One Stop Mock-Talk (Please Rec)

It's gotten a little out of hand with so many conversations, albeit good ones, on so many different threads. Most of those posts were well-written and nice reads....but they have been pushed down and will be off the front page within hours...or minutes.



Here's a one-stop thread for everyone to put their final mocks together so we can all collectively see how far off we were in two weeks. Rather than do a standard mock draft I propose that we find a different way to talk about the same things. I have created a list of 3 players from each round that I would be happy with. The first name is my top choice for that round. Should anyone I want in the 3rd round fall to the 4th round they would take priority. Obviously once a position is filled, the same players at that position would be removed from contention.

The 'infamous' round 1 - Ryan Kerrigan, Derek Sherrod, Muhammad Wilkerson.

I absoultely covet Kerrigan and I don't think he'll still be there when we pick, but if he is available and we pass. I will acutally be pretty pissed. Sherrod represents great value at #21 and solidifies the most important part of our entire team...the offensive line. Wilkerson is a Shaun Rogers type that can play the Nose or a 5-Tech. Not sure he'll be there either so I think Sherrod is our best option at this point.

The 'ever-important' Round 2 - Sam Acho, Jerrel Powe, Rodney Hudson

Championship teams are built in the 2nd round IMO. You have 4-5 year starters at a tremendous price. I have grown to covet San Acho as much as anyone in this draft. Powe gives us that young NT we've talked about for 2 years and I don't think he'll be there in the 3rd at our pick as of right now. Who knows? Maybe some medical knowledge of a bad scar under his left forearm will come out and his stock will drop. Rodney Hudson would be a steal at this point. You'll notice that in rounds 2-5 I have a's important.

The 'yes they'll be there, no they won't' round 3 - John Moffit, Joseph Barksdale, Sione Fua

I came away very impressed after watching just about every video I could of Moffit. He clears out lanes as good as anyone I've seen out there. I've heard the knock about being a scheme 'tweener' but the kid gets the job done and does it very, very well. Barksdale was supposedly a 1st round talent in the preseason and has all the traits you look for in an elite tackle. Fua is a very underrated NT and would be an emergency pick if we swing and miss till this point.

The 'finally a WR' round 4 - Greg Salas, Tim Barnes, Marcus Gilchrist

I like Salas and think he could develop into a solid slot receiver. Tim Barnes could be an option if they felt like he could step in and be adequate as a rookie in case the Weigs breaks his streak. Gilchrist is a versatile CB/S safety combo that has all the intangibles and is a guy we have already looked at this offseason.

The 'finding a starter is a steal' 5th round - Owen Marecic, Brandon Fusco, Jah Reid

I love Marecic's ability to be a gameday roster guy from the moment he puts on the pads in Chiefs red. He would be a lock for ST's and could take over at FB from the revolving door of Castille and Cox. Fusco and Reid are insurance policies for us not getting the required Beef at the top of the draft.

The 'Jim Zorn Project' 6th round - TJ Yates, Scott Tolzein, Ian Williams

I like that Yates was a 4-year starter at a big school. I like that he had a great year for UNC amidst some pretty difficult circumstances overlooking their program. Tolzein is another guy that -given a couple of years might develop into a quality NFL QB. Ian Williams is an insurance-double down on a key position.

The 'where gm legends are made' 7th round - Jeff Maehl, David Mims, John Clay

Every season there is a late-round guy that I become fixated on believing he will be a quality NFL player. Last year it was John Connor and he is proving me right....I was wrong about everything else. This year it's Jeff Maehl. He was the go-to-guy for one of the two best teams in the country and made big-time plays for the Ducks. Everyone knew he was gonna get the ball....he still got the ball....and he made a big play. Mims is a 6'8 330 lb monster that needs some work and John Clay is a guy fighting for a roster spot.


There it is AP.....who are your 3 players per round? Who am I completely wrong about and who am I completely right about? 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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