I looking at it all

With the draft coming up I have been doing alot of thinking. Yes about the players I think the Chiefs might take, well hope they take. There will be guys that you will say no I don't want him or he can be had in the later rounds but that what you think not me. So here we go

Round 1. NT  Phil Taylor

I look at it like this there is not going to be anybody that will be sitting there in the later rounds just waiting on us for sure. There are to many teams in need of NT, with that been said we get are guy BIG Phil in round one. Many of you think no way he will fall due to his foot problem I say read between the lines. During the Combine this kid was just on the rise why wait all the way in to two weeks befor the draft to say, he has a foot problem. If this is true Scott and Todd will know, but im just not falling for this BS.

Round 2. WR   Greg Little

This kid to me is the 3rd best WR in this year draft. Due to his mssing season he fell far. But thats fine when you think of it he is not a bad person. That video of him blocking that kid that hurt his eg on the same play I seen many of you talking about that. I mean come on it was a great play showing he will block which are WR do alot and it show he has fire. If he knew the kid was hurt im sure it would have been different. But the main thing that make me like this kid is way of making plays, many want the speed guy, I want the guy that if you get him the ball 5yards down the field he will make something happen this is him.

Round 3. OLB Bruce Carter

Carter well hell looking at him this kid do not slow down, he has heart he will chase down our very own Jamaal Charles knowing he ant catch him but it's his effort that he gives on every play that got my eye. If he can some how fall to us here i would be happy. I think he could man the OLB spot with a year under Vrable (that is if he come back)


Round 4. OT James Carpenter

This is a kid that I think will come in from day one and have are guys working hard to keep there spot I have no problem with Berry and Alberts I mean Charles did not open holes on his own. but i do have a problem with are back ups I am not happy well sold on any of them stepping in and playing well better yet pushing are guys for a starting spot.

Round 5. ILB Kevin Sheppard  

I have a question why do people sleep on this kid I mean really this is a guy that our LB crop needs he will be a guy I think will take Belcher spot in camp if we have one (CBA). He just play with so much fire and he proved he can play with the big boys coming from the SEC

Round 5. QB Ricky Stanzi

I have read many post and mocks saying they look at him as a Matt Cassel, well hell I will take a Pro Bowl QB any time and if they have the same game play if Cassel go down IF he go down we could have a guy that can come in and in play the same way with out having to change to much. I cold also seeing him in a few years pushig for hat starting spot

Round 6.  RB Jamie Harper

We need to keep are power back to go along with Charles this guy can sit under Jones for half a season and take over i hope. With his young body and speed there is no way he can stay in the shadow of Jones for a long time.

Round 7. WR Jeff Maehl

YES YES YES FU*K YES is what I would say if this kid is drafted by the KC Chiefs. I mean if you don't know who he is just go and look him up on youtube and says it all. This guy can be are true slot guy with Little and Bowe on the out side and Charles in the back field now Cassel will have man Knights to play with in his Cassel.

Well there you go guys this is my 7round chiefs mock draft maybe you like it maybe you want, only way I will know is buy you going to go post. And sorry this is a mock draft but not in the right spot but what do you really want us to do there is nothing else for us to talk about at this time....By the way take it easy on me I am a first time poster but I have been around for some time

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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