The Anti-Diva - aka Derek Sherrod

So, maybe some of you are wondering "why is ups so hot'n'heavy for Sherrod? what, they dating or something? why is ups pimping this guy like he's an agent with 20% coming?"

Good question, and maybe it's because the guy is such a high character student-athlete (key word of note: student) that it's impossible, for me anyway, not to want him here in KC as part of the Chiefs.

Come on, let's jump to some conclusions about The Anti-Diva, and notice that Diva spelled backwards is Avid, and that's what I am: avid about Derek Sherrod ...

Experience: As a true freshman Sherrod played in all but two games (11 of 13) during regular season. As a sophomore, he became a starter in the finale 11 games for the Bulldogs at left tackle, after missing the season opener due to injury and not starting in Week 2. In his junior season, Sherrod started all 12 games at left tackle and helped pave the way for Mississippi State to lead the Southeastern Conference in rushing, with running back Anthony Dixon recording 1,391 yards for the season (a new MSU single-season rushing record).

Intelligence: Sherrod graduated in August 2010 with a bachelor's degree in business with a focus on financial risk management, insurance and financial planning, with a 3.54 grade point average. He was a finalist for the NCAA's 2010 William V. Campbell Trophy, commonly called the "Academic Heisman."

Honors and Awards:  All-SEC selection in 2009 and 2010, Team Captain in 2010, AP All-America Second Team in 2010, Walter Camp Football Foundation Second Team All-American in 2010, SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week (weeks 4, 6, 9, 13 in 2010), Official Watch List for the 2010 Rotary Lombardi Award

The Back Story: Given the chance to write his own ticket out of high school as the Mississippi High School Player of the Year in 2006, Sherrod shunned Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame and three-fourths of the SEC to be a Bulldog. He started for three seasons at left tackle, flashing very good athleticism to go with prototypical size and the wingspan of a 747. He runs well, can redirect and hit targets gliding into the second level. His experience (50 games) and ability to play immediately at the NFL level should keep him in the first round. He would be the first Mississippi State player drafted in the first round since Walt Harris and Eric Moulds in 1996. - Jeff Reynolds, The Sports Xchange


The Upside:

Pass blocking: Good initial quickness. Eases out of his stance and has the lateral agility and balance to mirror the defender. Good hand strength and has long arms that he uses to latch onto and control his opponent. Generally plays with good knee-bend and leverage, but can lose his anchor when he tires. Among his better attributes is his recognition. Recognizes the blitz coming and gets a good initial pop on his primary target (defensive end) before passing him off to the guard and working his way outside to catch the rushing linebacker or stunting defensive tackle.

Run blocking: Good quickness and hand strength to turn and seal off defenders from the play. Good recognition to release from double-team and get out to the second level.

Pulling/trapping: Good trap blocker due to his initial quickness, big frame and recognition. Initial quickness: Is quick enough in the running game to turn and seal off the defender, creating a wall from which the running back can bounce off from.

Initial Quickness: Good, though not elite, initial quickness off the snap. Has the agility and long arms to handle most right defensive ends (and thus remain at left tackle).

Downfield: Gives good effort to block downfield. Above-average straight-line speed

Intangibles: Was one of 16 players to win the storied National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame (NFF) Award, which includes a post-graduate $18,000 scholarship. Earned his degree in business with a 3.54 GPA. Is the third Bulldog to win the award and the first since 1989. Team leader voted a captain in 2010. A four-year member of the M-Club, MSU's student-athlete community service organization, he has spent considerable time with the youth of Mississippi. He has served breakfast at Sudduth Elementary School, participated in Sudduth's Kids Fair and read to local students to promote literacy. He has also organized a Thanksgiving food drive.

The Downside:

Pass blocking: Can become fundamentally lazy and lean into the defender; gets knocked off-balance and gives up the inside lane. Should improve in this area with greater focus on his technique, but has an upside-down triangle build due to broad shoulders and relatively narrow hips, making him top-heavy and susceptible to being overpowered.

Run blocking: Comes off the ball too high and lacks the pad level and power to consistently knock defenders off the line. Scouts would like to see him finish blocks with more authority before releasing.

Pulling/trapping: Locates his target, but has to do a better job of anticipating where the defender is going. Isn't fluid enough to change direction and hit the moving target. Too often extends his arms, "catching" the linebacker, which could result in penalty flags when playing against NFL-caliber athletes.

Initial Quickness: Due to the fact that he is a bit top-heavy and lacks elite balance, is susceptible to quick jab-steps outside and spin or counter moves back to the inside.

Downfield: His average balance keeps him from being as effective at the second level as his speed and size would indicate. Gets in the way of defenders and has the wingspan to alter their path, but struggles re-directing his charge.

(Analysis by: Rob Rang, CBS Sports)


Is he perfect in every way?  nope, but then again, who is?  what the guy definitely is, however, is a very intelligent and gifted athlete with high character marks and a terrific work ethic, not to mention a heart that gives back to the community.  Is this the kind of player we want on our belived Chiefs?   as the Half-Governor of Alaska might say:  you betcha!


Derek Sherrod Highlights (via Mrahusser)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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