Exploring the Current Chiefs Roster - WR



The Kansas City Chiefs have Yep, 9 WR's under contract. Position wise.

Possession WR:

Dwayne Bowe, Quinten Lawrence, and Kevin Curtis

Speed WR:

Chris Chambers, Jeremy Horne, Verran Tucker, and Chandler Williams

Slot WR:

Jerheme Urban and Dexter McCluster

Shouldn't that be enough WR's on any team? What seems to be the issue? 

We have a nice mix of receivers. Some Old.

Chris Chambers  WR 5-11 210 32 10  Wisconsin 
Kevin Curtis  WR 6-0 186 32 8  Utah State

Some in their Prime

Jerheme Urban  WR 6-3 207 30 6  Trinity (TX)
Dwayne Bowe  WR 6-2 221 26 4  LSU

Some that might be the Future.

Dexter McCluster  WR 5-8 170 22 R  Mississippi

Quinten Lawrence  WR 6-0 184 26 2  McNeese State

Positives: Adequate height and has a wiry strength. Extremely fast and quick. Eats up cushion by exploding off the line and getting on top of the corner before he knows it. Sells the outside or deep route well and cuts quickly to the inside or comes back to the ball. Catches the ball with his reliable hands, able to go outside his frame. Quick feet into and out of routes. Good vision and a naturally elusive runner with the ball in his hands. Efforts downfield blocking on quick screens and run plays. Could have impact as a returner because of his speed and willingness to go straight upfield. Link

Chandler Williams  WR 5-11 176 25 1  Florida International

Positives: Has quick feet, good change of direction agility and the vision to avoid defenders … Makes sharp open-field cuts and has the second gear to separate after the catch … Demonstrates suddenness accelerating through his routes and gets to top speed in a hurry … Possesses good plant and cut agility with good lateral speed … Has that natural release to elude the press, but will get rerouted if a defender attacks his jersey … Can reinforce coverage with his foot speed and sinks his hips and comes off his plants in an instant to freeze defenders … Separates from the secondary after the catch and shows good focus maintaining contact on the ball in flight … Makes natural adjustments to the ball on returns … Has soft hands, catching the ball outside the framework … Runs crisp routes, showing the body control and extension to get to off-target throws … Good at locating soft areas on the field and has a knack for sticking and driving through his patterns to find the seam in the zone … His juking and jittery moves after the catch allows him to escape and he shows willingness to go for the ball in a crowd … His initial burst generally will stretch the defense … Can handle return duties in an emergency … Has the balance to adjust to the ball in flight and does a nice job of extending his arms to catch outside his frame … Can turn up field quickly thanks to sharp cutting agility … Will take a hit in order to get to and hold on to the ball … Has a good feel for coverage and does a good job of slipping under arm tackles.  Link

Jeremy Horne  WR 6-2 193 24 R  Massachusetts

Massachusetts WR Jeremy Horne ran the 40-yard dash in 4.42 seconds, had a short shuttle of 4.18 seconds,and a three cone drill in 6.82 seconds.  He also measured a 36-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot-4 broad jump.  Horne showed good explosion for a receiver in his change of direction drills.  Link

Verran Tucker  WR 6-1 204 22 R  California

Release: Still developing his technique in this area, but has enough lateral agility and suddenness to defeat press coverage. Eats up the cushion against zone coverage and has a second gear to get behind the defense.

Hands: Better than expected. Shows soft hands to pluck the ball out of air, as well as the long arms to extend outside of his framework. Good body control to adjust to the poorly throw pass behind or low. A natural leaper who times his jump well and catches the ball at its highest point. May be able to make an immediate impact in the NFL as a red-zone target on fade routes due to this ability.

Route running: Quicker feet than you'd expect for a long, skinny-legged athlete, but remains quite raw in this area. Flashes the ability to plant his foot and drive for the slant route, but too often rounds off his longer routes, including the deep out and post, which will lead to NFL defensive backs easily recognizing the play. More sudden acceleration than most receivers his size, but is still learning how to use this to his advantage.



The interesting issue is this guy. The Wide Receiver whisperer is definitely not whispering enough.
Maybe Yelling is more apropriate by now. "I HATE WASTING DRAFT PICKS ON WR'S!" sayeth Scott Pioli.




Geaux Chiefs

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