The FanPost Mock Draft

I'm just going to take people's temperature on this, and see if you guys want to do this. If not, I'll drop it. Entirely up to you:

If you're one of those Chiefs fans that scours the blogosphere, including AP several times a day, because Chiefs news doesn't come fast enough for you (as I raise my hand myself), let's put our constant, nervous energy to good use and temporarily entertain ourselves with a mock draft. I love doing these things because it's fun to see who wants which players and where.

The start date will be at noon this Sunday. This is "just for fun." If you take too long with your pick, it will be made for you (by me, I guess) and we'll move on. As for now, let's just plan to do two rounds. (I will expand it to a third round if the first two are smooth -- I'm guessing they won't be, but you never know.)

I know AP typically does an official one of these every year, and it's fantastic, so THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL ONE. There won't be any need for the thoughtful, gargantuan write-ups. Your selection won't get its own post on AP's front page. We're just going to have one thread and that will be it. You're welcome to post whatever you want to explain your selection, but it's not going to be posted on the main page like it would be for AP's official mock.

Including myself, there will only be 16 owners, so each owner gets two teams. If you're interested, it's first come first serve, but please make sure you're dedicated. Bold the teams you want.

I am incredibly tempted to take the Chiefs, since this is my idea. But I will give that honor to someone else. I still want the Rams and the Raiders, though. I'm taking the Raiders since they only have one second round pick, so nobody else has to be saddled with them.

Carolina -- citadelchief
Denver -- nmchief
Bills -- nmchief
Bengals -- jterry
49ers -- HIT34MAN
Titans -- IamtheGreatest
Cowboys -- scottchief
Texans -- Royals Time
Vikings -- jterry
Lions -- HIT34MAN
Raiders -- Direckshun
Chargers -- citadelchief
Buccaneers -- Royals Time
Chiefs -- Direckshun
Ravens -- Raiderhater1
Patriots -- scottchief
Bears -- Raiderhater1
Steelers -- IamtheGreatest

Pick two teams, make yourself free on Sunday afternoon, and let's see where this heads.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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