sacks in 2 years at DE, and didn't play DE before that in college. So he seems to have some potential. I think for a 5th round pick this guy is very Kendrick Lewis like, while he fits a need and is low on the board he could be an immediate impact guy. I think I'll go once again with a B-

Jerrell Powe 6'2 320+ NT Ole Miss. I don't think I need to say much to explain this pick. Most people here wanted this guy in the 2nd or 3rd round, and Pioli got him in the 6th. In 3 years Powe recorded 69 tackles, 24 for a loss, and 7 sacks, while only being a starter for 2 of those seasons. Many, including myself, were very ecited to see him get picked, even if we did have to wait ALL the way until the 6th round. With the high need and awesome value, I will give this an A+

I didn't grade every pick, just ones that fit our biggest needs. I feel that a higher power guided this draft for Chiefs fans. Never have I seen such a draft that fit need with BPA so well. I understand that their are a lot more character concerns with this draft then most would like, but there are several from both sides of the fence in the NFL, players with no concerns that mess up in the NFL, and player that messed up a lot and never got into trouble in the NFL. I believe and trust in Haley and Pioli. If they took the chance on the player then I think they believe he will be OK in the NFL, and that's good enough for me.

Last year this team was just a few pieces from making a solid playoff run. Things like a number solid #2 WR, NT, and OLB. This year I believe we will have those things. This year I have good feelings about this team. I hope the lockout gets lifted very soon, because I think the Chiefs have the potential to not only win the division again, not only win a playoff game, but to become a very dominant team. If the rookie class from last year makes strides, and this years can contribute in a way similar to last years did, the Chiefs could be very very scary.

Think about how well our defense preformed in the beginning of the year. Now imagine that it could not only be that good all year, but possibly better. Having an actual NT even just to rotate at first will help loads. Or think about having not only the best RB tandem in the league, but also a top WR tandem too. Bowe was phenomenal and Baldwin has Fitzgerald like potential. Cassel had a great year and Zorn could potentially get even more out of him.

I think about Berry, Lewis, and Moeaki having bigger impacts this year then last year, while upgrading pieces around them a good deal, and start realizing that they may not only be better development wise, but simply because the parts around them are better, and then the combination of the 2 could get scary for opposing teams. I think about how many times a good TE burned us (Vrable), and that Houston has pretty good speed, so he should at least eliminate some, if not a lot, of those plays. I think about all the times that if we had, had just a little more pass rush we could have stopped them on 3rd down, sacked him to force 3rd and long, or all the other combinations you can think of.....bottom line the Chiefs have the potential to be a dominate team, and I think the floor is at least getting on the radar of league and showing last year wasn't some fluke. We are coming.....GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!

Final grade for needs.....A

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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