What would fill the void?

Oh Great!, another CBA post. Not so fast my friend. This post is intended to be a 'What if no deal is reached....what would my fall look like thread?' I personally believe that a deal will be reached rather soon but it didn't stop me from wondering what a fall would look like without professional football. Football is the most popular sport in the country and the main reason for that is because of the fans. More fans follow football religiously than any other sport, the activity on AP supports these facts. But this doesn't mean there aren't other media entities and sections of the country that wouldn't strongly benefit from a fall without games on Sundays.

We talk a lot about all the negatives (from a football fans p.o.v) of how much it would suck to not have football. But there are a few things that popped into my head about who might like this lockout to continue.  

Would college football become more popular and have a stronger following if the NFL fans knew that they wouldn't have football on Sundays? Would advertising dollars rise for games on Saturdays because viewership may rise for that same reason? Would more tickets be sold to games on Saturdays because they aren't going to games on Sundays?

There was even a report on the UFL and how a lockout continuing may give them a little nudge in having a following. Like I saId before, I don't think we'll have a fall without NFL football. There is too much money to be made on both sides and with owners not having that TV money coming in now a deal is much more likely.

I took a look at NFL attendance averages and I did a little calculation. Now to all you mathletes out there I am not a math person so please be gentle. Dallas led the league with an average of 87k fans per game, Oakland :) finished last at 46k fans per game, the Chiefs were right in the middle at 17th with 67k fans per game. Now with 16 games being played on Sundays (I know Bye's....loose numbers) with an average of around 60,000 fans attending these games. It's almost 1 million fans every Sunday that are attending NFL games. The amount of money spent by each of these fans may vary and I won't pretend to guestimate on those numbers but needless to say it's a nice chunk of money.

If these fans weren't attending NFL games where would this money be spent? I'd like think people would just save it and use it for whenever football comes back but that isn't probably likely for a lot of the people. That is a whole lot of money that would be spent on other businesses. Maybe these people/families would take a vacation with the money they've not spent on football, maybe they'd get season tickets to their favorite college AND take a vacation. The long and the short of it is that billions...yes billions of dollars that would be spent on NFL merchandise, tickets, TV advertising, concessions, etc would be spent elsewhere and that means someone else is benefitting from the NFL lockout.

I'm just triyng to look at this from an 'Outside the Box' type of view and try and figure out a way in which some people could benefit from a fall without NFL football. It wouldn't be the fans and it definitely wouldn't be the people that spend time on AP in March, because we need football and we need them to get this deal done.

Are there any other companies or people that could benefit from a fall without NFL football? What would you do without football on Sundays?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Arrowhead Pride's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Arrowhead Pride writers or editors.

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