On New Chiefs and Character

Verily I say unto thee, I say, be not concerned about Jonathan Baldwin’s character for you over-reacteth.

Seriously, ya’ll, Scott Pioli, he of the aerodynamic head and not-quite-aerodynamic body, has made a habit of drafting, at least in some part, for character. The much-reported captaincy status of the lion’s share of last year’s draft picks need not be reiterated, I’m sure, even to those faithful who troll the darkest corners of Arrowhead Pride.

He continues, for the most part, the trend in the 2011 draft.

Justin Houston, though apparently prone to "hobbies" almost certainly familiar to every last Chiefs fan reading this post right now, was, nonetheless, a team captain. And either stop protesting or clean the cheese dust off your keyboard, ya stoners.

Allen Bailey, whom his teammates liked to call "Billy Biceps," grew up on an island lost to time, the direct descendant of slaves, eating tasty "critters" and playing "yard ball." His work ethic is nothing if not apparent; I think I’m losing weight just at his acceptable form.

Rodney Hudson got himself a job at the KFC to help his single mother with the finances in between rescuing drowning puppies and tutoring mentally disabled cancer patients. Seriously dude, stop showing off, mkay?

The point is, drafting Jonathan Baldwin with the 27th pick does not necessarily mean Pioli and company have abandoned drafting players that love football. Yes, he spoke out against his quarterback and his coach.

Yes, it gives me pause to consider that Matt Cassell is prone to flights of nincompoopery and thus could be the onus for public bitch-slapping should a player on the roster be inclined to same.

But, what we know about Pioli makes me worry not so much. That is, filling a locker room with 50 guys who "tow the line" necessarily mitigates my fear that a couple players may or may not get a little moody from time to time.

Furthermore, if you just can’t bring yourself to trust Scott Pioli on this pick, please consider our head coach’s history with volatile, yet clearly-talented receivers. If there’s anything we should trust Pioli to get right it’s character. And if there’s anything we should trust Todd Haley to get right, it’s moody freaks of nature with "WR" before their names.

Will Baldwin turn out to be the next Larry Fitzgerald? Time will tell. But, especially considering the three picks following Baldwin’s I’m willing to let time tell.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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