I've come to the conclusion that if I'm in attendance for the Chiefs @ Chargers game, it's bad luck

 Unlike many of you guys, I don't get to see our beloved Chiefs play in Arrowhead. Instead I'm forced to go to one game a year in Southern California against the Chargers. I'm only twenty years old, and my parents aren't football fans at all, so I've only been able to go the last few seasons. However, every time I'm able to attend the game, we lose. Not only that, but usually we're without one of our premiere players. Let's look at the last few seasons shall we?

Chiefs @ Chargers 10/30/05: The Chargers win this game 28-20. Antonio Gates ripped us up for 145 yards and 3 touchdowns. This game is etched in my mind forever. Not only was it my first ever Chiefs game, it was the game where Shawne Merriman pretty much wrecked Priest Holmes career. Priest was my favorite player, and seeing him get smacked like that pretty much crushed me.

Chiefs @ Chargers 12/17/06:The game after Mr. Hunt passed. There wasn't a very positive vibe going into the game, and that pretty much stayed the same until the Chiefs got the hell outta San Diego.  Although there wasn't any premiere injuries in this one, I wasn't aboard the Trent Green train. I wanted Damon Huard to keep the reigns on our offense, at least while he was still hot. Lawrence Tynes got all of the action in this one as we lost 20-9. Pretty horrible game considering it was picked for Sunday Night Football. LaDanian Tomlinson ran all over us for 200 yards and two touchdowns, and broke three records against us (most points scored in a season, most touchdowns for a RB, and most multitouchdown games). Pretty embarassing to walk through the parking lot after that.

Chiefs @ Chargers 9/30/07: Go figure, the one game that I couldn't attend, and we win. I was banged up after my high school football game and my parents didn't want me driving to San Diego. Chiefs win and I'm lying in bed cheering them on.  Moving on....30-16.

Chiefs @ Chargers 11/09/08: If my memory serves correctly, Larry Johnson was suspended for this game, our two quarterbacks were injured, Jamaal Charles got hurt in the first half, and Mark Bradley caught a touchdown pass. Yeah, a plethora of missing players. Either way, probably the best Chiefs game I've ever been to. Tyler Thigpen scrapped his way to a great finish, losing the game by one point on the two point conversion. Mark Bradley shook my hand after the game and Bernard Pollard had a pick right next to our seats. None the less, another Chiefs game lost while I've watched on. 20-19.

Chiefs @ Chargers 11/29/09: I can't remember how many times I saw the ball go over Matt Cassel's head, or slip out of a recievers hands. Just a terrible game. Dwayne Bowe was missing because of his dieting pill. I had my head in my hands within the first quarters end. Chambers, Charles and Flowers showed up, but that was roughly it. Final score was 43-14. Disgusting.

Chiefs @ Chargers 12/12/10: I'll never forget this game. Finally, after years of waiting, the Chiefs were finally coming back and winning the division. I was going to this game with a bunch of my friends (all Charger fans) and I was giving them hell for losing in week one. I was serving a table at work when I got a text message. I went into the kitchen and checked it, and I just remember seeing the text: "Breaking News: Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has emergency appendectomy. Likely out Sunday @ Chargers". I was pretty much crushed. I have no faith in Croyle. I spent more on my ticket than the Chiefs had yards. Horribly embarassing game, made me appreciate Matt Cassel a million times more. End score was 31-0, our first shutout in two seasons.



I know, it's Easter Sunday, and the draft is a week away. None the less, I was making plans for this season and got to thinking that since we play in San Diego relatively early this year, maybe we'll see all of our players in action. Then again, we're playing them relatively early in a season where they might not even be football. If there is, it'll probably be a sloppy, ugly game. Being a true fan and all, no matter who is hurt, no matter what our record is, I'll be at the game. Just a random depressing fan post for your Sunday night cap =P

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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