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He looks like a General on the Battlefield. A QB is a General on the battlefield. He does not have happy feet, has no doubts, and has no fears; That is a QB. The Kansas City Chiefs have:

Matt Cassel and Tyler Palko

Matt is the 2011 Chiefs QB and will be well paid for the upcoming season. The Chiefs have to sort out whether Matt is the QB of the Now AND the Future. The second question then is what is the expectations of the Backup QB. A possible caretaker or a possible QBOTF in competition. I know AP loves competition for any and all roster spots. Todd Haley "says" he does too. Matt Cassel definitely improved from the 2009 to the 2010 season, as he did from the 2008 to the 2009 season. Matt has the intangibles does he have the tangibles?

What do we as fans want to see the Chiefs do to replace Brodie Croyle as the 2011 draft approaches.

It isn't hard to get a consensus that the quarterback is the most important position in football. Teams with great quarterbacks have a better chance of winning every Sunday. When the dust settles on the playoff picture, quarterbacks usually take teams deep into the postseason.

Where there is no consensus is what to do at the backup quarterback position. For many teams, if the starting quarterback goes down with an injury, hope for success that season is lost. It is amazing to see the different approaches the 32 teams take when it comes to the backup quarterback.


If a team wants security at the position and a player who may be able to keep the team headed in the right direction (win at least half the games he has to start), then the price tag is between $2-5 million for a season. That figure alone would discourage some teams from buying that kind of insurance policy, but when you think about a team salary budget in the $120-130 million range, it seems to make good business sense.

Of course, any club executive or head coach would tell you he hopes the backup quarterback never has to take his cap off and go into a game, just like most people don't ever want to collect on a life insurance policy. However, when you consider that 76 quarterbacks threw at least one pass in an NFL game last season, that means the 32 teams averaged more than two quarterbacks in action to get through the season. The truth is that most teams will probably need that backup quarterback sooner or later during a season.

Here is a look at backup quarterbacks broken down into four groups. It may surprise you to see how some of the best teams handle this delicate situation. Link


If we wish to travel the experienced, maybe highly paid backup QB option.

Notable 2011 Free Agent Quarterbacks:
Matt Hasselbeck (SEA)
Matt Moore (CAR)
Alex Smith (SF)
Matt Leinart (Hou)
Marc Bulger (BAL)
Todd Collins (CHI)
Caleb Hanie (CHI)
Brady Quinn (DEN)
Drew Stanton (DET)
Trent Edwards (JAC)
Luke McCown (JAC)
Brodie Croyle (KC)
Chad Pennington (MIA)
Tyler Thigpen (MIA)
Tarvaris Jackson (MIN)
Jim Sorgi (NYG)
Kellen Clemens (NYJ)
Kyle Boller (OAK)
Bruce Gradkowski (OAK)
Dennis Dixon (PIT)
Billy Volek (SD)
Troy Smith (SF)
Kerry Collins (TEN)
Rex Grossman (WAS)

Or we could go the other way.

Geaux Chiefs

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