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Wpid-20101209022607-2009subpicssmallnevada_colin_kaepernick_mediumKaepernick, who graduated in Dececember 2010 with a bachelors degree in Business Management, is known to have high character and a relatively unassuming personality off the field, as evidenced by an incident that took place during the summer of 2010 interning at a University of Nevada-themed sports apparel shop in Reno. One woman came in and, completely unaware she was speaking to Kaepernick, asked him to find his jersey. A manager at the store would later recall, "Colin said, ‘I’m pretty sure it’s No. 10, and it’s right over here.’ He rang up her purchase and everything."[1]

From Wikipedia


We all know the painful history of the Kansas City Chiefs and drafting 1st round Quarterbacks.


1964 — Pete Beathard Southern California QB
1979 — Steve Fuller Clemson QB
1983 — Todd Blackledge Penn State QB

Is it Time to get back on that horse? Colin Kaepernick just completed his 4th year Quarterbacking the Nevada Wolfpack. His record as a winner has progressed just as his completion percentage.

2007 4-5
2008 7-6
2009 8-5
2010 13-1

He finished his 5 year collegiate career with a 32-17 record and 49 starts. Colin completed 740 passes on 1271 attempts for 10,098 total yards and a career completion percentage of 58%. complete stats

Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick scored a 37 on the Wonderlic Test at last month's Scouting Combine.

It's one answer off Kaepernick's score of 38 at the Nevada Junior Day a year ago. His score ranks second in this year's QB class, behind Greg McElroy (43) and Blaine Gabbert (42). Only Kaepernick and Gabbert are certain to be drafted. Link

What do the reports say

Negatives: Puts a little too much loft under his deep outs... Misses too many easy throws... Receivers have to adjust to too many of his passes... Deep throws are all over the place... Tries to do too much with his feet, runs with the ball far too often when he should keep his eyes downfield to throw... Very awkward throwing motion, has an elongated release where he pauses at the top of his motion before flicking the football forward... Will take a ton of big hits in the NFL if he doesn't change his playing style... Plays in Nevada's Pistol offense... Will need to learn to take snaps from under center... A project player, athletic, but needs a lot of coaching... Looks to take off with the football under pressure rather than stepping up into pressure to make a throw.  from sideline scouting

another of his needs work reports

Throwing Mechanics/Footwork: 5 – This is the area with the most fluctuation in evaluation. You have solid junior and senior tape on Colin Kaepernick performance wise, but throwing mechanics and footwork are glaring weaknesses. Major improvement and development are musts for the kid. At the same token, as an evaluator for the draft, you have to take into consideration the work, effort, and results from Kaepernick's pre-draft workouts, senior bowl and combine which is coming up this weekend.

When I break down Colin's throwing motion, he surprisingly gets the ball out very quickly. His non-throwing arm, the lead hand is what throws people off. He pronates his arm straight forward in an unorthodox manner, but behind that cover he rears the ball back and fires it out with great velocity. I found out that this quick delivery however came in spurts. Colin gets into trouble when he puts in a windup to his throws. This can be attributed to his former days as a baseball player (actually drafted by the Cubs in '09). Nevertheless his delivery needs work, but somehow is effective.

Colin's release and spin of the ball is quite exceptional. His clean, tight spiral was evident in senior bowl practices. This release combined with his velocity, arm strength, and flashes of accuracy intrigue talent evaluators. The ceiling for Colin Kaepernick in the 2011 NFL Draft is as high as any quarterback available.


from the 3-4

Larry McDaniel posted on the possibility the Chiefs are interested in Colin after a April 1st visit.

I didn't totally discount the thoughts of Razzano on the fanshot yesterday either. That pass is in the highlites on the 3-4 link if you care to watch it.

Razzano was especially excited by tape of Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick, highlighting a downfield throw the quarterback made against Cal last September. “Watch this play,” Razzano said. “It’s a real NFL play. There’s pressure … he slides up and keeps his eyes downfield … then whoop, he throws it back across his body. That’s a tough throw.

“He’s so effortless. People say he’s got a slow release, but I’ve seen him get rid of it. He’s a good decision-maker – he’s smart and tough, and if he has to pull it down and run it, he can. And he’s as good a passer on the deep and intermediate throws as I’ve seen [from this year’s crop]. I’d love to see the Raiders take him; I think he’d fit there perfectly.”

The Chiefs Aaron Rodgers?

A new project for Jim Zorn? Another project for Jim Zorn? Jim Zorn QB coach stats. The perfect opportunity to grab a legitimate NFL starting caliber QB to develope. Something the Chiefs have not done in 27 years.

Geaux Chiefs

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