Damn the Torpedoes and Pass the Ammo

    The current CBA situation has two resolutions, in my opinion, and in fact. The CBA is signed before the season starts or after the season starts. Either situation is a win for the Kansas City Chiefs. A bigger win for the fans would be a new agreement prior to the usual start of the NFL season. IF the CBA is signed prior to the new season we have the real possibility of Free-Agency with about a million FA's available including our own. The other possibility, has the Chiefs with all of our current players again available to us :) How does this create a win for the Chiefs? Wouldn't status quo favor the better teams? Well yes it does, and we are one of those teams! Sooooooooo how do you play the current situation to be even better? Free Agency is a plus cause we got the money and few holes.
Our current team configuration, if kept intact, is relatively young compared to some of the other AFC challengers so we win here too. All of which brings us to the 2011 Draft and which way to go.

We CAN draft to fill holes we don't really have. If we have Free Agency we can fill some areas of need and if we don't have Free Agency we have some contracts to sign with good players that are not going anywhere anyway.


We CAN draft a lot of talented players to stock our roster and stop worrying about the CBA at all.

If, big IF, we have Ron Edwards, Mike Vrabel, Casey Weigmann, and Shaun Smith back, what are our needs then?


Are all what we had in 2010, when we won the AFC West Championship and played in the 2010 playoffs.



Mark Ingram 5'10 215 Alabama - Thomas Jones is not getting younger and Tervaris Johnson is not Mark Ingram.

He possesses a thick, compact build for the position with great lower body strength and overall balance. Consistently is able break tackles in all areas of the game. Runs with a low pad level and is really tough to wrap up on and bring down initially on contact. However, what makes him so effective running between the tackles is his combination of body control and instincts inside. He's so sudden and powerful in tight areas that he consistently has the wiggle/fluidity to make a defender miss in a phone booth and accelerate into the open field. Consistently is able to maintain balance through contact while churning his legs and fighting for additional yards. Is also very patient inside and showcases a real feel setting up blocks and exploding into daylight.

Jonathan Baldwin 6'5 230 Pittsburgh - Chris Chambers?

A king-sized wideout who possesses a well-built upper body with the strength to consistently fend off defenders in the pass game. Is at his best when asked to get down the field, locate the football and go up and make a play. Looks like a power forward the way he attacks the throw and consistently is able to come down with the catch. Is more of a strider when asked to get vertical, lacks a great first initial burst and seems to really fight himself at times trying to get off the line and quickly into his route. Does a really nice job of plucking the football over the middle of the field and isn't afraid to put his body in harms way in order to make a play. Exhibits some shiftiness to his game with the ball in his hands and is able to side step defenders and accelerate into daylight.

Luke Stocker 6'6 253 Tennessee - Scott Pioli what can I say.

In the pass game, he isn't overly explosive off the snap and really seems to lumber as he's asked to go further down the field. However, he does a nice job cleanly releasing off the line and has the body control and short-area quickness to create separation for himself out of his breaks. Exhibits clean footwork and good overall balance, which enables him to quickly get back up to speed when changing directions. And, he gets his head around quickly and plucks the football well on all areas the field. Now, he isn't a guy who will consistently create after the catch or make anyone miss, but he's a load to bring down and will fight for additional yards. Displays a good overall feel in the pass game when asked to recognize zone coverages and consistently is able to find soft spots down in the red zone.

Tim Barnes 6'4 310 Missouri - Casey Weigman is an awesome ZBS Center. I love KC Centers named Timmy.

Snaps and steps quickly off the line and has the type of initial burst to comfortably get into defenders off his frame, get his feet around and seal inside. But, isn't real powerful on contact and has a tendency to rock his arms/hands back and forth in order to stay on blocks through the play. However, exhibits good lower body coordination and footwork, moves well through contact and has the lateral agility to seal defenders from the ball in the run game. Looks natural pulling in space and displays the body control to reach the second level and blow up an opposing target. Nevertheless, he does struggle moving defenders off the ball in the run game and isn't built for an in-line scheme at the next level.

Henry Hynoski 6'2 265 Pittsburgh - A possible Fullback to get us that 3rd down conversion.

Chris Culliver 6'1 201 South Carolina - Some insurance in the defensive secondary

A tall, lean safety who displays natural cover skills and range in the deep half. Does a nice job keeping his feet under him, is fluid changing direction and has the type of speed to make plays sideline-to-sideline. Has a tendency to get a bit high in his drop, which at times takes away from his initial burst out of his breaks. But, he's patient in his backpedal and has the type of natural body control to redirect and not lose his balance in his lower half. Displays good man-to-man cover skills as well. Has experience playing in the slot. Does a nice job recognizing routes, driving on passes and using his long arms and body control to get his hands on a lot of footballs. Exhibits good click and close ability and looks impressive when asked to simply drive on throws in front of him.

Offensive Depth Chart

WR1 Jon Baldwin Verran Tucker
LT Branden Albert Barry Richardson
LG Brian Waters Jon Asamoah
C Casey Wiegmann Tim Barnes
RG Ryan Lilja Jon Asamoah
RT Barry Richardson Ryan O'Callaghan
TE Tony Moeaki Luke Stocker Jake O'Connell Brad Cottam
WR2 Dwayne Bowe Dexter McCluster Quinten Lawrence Kevin Curtis
QB Matt Cassel Tyler Palko
FB Henry Hynoski Mike Cox
RB Jamaal Charles Mark Ingram Thomas Jones

The 6th and 7th round picks could be anyone and the QB's available here are just camp fodder anyway. The same with almost all the 6-7 round talent. Maybe Scott will find a Gem. I would have loved to draft Defense and an OT too, yet the Defensive players in this draft and where we pick don't pair up. Anyways we can sign those guys in Free Agency someday and we don't have to wait 2 years for them to develope either.

Geaux Chiefs

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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